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Come, Mary, let us seek the hill

Where blooms the gorse along the lea,
And wander by its wizard rill,

Or sit beneath its greenwood tree;

There mingle converse kind and free,
Or read some bard's inspired strain,

Or, blest in Nature's harmony,
To sweeter silence sink again.

The gleams of joy that gladden life,

Its gathering clouds may soon o'ercast,
But let'us snatch from care and strife

The lovelier moments while they last ;..,

The tears that spring from sorrows past
Down Pleasure's bright’ning cheek may flow,

As snows piled by the mountain blast
In fresh’ning foods are felt below.

Then come and brush the vernal dew

By mossy glen and mountain hoar,
And mark the billows trembling blue

Around that lone and lovely shore

O come, ere youth's gay morn is o'er,
Ere the heart's vivid spring is gone,

And darker cares, unknown before,
Condemn the breast to sigh alone !
Yet sure affection's fervid glow

No “ chance or change" shall ever chill,
Nor e'er the soul's ingenuous flow

Be deaden'd by life's darkest ill ;

But come and let us climb the hill,
Whep blooms the gorse along the lea,

And wander by the wizard rill,
Or sit beneath the greenwood tree.


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O TAKE not, dearest Anna, from my view

That lovely child, which in thy fond embrace

Smiling delighted, lends more winning grace Unto thy airy form and blooming hue! ... 'Tis sweet on these young eyes of liquid blue

To gaze, ... and in the features of a face,

Where nought of ill hath stampt unhallow'd trace,
To read, “ whate'er is lovely, pure, and true.”
My Anna ! even thus, when life was new,
We wont to hang around the old man's chair,

While he with tremulous hand would pat our cheek,
And tell how youth doth fade like morning dew !
And teach us how to frame our infant pray'r

To him who heareth those whose hearts are pure and meek.






A General Bill of all the Christenings and Burials within the Bills of Mortality, London,

from December 15, 1812, to December 14, 1813. Christened in the 97 parishes within the walls 1009—Buried 1094.

Christened in the 17 parishes without the walls 4411-Buried 8626.
Christened in the 23 out-parishes in Middlesex and Surry 11,151—Buried 8979.
Christened in the 10 parishes in the city and liberties of Westminster 3957—Buried 3623.

6301 Dropsy
698|Mortification ........

205 Water in the chest......... Abscess 57 Evil 4 Palpitation of the heart

6 Worms Aged. 1571 Fevers of all kinds 714 Palsy...

2 Fistula
6 Pleurisy

19 By the explosion of gunpowder 1
Apoplexy and suddenly.
292 Flux

1 Bit by a mad dog.
574 French Pox
11 Quinsy

5 Broken limbs 5 Gout 34 Rash

1 Burnt Bleeding

101 3 Gravel, stone, and strangury 11 Rheumatism

8 Drowned. Bursten and rupture. 19 Grief. 5 Scurvy

3 Excessive drinking.
83 Headmoldshot, horshoe-? Small Pox

898 Executed..
1 head, & water in the head, Sore throat

4 Found dead.
183 Inflammation
741 Sores and ulcers

13 Frighted..
16 Inoculation

2 Spasm
24 Killed by falls and several

8 Itch
Colick, gripes, &c

other accidents,
25 Killed themselves.

34 Stoppage in the stomach..

2 Murdered Cough, and hooping-cough

2 Poisoned 389 Leprosy

1 Scalded. 2 Livergrown Cramp

45 Teeth...
288 Suffocated

85 Lunatic

Total 298
Christened, Males 10,608 — Females 9920—In all 20,528. | Buried, Males 8993 - Females 8329—In all 17,322.

Whereof have died,
Under two years of age 5167 | Thirty and forty. 1501 Seventy and eighty. 1211 | A hundred and one.
Between two and five... 1733 Forty and fifty

489 A hundred and two......

1606 Ninety and a hundred.. 61 A hundred and nine Five and ten .................. 604 | Fifty and sixty 1559 A hundred

A kundred and thirteen.. Ten and twenty

Decreased in the burials this year 973. There have been executed in the city of London and county of Surry, 28 ; of which number twelve only have been




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Canker .....


DISEASES AND CASUALTIES. Abortive and stillborn,

7 Piles

1 St Anthony's fire

4736 Jaundice.... Convulsions... 3239 Jaw-locked

2 Surfeit

1 St Vitus's dance Cow-Pox 1 Lethargy

207 Thrush Croup. Diabetes 3 Measles 550 Tumor

1751 Eighty and ninety;

526 Sixty and seventy. Twenty and thirty.

reported to be buried within the bills of mortality.



1 Swine pox







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G. S. Mackenzie, Bart. a son. 14. Right

Hon. Lady Augusta Cotton, a daughter. JAN. 1. Lady Mordaunt, a daughter. 15. The lady of Sir William Pole, a 3. The lady of Sir G. Bowyer, 'Bart. a daughter. 17. Right Honourable Lady

4. The lady of Major Stewart, 9th Isabella Anne Brydges, a daughter. 19. royal veteran battalion, a daughter. 6. At Manchester, the lady of LieutenantThe lady of w. Dickinson, Esq. M.P. a Colonel Inglis, of the Edinburgh militia, a

9. At Perth, the lady of Captain daughter. 23. Viscountess Pollington, a Ayton, a daughter. 10. At Cork, the daughter. 27. The lady of Thomas Pere Jady of Major General Graham, a son. grine Courtenay, Esq. M.P. a son. 11. Madame Lucien Buonaparte, a son. The lady of Sir Joseph Mawbey, a still17. At London, the Right Hon. Lady born child.—At Stockholm, the lady of Caroline Anne Macdonald, a daughter. Edward Thornton, Esq. his Majesty's En19. At lathallon Lodge, the lady of voy Extraordinary and Minister PlenipoColonel A. Spens, a son. 20. The lady tentiary at that court, a son. of J. Finch Simpson, Esq., a daughter. MARCH 1. The lady of Captain J. Hal.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Murray of Pol. dane Tait, royal navy, a son. 2. Hon. maise, a son. 22. At Rasay. Mrs Macleod, Mrs Blackwood, a daughter. 5. At Edin. of Rasay, a son. 25. The wife of Dr burgh, Mrs Somerville, wife of Dr Somer. Sutherland, a daughter-Mrs Bunning ville, deputy-inspector of army-hospitals, of twin daughters, who with their mother a daughter. 6. At Musselburgh, Mrs died in a few days. 26. At Edinburgh, Scott, ot Wauchop, a daughter. 8. At the lady of Archibald Macnab, Esq. of Park House, Mrs Dr Mackinnon, a son. Kinnell, a son. 28. The wife of the Rev.

-Countess of Northesk, a son. 10. Mrs Dr Hall, a son.

Fuller Maitland, a son. 16. At BroomFEB. 1. The lady of the Honourable hali, the Right Hon. the Countess of ElArchibald Macdonald, a son.—The Mar- gin, a son - At Edinburgh, Mrs Stewart, chioness of Queensberry, a daughter of Crooks, a son. 18. Mrs Charles Ham3. At Kilravock Castle, the lady of Hugh mersley, a daughter. 19. At Edir:burgh, Rose, Esq. M.P. a son. 7. At Edinburgh, Mrs Dr Gordon, Buccleach Place, a son. Mrs John Broughain, a son 9. At Euin- 21. At Edinburgh, Mrs Fergusson, of burgh, Mrs Morehead, wife of the Rev. Bailyouken, a daughter. 23. At EdinRobert Morehead, a son. 12. Lady Mary burgh, the lady of Thomas Sheridan, Esq. Long, a daughter. 13. The lady of Sir a son -The wite of George Baring, Esq.

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