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à son.

a daughter. 27. The Countess of Chi- William Henderson, at Rawburn, in the chester, a daughter. 31. Countess Grey parish of Cranshaws, Berwickshire, two of her eighth son and fourteenth child. - sons and a daughter, all seeming to do Lately, in Ross, the lady of the Rev. Tho- well. 18. At Dryden, Mrs Scott, wife of mas Handcock, of her twentieth child. Alex. J. Scott, Esq. a daughter. 20. Mrs

APRIÈ 1. At Greenock, Mrs George Raitt, of Carphin, a daughter.–At GlasForsyth, a son. 3. At Edinburgh, Mrs gow, Mrs Cunningham, of Cairncurran, a Walker, the lady of Colonel Walker, of daughter 21. At Castle Craig, Lady Bowland, a son.-The lady of Sir William Gibson Carmichael, a daughter. 24. At Blackett, a son. 4. At Holmbush Lodge, Islabank, the lady of Peter Wedderburn, Sussex, the lady of the Honourable D. M. Esq. a daughter. 26. The lady of the Erskine, a daughter.-Mrs Nicholson, of Knight of Glin, a son and beir.-Lately, Tanera, a son. The lady of Gilbert L. the Countess of Moray, a daughter. 30 Meason, Esq. of Lindertis, a son.-At Mrs M'Dougall, Caverton Mill, a son. Ashgrove, the lady of David Snodgrass JUNE 5. The lady of Sir Benj Hob. Buchanan, of Blantyre Park, a son. 5. house, a son; since dead. The lady of The wife of John Bowyer Nichols, Esq. the Hon. and Rev. Hugh Percy, a son.

7. The wife of John Cator, Esq. 7. The lady of Sir Henry Rivers, Bart. a a son and heir.-Mrs Dr Millar, Brown's daughter. 8. Countess Enniskillen, a son. Square, a daughter. 9 At Edinburgh, 15. At Gottenburgh, the lady of D. Scott, the lady of James L'Amy, younger of Esq. Portugueze Consul, a daughter. 16. Dunkenny, Esq. advocate, a son. 10. At Cork, the Right Hon. Lady Forbes, a Mrs Dennistoun, younger of Colgrain, á daughter. 19. Lady Owen, a daughter. daughter. 11. At Southfod, Mrs Sten. 20. At Dumfries, Mrs Maxwell, younger house, jun. a daughter. 13. At Carlin- of Carruchan, a daughter. 24. At Morwark House, Mrs M‘Culloch, of Tor- mond House, Mrs Gordon, of Cairnbulg, houskie, a son. 14. At Currie, the lady a daughter. 26. The wife of Sam. Comyn, of Walter Brown, Esq. jun. of Currie, a Esq. a son. 28. Lady Caroline Capel of son.—Mrs Gregory, St Andrew's Square, her third son and twelfth child. 29. At a son. 15. At Erskine-house, the lady of Dunmore House, Mrs Campbell, of DunLieutenant-Col. the Honourable Patrick more, a daughter. 30. At Cheeseburn Stuart, a son.-Mrs Smith, of Land, a Grange, the wife of Ralph Riddle, Esq. a son, 18. Lady Walpole, a son. 19. Lady a son. ---Lately, Mrs M'Kinven, wife to Catherine Forrester, a son. 21. The wife Arch. M‘Kinven, calico-printer, Denny, of T. T. Berney, Esq. a son and heir.- of twins. This is the third time succesAt Relugas, the lady of Thomas Lauder sively that Mrs M‘Kinven has had twins, Dick, Esq. younger of Fountainhall, a son. and all of them sons. 22. In Leith Walk, the lady of John JULY 3. The lady of Sir John Hope, Beardsworth, Esq. a daughter. 25. In of Craighall, Bart. a son. 4. At EdinYork Place, London, the lady of Vice- burgh, the lady of Sir John Pringle, Bart. Admiral Sir Richard Strachan, Bart, and of Stitchel, a daughter.-The lady of K.B. a son and heír.-Mrs Roy, of Nen- Lieutenant-Colonel Knight Erskine, of thorn, a son. 26. Mrs Boyd, of Broad- Pitlodrie, a son.—Mrs Forrest, of Comise meadows, a daughter. 27. At Jedburgh, ton, a son. 5. At Orton House, Lady Mrs Brown, of Rawflatt, a son. 28. The Ann Wharton Duff

, a daughter.--- At Edinwife of Major Hannerfield, a daughter. burgh, Mrs Campbell, of Dalserf, a son.

MAY 2. The lady of John Smith, Esq. 9. At Gilmore Place, Mrs Irvine, of Bon. a daughter. 4. The Duchess of St Al- shaw, a son.-At Porchester Barracks, ban's, a still-born child. 5. At Moniack, Hants, the lady of Alexander Mackenzie, the lady of R. K. Mackenzie, Esq. of Esq. of Scotsburn, Captain in the 5th reFlowerburn, a daughter. 11. The lady giment of British militia, a son. of Major-General Graham Stirling, of Glengarry House, the lady of Col. MacDuchray and Auchyle, a daughter, being donnell, of Glengarry, a son. 19. The her fourteenth child. 15.

of 'Right Hon. Lady Anne Wardlow, a son, Mr Alderman Magnay, a son,

16. Lady 17. The lady of the Hon. J. Thornton Louvaine, a daughter. 17. The wife of Leslie Melville, a daughter. -A: Elderslie

11. At




a son.

House, the Hon. Mrs Speirs, a daughter. Edinburgh, the lady of Alex. Munro, Esq. -The lady of the Hon. Edw. Harboard, of Livingston, a son. 16. The lady of a son and heir.-The lady of Sir Oswald Lieut.-Col. Foulkes, a son and heir. Mosley, a daughter.–Lady Harriet Bagot, The Hon. Mrs Ferguson, a son. 19. At a son.” 27. Viscountes Hamilton, a son. Dryden, Viscountess Primrose, a son. -Lately, the wife of Mr Skeskarrar, of At Ayr, the Hon. Mrs Rollo, a daughter. Donaghmore, of two sons and a daughter, 25. The lady of Rear-Admiral Scott, a all likely to live. About two years ago 27. The Right Hon. Lady Brownshe was delivered of two fine boys.-At low, a son. 29. At Clova, the lady of Martin, near Perrith, the wife of Mr John Harry Niven Lumsden, Esq. of Auchin. Barton, three daughters, who are likely to doir, a daughter.-Lately, the wife of Ed. do well -At St Petersburgh, the Princess ward Edwards, of Cavendish Street, Liver. Tscherbatoff, lady of Sir Ř. K. Porter, a pool, of her seventeenth son. What makes

it the more remarkable is, that she has had AUG. 1. At Windmill Hill, Sussex, the seventeen boys out of eighteen children, seat of her father, Edward Jeremiah Cur- and is now about 50 years of age. The teis, Esq the lady of Steuart Boone Inglis, ' wife of Mr John Slightholm, of Scarbro', Esq. a daughter. -At Edinburgh. the wife painter, a daughter, with a complete set of of Mr James Crawford, a danghter; it teeth. being twenty years since Mrs Crawford Oct. 2. At Edinburgh, the lady of was delivered of her last child. 4. Vis- Colonel Robertson, of Halicraig, a son. countess Fitzharris, a son.-Hon. Mrs 5. The Duchess of Bedford, a son, who Codrington, a son. 8. At Inverness, Mrs lived a few hours only 7. At Wanstead Captain Campbell, 71st Highland light House, Mrs Long Wellesley, a son and infantry, a son. 9. Hon. Mrs Vanneck, beir. 10. At Edinburgh, the lady of Sir a son and heir.-The lady of Sir Robert John Heron Maxwell, of Springkell, Bart Graham, a son and beir.-At Carradale

14. The lady of E. J. Littleton, House, Mrs Campbell, of Carradale, a Esq. M. P. a daughter.. 17. At High

10. At Kirkcudbright, the lady of Wycombe, the lady of Sir H. Douglas, Robert Gordon, Esq. writer, a son. Bart. a son. 18. At Craufurdland Castle, The lady of D. Macleod, Esq. of Tallis- the lady of William Howison Craufurd, ker, a daughter. 19. At Edinburgh, the Esq. a daughter. 19. At Erskine House, lady of Patrick Stirling, Esq, a son. 20. Lady Blantyre, a son. 21. At Balnamoon, At Cheveley Park, the Duchess of Rut- the lady of James Carnegy, Esq. of Balnaland, a son and heir. 22. At Stenhouse, namoon, a daughter. 23. At Langley Mrs Graham Campbell, of Shirvan, a Farm, Kent, the Honourable Mrs Wed daughter. The lady of Lieutenant-Col. derburn, a son.-At Redbourn Hall, LinP. Black, a son. 28. At Duncan House, colnshire, the lady of the Right Hon. Lord the Right Hon. Lady Anne Fraser, a stille William Beauclerk, a son. 25. At Hilborn daughter.–Lady Arthur Somerset, ton, Fifeshire, the lady of Colonel Deas,

Viscountess Grimstone, a son. a son. 29. At Milton, near Peterborough, 29. At Edinburgh, the lady of Captain Lady Viscountess Milton, a daughter. 31. Clarke, of the Northampton militia, à son The lady of the Hon. and Rev. Alfred and beir.

Harris, a son. SEPT. 3. At Edinburgh, the lady of Sir Nov. 2. At the Relief Manse, Kelso, A. 0. Molesworth, of Pitcarra, Bart, a Mrs Pitcairn, a son. 3. The wife of tbe son and a daughter.-At Urrard, the lady Rev. S. Birch, Rector of St Mary Woolof Major Alston, a son. 8. At Cullen noth, a son. 9. At Kelton, the lady of House, the lady of Colonel Grant, M, P. William Walker, Esq. of Kelton, a son. a daughter. 9. The lady of the Hon. J. 11. Viscountess Bertrand, a daughter. Bridgeman Simpson, a son. 11. At Lon- 13. At Drumsheugh, Mrs Major Weir, a don, the lady of Viscount Mountjoy, a daughter. 14. The lady of H. R. Duff

, son and heir. 13. At Granton, Lady Esq. of Muirton, a daughter. 17. At Charlotte Hope, a daughter. 14. At Sea Edinburgh, the lady of Lieutenant Colonel Grove, the lady of the

Right Honourable Wardlaw, a daughter.-The lady of Isaac the Lord Justice Clerk, a daughter.–At Solly, Esq. a son, 18. The wife of Dr



a son.

a son.


Yelloly, a son. - The Countess of Rosse, Cabberston, to Miss Jane Horsburgh, a daughter. 23. At Arbuthnott, the Vis- eldest daughter of the late Mr Horsburgh, countess of Arbuthnott, a daughter.-At Yair. 16. At Barroch House, the Rev. Dumfries, the lady of Douglas Macmurdo, William Smith, of Bower, to Miss Ann Esq. a daughter. 24. At Ochtertyre, the L. Sinclair, third daughter of John SinRight Hon. Lady Mary Murray, a son. clair of Barroch.—At the Manse of Rayne, 25. At the Retreat, Berwickshire, the William Leslie, Esq. of Warthill, to Jane, Honourable Mrs Montgomorie Stewart, a youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr Patrick daughter. 28. At Edinburgh, the lady Davidson, minister of Rayne. 19. Rev. of John C. Scott, of Sinton, Esq. a son.- T. Whately, to Isabella Sophia, daughter At Edinburgh, Mrs Craigie, of Glendoick, of Sir W. W. Penys, Bart.- At Dalbeth,

Laurence Hill, Esq. to Miss Barbara HopDEC. 1. At New Saughton,

Mrs Wat- kirk, third daughter of James Hopkirk, son, of Saughton, a son. 3. The lady of Esq. of Dalbeth.–At Hawick, Mr ArGeneral Francis Dundas, a son.At Edin- drew Lockie, nurseryman, Kelso, to Miss burgh, Mrs James Ker, younger of Black- Brown, of Hawick.- At Eltham, George shiels, a daughter.—The Duchess of New. Robinson, Esq. royal artillery, to Miss castle, two sons. 4. Viscountess Hawar- Eve.-At Musselburgh, Alexander Vernor, den, a daughter. 8. The lady of Matthew Esq. to Miss Susannah Spalding-At PaisWhite, Esq. M. P. a son. 9. The lady of ley, the Rev. William Hamilton, StrathS. Sbaen, Esq. a son and heir. 13. Vis- blane, to Jane, third daughter of William countess Joscelyn, a daughter. 14. At St King, Esq. Lonend. 21. Henry Clifford, Helen's, the wife of Capt. Southey, R. N. Esq. to Anne Theresa, youngest daughter brother of the Poet-Laureate, a son and of the late Edward Ferrers, Esq.-At heir. 15. The lady of Alderman Atkins, Woodford, Essex, John Paul, Esq. of M. P. a daughter. 16. The lady of Sir Leith, to Susannah, youngest daughter of John Thomas Stanley Alderley, a daugh. the late J. Hewetson, Esq. London.

18. The lady of Colonel Bunbury, a Thomas Welmer, Esq. to Charlotte Marson.- Lately, The lady of Sir J. Shelley, a garet, third daughter of Gerrard Noel Noel, son.-The wife of Lieutenant-Colonel W. Esq. 23. S. F. Milford, Esq. to Juliana, Napier, a daughter.

eldest daughter of the late Wm. Ainge, Esq.

At Aberdeen, Mr Alex. Walker,

of the Customs, Leith, to Miss Jean, seMARRIAGES.

cond daughter of Mr John Sim, of the

Customs, Aberdeen. 26. At Parkside, JAN. 1. At Gretna Green, Lieut. B. near Hamilton, the Rev. James HutchiRonald, to Miss M. Macauley, of Glas- son, one of the chaplains to the Hon. gow. 5. P. D. Pauncefort Duncombe, East India Company's 'military establishEsq. to Lady Alicia Lambert, youngest ment at Madras, to Miss Ann Pender, daughter of the Earl of Cavan. 9. Lord daughter of Robert Pender, Esq. of ParkViscount Joscelyn, to Maria, daughter of side.-At Ferney Castle, A. Cahill, Esq. Lord Le Despencer. 11. John H. Tre surgeon of the 25th foot, to Miss Logan, mayne, Esq. M. P. to Caroline Matilda, eldest daughter of Lieut.-Colonel Logan. daughter of Sir William Lemon. 12. Fre. 28. Mr A. Vestris, to Miss Bartolozzi, derick Booth, Esq. to Anna Maria, daugh. grand-daughter of the celebrated engrater of the late Robert Bristow, Esq. 14. ver.-At Melville Place, Stirling, Major At Kirkwall,' Mr William Watt Bain, M'Leod, of the Hon. East India Compaprocurator-fiscal of Orkney, to Jessie, ny's service, to Mary, eldest daughter of eldest daughter of Mr James Scarth, mer- Johr Mackenzie of Kincraig, Esq. Rosschant, Kirkwall.–At Edinburgh, Mr Pe- shire. --Mr Joseph Bradbury, of Moor ter Arnott, merchant, Leith, to Margaret Park, near Harrowgate, (the celebrated Ogilvie, daughter of the late David Ogil. singer) to Miss Wrigglesworth, of Wakevie, Esq. merchant, Leith. 15. At Inner. field, niece of the late Richard Green, leithen, Peebles-shire, Mr James Tait, Esq. of Leventhorp-house, near Leeds.



FEB. 1. Alexander Kincaid, Esq. of to Major-General Hope, to Jane, eldest Newlands, to Elizabeth, only daughter of daughter of Hugh Crawfurd, Esq. KilJ. Smith, Esq. of Loanhead.–At Glas- blain, Greenock. 13. Richard Charles gow, Mr Alexander Morrison, writer, to Hanson, of Bristol, Esq. to Janet Dicke Miss Janet, only daughter of Mr William

son, youngest daughter of the late James Snell, manufacturer there. 2. Viscount Dunn, of Edinburgh, Esq. 16. J. Goss, Neville, to Miss Mary Anne Bruce El Esq. to Lady Harrington, widow of the cock. 6. Viscount Powerscourt, to Lady late Sir Edward Harrington. 22. At EdinFrances Joscelyn, eldest daughter of the burgh, George Grey, Esq. of MillfieldEarl of Roden. 9. At Workington, Mr hill, Northumberland, to Jane, second Jeremiah Jollie, editor of the Carlisle daughter of John Gregson, Esq. of Bel. Journal, to Miss Isabella Peil, niece of chester. 25. Lieut.-Col. D Rattray, to the Rev. S. Peil, of the former place.- Marian, only daughter of Lieut.-General At Glasgow, the Rev. John Robertson, Hamilton.-At Selkirk, the Rer. William Cambuslang, to Miss Sarah Shaw, eldest B. Shaw, minister of Langholm, to Eliza

, daughter of the late Mr William Shaw, youngest daughter of Mr Henry Scott

, bookseller, Glasgow, 12. At London, J. Deloraine. 29. At Greenhead. Joha Do Macquerier, Esq. to Mrs R. Scott, widow naldson, Esq. W.S. to Margaret, only of the late Professor Scott, King's Col. daughter of John Ure, Esq. 30. Captain lege, Aberdeen. 15. David Scott, Esq. Fellows, to the eldest daughter of the late to Mary, the eldest daughter of the late R. Benyon, Esq. 31. Ai Fdinburgh, R. William Seddon, Esq.–At Glasgow, G. Hunter, Esq. of the Honourable East InDods, Esq. captain, Royal Scots, to Dou

dia Company's Bengal civil service

, to glas, youngest daughter of the late Mr Margaret, youngest daughter of AlexanBenjamin Pattison, Glasgow.--At Stir- der Walker, Esq. Queen Street. ling, William Macintosh, Esq. banker, APRIL 2. Sir Morris Ximenes, to Mrs there, to Ann, eldest daughter of John Cotsford, relict of the late E. Cotsford

, Sutherland, Esq. chief magistrate of Stir- Esq.--At Edinburgh, Mr John Anderson, ling. 16. At Braes-house, W. Stirling bookseller, to Miss Christina Tawse, only Glas, Esq. to Miss Forrester, of Craigan. daughter of John Tawse, Esq

. 5. C. P: 20. At Edinburgh, Lord Blantyre, Meyer, Esq. to Louisa, third daughter of to Fanny, second daughter of the Hon. J. the late Rawson Hart Boddam, Esq. 5. Rodney.-At Edinburgh, Thomas Hamil- at Edinburgh, G. Napier, Esq. younger ton, Esq. merchant, Glasgow, to Maria of Dales, to Miss Maxton, eldest daughHelena, youngest daughter of the decea

ter of Mr Josiah Maxton, saddler. 7. sed Sir George Colquhoun, of Tillyqu- Murdoch Maclaine, Esq. of Lochbuy, to houn, Bart. 24. Thomas Somers Cocks, Christian, eldest daughter of D. Maclean

, Esq. to Agnetta, fifth daughter of the Esq. W. S. 8. At Dundas Castle, Right Hon. Pole Carew. Lately, Captain bert Cunynghame, Esq. to Miss Maria Hancock, of the royal navy, to Miss Kin. Dundas, second daughter of the late se. near, daughter of the late Rear-Admiral Dundas, Esq. of Dundas.—Rev. Kinnear.

Jenkinson, to Frances Augusta, bird MARCH 4. W.H. Lyttleton, Esq. M.P. daughter of Augusta Pechell, Es to Lady Sarah, eldest daughter of Earl Edinburgh, John Halliday Martin Esq. Spencer. 8. Viscount Gage, to Miss Poley, late of the 16th dragoons, to Eli abeth

, eldest daughter of the late Hon. E. F. P. eldest daughter of Colonel William (elso

, 9. At Cannobie Manse, Mr Cruthers, of Dankeith. 10. Sir William Sc .th to Reyhills, Cannobie, to Ann, eldest daugh- the Marchioness of Sligo. At Edis ourgh ter of the Rev. Mr Russel, minister of that Roderick Macleod, Esq younger parish. 11. Edward Ferrers, Esq. to La- boll, to Miss Isa. Cunninghame, a ughter dy Harriet Anne Ferrers Townshend, el- of the late William Cunninghar : Esq dest daughter of the late Marquis Town. of Langshaw. 12. William Gedds, Esq. shend.--At Bath, Collingwood Forster of Verreville glassworks, to Charice, Fenwick, Esq. to Eliza, second daughter youngest daughter of Williamidstop

, of Admiral Christie, of Baberton. 13. At Esq

. "merchant in Glasgow, 1: James Edinburgh, Capt. Hamilton, aid-de-camp Wm. Croft, Esq. to Anne Eliza, aughter


i Cad.

of the Hon. Sir Edw. Hyde East. 19. At youngest daughter of the Lord Chief BaSandyford, the Rev. Alexander Gray, mi- ron. nister of Kincardine, to Ann, youngest JUNE 1. Right Hon. W. Dundas, to daughter of the late David Gray, Esq. of Miss Stuart Wortley, daughter of the Millbrae.-At Inveresk, Arch. Cochran, Hon. Stuart Wortley Mackenzie. ---At Esq. of Ashkirk, lieutenant-colonel first Edinburgh, Alexander Gillespie, Esq. to Mid Lothian local militia, to Miss Mar. Eliza Mary, eldest daughter of the late garet Campbell Purves, daughter of the Lieut.-Col. William Shirreff, of the East late Sir Alexander Purves of Purves, Bart. India Company's service. 4. At Murrays, 20. A. Pell, Esq. to the Hon. Margaret George Imlach, Esq. W. S. to Miss Agnes Letitia Matilda St John. 26. R. Morris, Wight. daughter of the late Robt. Wight, Esq. to Sophia Catharine, second daugh- Esq. Murrays. 5. Sir L. Worsley Holmes, ter of the late Dr James. 27. The Rev. Bart. M. P. to Anne, daughter of J. DelRobert Lundie, minister of Kelso, to Ma- garno, Esq. 9. Heory Partington, Esq. ry, youngest daughter of the late George to Frances, eldest daughter of George Grey, Esq. of Sandy House, Northum- Tate, Esq. 16. At Musselburgh, Mr C. berland. 28. At Nairn, James Augustus Stewart, younger of Sweethope, to Agnes, Grant, Esq. of Viewfield, and late of the daughter of Captain James Boyle, of Til. civil service of the East India Company, libody. 20. At Knole, in Kent, the Earl to Miss Eliza, the eldest daughter of Col. of Delaware, to Lady Elizabeth Sackville, Mackintosh, of Millbank. 30. At Aber- youngest daughter of the late, and sister deen, Hugh Lumsden, of Pitcaple, Esq. to the present Duke of Dorset - At Glasadvocate, to Frances, second daughter of gow, the Rev. Dr William Muir, one of Alexander Brebner of Lairnie, Esq. the ministers of that city, to Miss Han.

May 4. The Hon. and Rev. Henry D. nah Black, eldest daughter of Jas. Black, Erskine, second son of Lord Erskine, to Esq. merchant. _ 24. Henry S. H. WolLady Harriet Dawson, sister to the Earl Jasion, Esq. to Frances, eldest daughter of Portarlington. 6. Rev. Richard Budd, of the Rev. Dr Buchanan. 26. At Lonto Harriet Anne, second daughter of the don, the Right Honourable Lord FredeRev. Jeremiah Trist.-At Bath, Captain rick Beauclerk, to Miss Charlotte Dillon, Frederick William Rooke, of the royal daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Viscount navy, to Miss Wallace, daughter of the Dillon. 29. Lord William Geo. Henry deceased Alexander Wallace, Esq. bank- Somerset, brother to the Duke of Beauer. 10. At Cuffness, Captain Dudgeon, fort, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Ma. 58th regiment, to Miss Yule, daughter of jor-General Molyneux. James Yule, Esq. of Gibslees. 14. Rev. JULY 2. At Edinburgh, Sir D. Hunter Wm. Wood, to Charlotte, second daugh- Blair, of Brownhill, Bart. to Miss Dorothy er of the late Jos. Attersoll, Esq. 17. Hay Mackenzie, second daughter of EdRev. Frederick Ricketts, to Mary Anne, ward Hay Mackenzie, of Newhall and eldest daughter of the late Chas. Street, Cromarty, Esq.-At Edinburgh, David Esq.-At Dumfries, Dr Alex. Melville, Monro Binning, Esq. of Softlaw, to Miss to Miss Grace Babington, daughter of the Isabella Blair, second daughter of the late Rev. Dr William Babington, Dumfries. Right Honourable Robert Blair, of Avon18. At Inverness, Captain Gordon, 2d, or ton, Lord President of the College of Queen's royal regiment, to Katharine, Justice.-At Kirtown Manse, the Rev. relict of the late Lieutant-Colonel Ross, William Brown, of Greenlees, minister of 57th regiment.-At Beckley, Sussex, the Bedrule, to Miss Janet Henderson, eldest Hon, and Rey. James Douglas, to w. daughter of Mr Archibald Henderson, Mina Murray, second daughter of the Mackside. 5. At St Andrews, the Rev. Honourable Mrs Murray, widow of the Dr John Lee, Professor of Ecclesiastical late General Murray. 22. Sir Joseph

22. Sir Joseph History in St Mary's College, to Miss Rose Yorke, Knt. to the Marchioness of Clan- Mason, daughter of the late Rev. Dr T. ricade. 26. At London, the Rev. Thos. Mason, minister of Dunnichen.--Rev. Mr Randolph, eldest son of the Lord Bishop Roberts of Uppingham, to the daughter of London, to Caroline Diana Macdonald, of the Rey. Mr Pochin. 10. Hart Davis

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