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ted to the ambassadors and ministers Count of MetterNICH WINNEof the high contracting parties at fo- BURG OCHSENHAUSEN, (L. S.) reign courts, to afford each other re- CHARLES ROBERT, Count Nesselciprocally their good offices, and to RODE, (L. S.) act in perfect concert in all occurren- We, therefore, having attentively ces in which the interests of their weighed all and singular the articles of masters shall be involved.

this treaty, have ratified and held them Art. XI.-As the two high con. agreeable in all respects; and by these tracting parties, in forming this treaty presents do declare and profess them of amity and alliance purely defensive, to be ratified and agreeable, promising have no other object but that of reci. and engaging on our royal Cæsarean procally guaranteeing to each other word, that we will faithfully perform their possessions, and of securing, as

all that is therein contained, in testi. far as depends upon them, the general mony whereof we have signed the pretranquillity, they not only do not sent" letters of ratification with our mean thereby to invalidate in the least own hands, and caused our royal Ce. the prior and particular engagements, sarean scal

sarean seal to be appended to the same. alike defensive, which they have con. Given at Toeplitz, in Bohemia, this tracted with their respective allies, but 20th of September, and 220 year they even mutually reserve to them- our reign. selves the liberty of concluding, in fu.

(Signed) FRANCIS. ture, other treaties with other powers, (Countersigned) which, far from causing by their union

CLEM. Wenc. LOTHAIRE, any detriment or hinderance to the

Count METTERNICH. present, may communicate thereto still

By order, more force and effect; promising, how

JOSEPH DE HUDELIST. ever, at the same time, not to contract any engagements contrary to the pre- At Toeplitz, on the 9th of Septemsent treaty, and wishing rather, by ber, a treaty was also concluded becommon consent, to invite, and admit tween the courts of Vienna and Ber. into it, other courts which shall have lin, with precisely the same stipulations the same sentiments.

as the above. Count Metternich and Art. XII.-The present treaty shall Baron Hardenberg were the plenipo. be ratified by his imperial and royal tentiaries, apostolic majesty, and by his imperial majesty of all the Russias ; and the ratifications shall be exchanged within His Swedish Majesty's Declaration o the space of a fortnight, reckoning ar against the King of Denmark, from the day of the signature, or given at the Palace of Haga, Sept. sooner, if possible.

15, 1813. In testimony whereof, we the undersigned plenipotentiaries have sign

Stockholm, Sept. 15. ed, in virtue of our full powers, the We, Charles, by the grace of God, present treaty of amity and defensive King of Sweden, and of the Goths alliance, and have caused to be affixed and Vandals, &c. &c. heir to Nor. thereto the seal of our arms.

way, Duke of Sleswick, Holstein, &c. Done at Toeplitz, Sept. 9, (the do hereby make known, that the King 28th of August) in the year of our of Denmark, after a long continuance Lord 1813.

of unfriendly conduct, whereby, notCLEMENT WENCESLAS LOTILAIRE, withstanding the treaty of peace of the year 1800, the Swedish commerce was continually disturbed by Danish Proclamation addressed to the Hanoprivateers, having at length proceeded

verians. to actual hostilities, by giving directions to his subjects, that all Swedes The victorious arms of powers al. who shall be found on board ships lied against France have, under the captured, or which may hereafter be manifest protection of Divine Provi. captured, are to be treated as prison. dence, nearly completed the deliver. ers of war ;-we have found it neces- ance of the country from her ten years sary to repel force by force, and do sufferings. The valiant army of the herewith declare, that as a state of war north is already approaching; it is led with Denmark has now commenced, by his Royal Highness the Illustrious we shall take all the necessary means Crown Prince of Sweden, whose lore and steps to insure the security of our of justice and heroism have both dis. subjects and kingdom, and to obtain posed and qualified him to become the for ourselves a reasonable redress; and deliverer of the Germans. The troops we do accordingly here with order and of our king attached to this army have command, that all navigation, trade, already occupied the capital and great and communication by post, and all part of the country. other exchange of letters to all ports,

An faithful Hanoverians will gratetowns, and places in Denmark and fully venerate, in this consolatory Norway, or in the provinces apper. change of affairs, those wise measures taining to them, shall, on pain of law, which his majesty, our beloved king, entirely cease from this day forward. has ever steadily pursued during the And for such cause, it is herewith our most untoward circumstances, and most gracious will and command to our which his Royal Highness the Prince field-marshals, chief governors, com- Regent, who is no less warmly intemanding generals, admirals, governors rested in the welfare of the hereditary of districts, and all others our com- German states of his house, has, with manders by land and sea, that they, equal constancy, continued and com. and all persons serving under them, pleted. Instead of groaning under the shall not only, each in his place, take yoke of foreign rulers, to whom the all necessary precautions to have this annihilation of our constitution and our gracious will and duty immediate. language, the destruction of our proly made public, but likewise seriously perty, and the shedding of the blood take care that it be carried fully into of our children, were only a pretext effect, and strictly observed. Accord. for the gratification of an idle ambition, ing whereto, all whom it may concern we are now once more blessed by the have to regulate themselves. And, in paternal government of native princes, further consideration whereof, we have who are accustomed to seek their glory signed these presents with our own and happiness in accomplishing our hand, and caused them to be confirm. A son of our highly revered ed under our royal seal.

monarch, his Royal Highness the Given at the palace of Haga, the Duke of Cumberland, who, ever since 15th Sept. 1813.

his earlier residence among the Hano(Signed) CHARLES, L. S. verians, has conceived the most lively (Countersigued) A. G. Morner. attachment to them, is himself on the

spot, and has most generously resolved to contribute towards effecting the



welfare of the ancient inheritance of will rise again, should the Germans his illustrious ancestors.

prematurely imagine that they may In this joyful change of circumstan. take rest. It ought not to be conces we have not hesitated, in the name cealed, that for a time to come, ample of the lawful sovereign, to resume the sacrifices, as well as further efforts of government of the electoral dominions. our long-tried valour, are indispensaWe had fattered ourselves to have had ble. The public spirit and ancient the satisfaction, even in this early no- military glory of the Hanoverians, are tification, of communicating to the pledges that they are willing and ready faithful German subjects of his majesty to make them; and that, after so many the first expressions which his royal successes, they will not shrink from highness the prince, our present re. any call, manfully to sustain the last gent, has been pleased, so early as the struggle. Concord, courage, confi5th of last October, to address to dence, and patriotism, infallibly insure them, in order to assure them of his gracious intentions, and of his indefa. The privy counsellors of the King tigable endeavours for their happiness. of Great Britain, appointed to Accidental circumstances have as yet the electoral ministry of Bruns. prevented us from receiving the most wick Lunenbourg, for the state condescending proclamation of his roy

and cabinet, al highness. We must therefore con.


BREMER. tent ourselves for the present with the Hanover, Nov. 4, 1813. assurance, that his royal highness is particularly solicitous to restore, as speedily as possible, his subjects to the Proclamation from Field-Marshalthe enjoyment of their former happy con- Marquis of Wellington to the French stitution,

people. To execute this high intention will

December 1st, 1813. be our most pleasing duty. But every Upon entering your country, learn thing has been too much overturned, that I have given the most positive to allow of this object being attained orders (a translation of which is subat once. We therefore preliminarily joined to this) to prevent those evils confirm the provisional commissions of which are the ordinary consequences government which have been appoints of invasion, which you know is the ed by the military authority, and result of that which your government which, under our superintendance, will made into Spain, and of the triumphs henceforward provide for the several of the allied army under my comprovinces, whatever in each may be of mand. the first and most pressing necessity, You may be certain that I will carnot doubting but that, supported by ry these orders into execution, and I the tried loyalty and attachment of request of you to cause to be arrested, Hanoverians, we shall quickly witness and conveyed to my head-quarters, among us the revival of our former all those who, contrary to these dispohappiness, and of our earlier comforts, sitions, do you any injury. provided that a lasting peace secures But it is requisite you should re. what has hitherto been gained. But main in your houses, and take no part if we would obtain this, it is not yet whatever in the operations of the war time to lay aside our arms. The ene. of which your country is going to my is defeated; he is humbled beyond become the theatre. any former period; but he may, he (Signed) WELLINGTON.





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