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Sir John Hope's corps took about they again drove in Lieut.-General 500 prisoners.

Sir John Hope's picquets, and attacked The brunt of the action with Sir his posts. They were again repulsed John Hope's advanced post fell upon

with considerable logs. the 1st Portuguese brigade, under Bri- The attack was recommenced OR gadier General A. Campbell, which the morning of the 12th, with the were on duty, and upon Major General same want of success; the first divi. Robinson's brigade of the 5th division, sion under Major-General Howard, which moved up to their support.- having relieved the fifth division : and Lieutenant-General Sir John Hope the enemy discontinued it in the afterreports most favourably of the con noon, and retired entirely within the duct of those, and of all the other entrenched camp on that night. They troops engaged ; and I had great sa: never renewed the attack on the posts tisfaction in finding that this attempt of the light division after the 10th. made by the enemy upon our left, in Lieut". General Sir John Hope re. order to oblige us to draw in our right, ports most favourably of the conduct was completely defeated by a compa. of all the officers and troops, particu. paratively small part of our force. larly of the 1st Portuguese brigade,

I cannot sufficiently applaud the under Brigadier-General Archibald ability, coolness, and judgment of Campbell ; and of Major-General Ro. Lieut.-General Sir John Hope, who, binson's and Major-General Hay's with the general and staff officers un. brigade of the 5th division, under the der his command, shewed the troops command of the Honourable Colonel an example of gallantry, which must Greville. He mentions, particularly, have tended to produce the favourable Major-General Hay, commanding the result of the day.

5th division ; Major Generals RobinSir John Hope received a severe son and Bradford; Brigadier General contusion, which, however, I am hap. Campbell ; Colonels de Regoa and py to say, has not deprived me for a Greville, commanding the several brimoment of the benefit of his assistance. gades; Lieutenant-Colonel Lloyd, of

After the action was over, the regi. the 84th, who was unfortunately killed; *ments of Nassau and Frankfort, under Lieút. Colonels Barnes of the royals, the command of Colonel Kruse, came and Cameron of the Oth, Captain over to the posts of Major-General Ramsay of the horse artillery ; ColoRoss's brigade, of the 4th division, nel Delancey, deputy quarter masterwhich were formed for the support of general, and Lieutenant-Colonel M. the centre.

Donald, assistant adjutant-general, at. When the night closed, the enemy tached to Sir John Hope's corps ; and were still in large force in front of our the officers of his personal staff. posts, on the ground from which they The 1st division, under Major-Gehad driven the picquets. They re- neral Howard, were not engaged until tired, however, during the night, from the 12th, when the enemy's attack Lieutenant General Sir John Hope's was more feeble; but the guards confront, leaving small posts, which were ducted themselves with their usual immediately driven in. They still oc. spirit. cupied, in force, the ridge on which The enemy having thus failed in all the picquets of the light division had their attacks, with their whole force, stood; and it was obvious that the upon our left, withdrew into their whole army was still in front of our entrenchments, on the night of the left; and about three in the afternoon, 12th, and passed a large force through Bayonne, with which, on the morning - It gives me the greatest satisfaction of the 13th, they made a most despe. to have another opportunity of report. rate attack upon Lieutenant: General ing my sense of the merits and services Sir Rowland Hill.'

of Lieutenant-General Sir Rowland In expectation of this attack I had Hill upon this occasion, as well as of requested Marshal Sir W. Beresford to those of Lieutenant-General Sir Wil. reinforce the Lieut.-General with the liam Stewart, commanding the 2d divi6th division, which crossed the Nivesion ; Major-Generals Pringle, Barnes, at day-light on that morning : and I and Byng ; Marischal del Campo Don further reinforced him by the 4th di- F. le Cor, and Brigadier-Generals Da vision, and two brigades of the 3d di- Costa, Ashworth, and Buchan. The vision.

British artillery, under LieutenantThe expected arrival of the 6th Colonel Ross, and the Portuguese ardivision gave the lieut-general great tillery, under Colonel Tulloch, disfacility in making his movements; tinguished themselves; and Lieutenantbut the troops under his own immedi. General Sir Rowland Hill reports parate command had defeated and repul- ticularly the assistance he received sed the enemy with immense loss be- from Lieut.-Colonels Bouverie and fore their arrival. The principal at. Jackson, the assistant adjutant and astack having been made along the high- sistant quarter-master-general attached road from Bayonne to St Jean Pied to his corps ; Lieut. Colonel Goldde Port, Major General Barnes's bri- finch, of the royal engineers, and from gade of British infantry, and the 5th the officers of his personal staff. Portuguese brigade, under Brigadier- The enemy marched a large body General Ashworth, were particularly of cavalry across the bridge of the engaged in the contest with the enemy Adour yesterday evening, and retired on that point, and these troops con- their force opposite to Sir Rowland ducted themselves admirably. The Hill this morning towards Bayonne. Portuguese division of infantry, under Throughout these various operathe command of Marischal del Campo tions I have received every assistance Don F. le Cor, moved to their support from the quarter.master general, Ma. on their left in a very gallant style, jor-General Sir George Murray, and and regained an important position be- the adjutant-general, Major-General tween these troops and Major-General Sir Edward Pakenham, and Lieut.. Pringle's brigade, engaged with the Col. Lord Fitzroy Somerset, Lieut.enemy in front of Ville Franche. I Colonel Campbell, and the officers of had great satisfaction also in observing my personal staff. the conduct of Major-General Byng's I send this dispatch by Major Hill, brigade of British infantry, supported aide.de-camp of Lieutenant General by the 4th Portuguese brigade, under Sir Rowland Hill, whom I beg leave the command of Brigadier-General to recommend to your lordship's proBuchan, in carrying an important tection. I have the honour to be, &c. height from the enemy on the right

WELLINGTON. of our position, and maintaining it I enclose the returns of the killed against all their efforts to regain it, and wounded. Two guns and some prisoners were

General Total. taken from the enemy, who being

Killed-2 lieutenant-colonels, 3 ma. beaten at all points, and having suffer- jors, 9 captains, 13 lieutenants, 4 ened considerable loss, were obliged to signs, 1 staff, 15 serjeants, 4 drummers, retire upon their entrenchments. 599 rank and file, 13 horses.

Wounded—4 general staff, 8 lieut.. Missing-1 colonel, 2 majors, 5 colonels, 14 majors, 64 captains, 89 captains, 5 lieutenants, 3 ensigns, I lieutenants, 45 ensigns, 9 staff, 215 staff, 14 serjeants, 6 drummers, 467 serjeants, 25 drummers, 3434 rank and rank and file, 1 horse. file, 21 horses.

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