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mother, and witness saw him draw the the jury returned a verdict of Guilty : knife out of her arm. She ran out and the recorder passed sentence on screaming. The deceased and Denton him, to be hanged on Monday next, had some difference in the early part and his body to be dissected. of the day, because he had struck a He remained quite unaltered during woman, named Wright. The decea- the whole time.-Executed. sed ordered him to leave her house, T. Moon was indicted for the wilful and he struck her on the arm, and murder of J. Larman, by shooting him

with a carbine. Cross-examined. The deceased was C. Grey was working with the dea widow, and her husband's name was ceased in a field near Finchley.comJohn Denton also. He died at sea.

Witness heard the report of a She did not know that it had been set. gun, and Larman fell. Witness saw tled between the deceased and the pri- two soldiers dressed in blue, with a gun soner that they should live together as each.-He ran to Whetstone, and in man and wife, that her mother might going passed the two soldiers ; pristill enjoy her pension as a sailor's wi- soner was one.—When he stopped at dow.

Whetstone, the prisoner's gun appear. J. Doubleday apprehended the pri- ed to have been fired off, all the rest soner at his sister's, and found the were loaded. knife there. It was bloody.-Wit- Hester Scutchins saw some soldiers, ness asked why he had done the rash with deserters, going over Finchleyact; he answered, “ it was love."

common, a .d two more soldiers followMr Beal, a surgeon, said, the wound ing, about a quarter of a mile behind. had nearly divided the arteries of the She saw one of these put his piece to arm ; it mortified, and she died in con. his shoulder, and take two or three sequence. Witness was called in after steps before he fired. He appeared to another surgeon, and found the pri- her to be taking aim at that part of the soner with a slight wound in his side, field where some boys were. When which he had inflicted on himself.

she got to the field, she found the boy Ellen Starley, his sister, with whom Larman dead, the ball having passed he lived, said, he was frequently so through him. outrageous, that she was olliged to J. Šatchway took him into custody, hide the knives from him. On the and his carbine had evidently been remorning in question, he struck the cently fired off. witness. Mrs Denton came in, and Mr Justice Dampier said, the charge bade him beat her more till she (the of murder could not be supported, witness) gave him money.--The de. there neither being malice proved nor ceased had frequently taken him out implied !-Guilty

of Manslaughter. of witness's house to go home and sleep Prague, August 16th.The Em., with her. He was so fond of the de- peror of Russia arrived here yesterceased, that he neglected his business day evening, at eight o'clock. On after he had got in league with her. the first intimation of this monarch's On the 26th of December she went to approach, the Emperor of Ausmarket ; she was not twenty minutes tria went to meet him.

Both mogone, and when she returned, she found narchs met under the city gate, got out him suspended to her bed by an old of their coaches, and embraced each apron of hers.--She cut him down. other with the greatest affection, amidst

After a few mirutes consideration, the acclamations of an innumerable


concourse of people. The streets called forth more general joy, than through which their majesties drove the arrival of this justly popular noto go to the palace in the Hradeschin, bleman. were voluntarily illuminated by the in- 22d.-A most atrocious murder habitants. The Emperor of Austria was committed at Portsmouth, about accompanied the Emperor Alexander four o'clock in the afternoon: the into the apartments prepared for him, particulars are briefly as follow : where their majesties remained half an A waterman, named George Brothers, hour together. Soon afterwards the was plied by three persons to take Emperor of Russia paid a visit to the them to Ryde, in the Isle of Wight, Emperor Francis; after which, their of which he agreed, and set sail for majesties and their Royal Highnesses that purpose, but before they had the Grand Princesses supped together started more than five minutes, a scuf. in the Emperor of Austria’s apart. Ale was observed in the boat, and the

waterman thrown overboard; he was 20th.-BANFF.-On Saturday the soon after picked up, covered with Right Hon. the Earl of Fife, Lord stabs and cuts, and quite dead. An Lieutenant of this county, arrived at alarm being given, the wherry was Duff-house, after an absence of eight followed by a boat from the Centaur, years, during part of which time he has and several other boats. The Lieute. been in Spain, where he repeatedly nant of the Centaur's boat, finding bled, in the glorious cause of the liber that they scarcely gained on the wherty and independence of the peninsula. ry, put two men into each of two other On his lordship’s approach from Del. wherries, which were also in chase, gaty Castle, accompanied by his bro- conceiving them most likely to succeed ther, General Duff, he was met by the in the pursuit, and the result proved magistrates, most of the principal in. he was perfectly correct ; for, just at habitants of Banff, and the incorpora- sunset, they ran the wherry alongside, ted trades in a body, as well as by all though going at the rate of ten miles the inhabitants of Macduff, and from an hour, and secured the three men, the surrounding hills. As soon as his but not till after a desperate resistance. lordship’s carriage appeared, a salute They were landed amidst the execra. was fired from the battery, and all the tions of an almost ungovernable popu. bells of Banff and Macduff rang a mer- lace, and examined at the Town Hall, ry peal.

His lordship was met at when they acknowledged themselves Duff-house by General Sir James Duff, to be prisoners of war, and to have esand a party of his friends. In the caped from Forton prison, at two evening there were illuminations, and o'clock in the afternoon. It appears immense bonfires flamed in every street, that they had been enabled, from selland upon the summit of the hill of Mac. ing toys, to purchase entire new duff there was one of such extraordi- clothes, by which they eluded the nary size and brilliancy as completely guards at the gate. Brothers has left illuminated the whole road from the a wife and two children, and the shock bridge of Banff to Macduff. His of his untimely end occasioned her to lordship visited both towns, and was give a premature birth to a third. received by all ranks with the most The Hants Courier communicates enthusiastic joy, and to all he shewed the following additional particulars :that condescension and affability for “Three French prisoners, Francois Rewhich he is so particularly distinguish- lif, Jean Marie Danze, and Daniel Du ed; in short, seldom has any event Verge, having effected their escape

from Forton depot, engaged the wherry (besides the sums taken from their of the above-named George Brothers personis,) dressed in which they mingto take them to Ryde: when off the led with the crowdof visitors that were Block-house, (according to their own walking in the depot, eluding, by their assertions) they proposed to the boat- metamorphosed appearance, the vigiman to take them to France, promising lance of the turnkeys and military sen. ample reward, and liberty to return tinels. immediately; but he, not to be cor- 25th. ---COVENT-GARDEN THEArupted by promises or reward, resisted Tre.—A successful debut was made their proposition, and in consequence at this Theatre on Thursday night.they stabbed him in sixteen places, The serious opera of “ Artaxerxes," (three of which were mortal), and threw compressed into two acts, was performhim overboard. The Frenchmen im. ed for the purpose of bringing formediately directed their course to sea, ward Miss Stevens, a pupil of Mr and were promptly pursued by several Thomas Welch, in the character of wherries, in one of which were Lieut. Madane. Her voice possesses the Sullock and three seamen of the Cen- richest and most affecting power, and taur, at anchor at Spithead. In con. she sings and acts with graceful sim. sequence of a heavy swell, and bad plicity. Miss Stevens has a full, but management, the Frenchmen were over. elegant form, an easy and dignified detaken after a run of about 15 miles; portment, and her expression has the one of the men belonging to the Cen- diffidence of sensibility. In the comtaur leaped into the wherry among the mencement, though encouraged by the Frenchmen alone, when at the distance warmest welcome, she could not sufof several feet, armed with nothing but ficiently exert herself fairly to display the stretcher, with which he knocked her talents, but she acquired strength one of them down : they then surren- as she proceeded, and in the exquisite dered. They were taken on board airs, “ If o'er the cruel tyrant Love, the Centaur for the night, and on being and “ Let not rage thy bosom firing," searched, a large sum of money was she shewed the purest and most clas. found about them in silver, and three sical taste ; while in The Soldier knives ; one of them was very bloody; tired,she displayed the powers of and on Thursday morning they were her execution. She was encored with delivered into the hands of the civil an universal voice, and indeed somepower, and landed at the Sally-port. what cruelly in the last instance, where They were taken to the borough gaol, it required so much exertion ; but she wherethey were again examined. They went through it with unabated energy, confessed that Brothers was killed by and without being flat in a single note. two of them, but that the third was -We sincerely congratulate the Theano further concerned than in lending tre and the public on this most splendid his koife to the other when the water. acquisition to their musical entertainman resisted them. More money was here taken from them, one having ac- 27th.-When the last packet from tually concealed in his pantaloons under Gottenburgh sailed, a dreadful fire, his boots thirty-three 5s. 68 pieces. which had consumed a part of the It appears, that by the manufacture of town, was still raging there. It broke lace, toys, &c. the prisoners accumu. out on Sunday se'ennight, and a great lated a sufficient sum of money to pro- quantity of merchandize and other vacure a suit of genteel clothes each, luable property had been consumed. About 200 houses, principally of wood, ed; two of whom are since dead. The had been burnt down before Monday Chenies overcame the Chin Choo by evening, when the packet left the har- superiority of numbers. The witness bour. Some warehouses, with grain, was informed that a cutler on Tower. leather, and colonial produce, became hill was employed to make instruments a prey to the flames before the proper- for the Chinese. He found his name ty could be saved.


was Cramer : he acknowledged that 28th.-Another of those dreadful he had recently sold two sets of large calamities, the blasting of a coal-mine, knives to them, and had been commisoccurred at the Hall pit, at Fatfield, sioned to make them a further supply, in the parish of Chester-le-street. which his workmen were then execuUpwards of thirty men and boys were ting. These the witness saw: they killed.

were large knives, with wooden han. 29th.-SHADWELL.-An investiga. dles, the blade about the size of a comtion at the above office into a danger- mon cutlass. Cramer being apprised ous riot among the Chinese Lascars, of their intended use, promised they in which three men were killed, and should not be delivered. Several of the about seventeen wounded, terminated Lascars were afterwards stopped at this day with the commitment of some the Barrack-gate, in the act of bringof the ringleaders. The following is ing such instruments with them, which an abstract of the most material evi. they delivered up, not without some dence

struggle, and an attempt to use them Abraham Gola, superintendant of against the officers for making the natives of India, stated, that in a place seizure. called King David's Fort, there are The origin of this affair appears to about 500 Chinese in the barracks be- be thus, by the evidence of the parlonging to the East India company. ties :-A Chenies being at play with Of these there are two sects, one call- a Chin Choo, they quatrelled about ed the Chenies, the other the Chin Is. 6d. which one had lost and refused Choo. On visiting their barracks, about to pay: they came to blows, and on eight o'clock on the morning of the a subsequent day they renewed the 13th inst. he found them in a state of combat with knives. Too Sugar, a Chin hostility; one sect fighting the other Choo, now in the hospital, is alleged with knives and implements of every

to have begun the contest, by calling description. He immediately directed to his sect to come and fight the Chethe gates to be shut to prevent the nies. Hence it appears each sect caught offenders from escaping. He then sent the contagion of quarrel from these two, for and procured the assistance of se. when the rencounter became general. veral of the police officers, on seeing Of those in custody, three have been whom approach, the contest in a great discharged for want of evidence. The measure subsided. The officers im. following are to take their trial, viz. mediately proceeded to disarm them of Appui, Appong, Chong, and Peu their weapons, which, by this time, they attempted to conceal. On searching their chests and hammocks, all their ENGLAND.---The new wheats are knives, &c. were taken away. One found to rise well and fine in quaman was found dead, with his bowels lity, and the increased number of ripped open. Seven were carried to thrashing machines have thrown large the London Hospital, severely wound. quantities on the markets, occasion


ing a considerable reduction of prices, well preserved. Considerable quantiwhich the foreign imports will, for ties of wheat are already sown in exsome time, assist in keeping down. cellent order, and in many instances apThe oat harvest is closed in the Fens, pears in full braird above ground. affording the largest general produce Grain markets, which gradually declithat has been known for many years. ned last month, have rallied a little The barley crops are expected to turn again, particularly barley, in the pros. out finer in sample than large in quan- pect of early distillation from grain. tity, not exceeding an average crop. The old crop being mostly exhausted, The northern counties are late with causes a greater demand on the new their beans, which, however, prove for present consumption ; and there abundant. All the accounts from the being food for cattle in the fields for principal corn districts of Scotland some time to come, the farmer is the state the produce of all kinds of grain less anxious to thrash much at present, to be large, and to have been early and being busy with the wheat seed. well harvested. Clover seed is likely Lean cattle is in demand for winter to be a pretty general crop, except up- feeding, while the butcher markets on light soils, where the continuance continue to be fully supplied. of dry weather has proved injurious to Harvest commenced about the mid. it. The turnip counties have abun- dle of August in the lower districts, dance of free-growing food. The hop and, by the beginning of the month, plantations of Kent, Sussex, and Farn- became general throughout the counham, have bagged a much larger weight try. As the weather has been partithan was looked for; but those of cularly favourable, there not having Worcestershire and Herefordshire have been more than two or three days at not yielded half a crop, and where the most, when the reaping was interruptcyder produce has also partially failed. ed by showers, the important opera. The cattle markets in the midland tions of the season have been carried counties have had large shows of lean on with a degree of regularity and stock, but the prices are still kept dispatch rarely experienced in this vahigh from the prospect of abundant riable climate; of course the shearing seed in turnips and coleseed. Smith- may now be said to be about finished, field has been well supplied through the only exceptions being in some exthe month with prime mutton, beef, posed situations in the higher district and veal, on lower terms. In the wool of the county, and even there the markets there has been little or no va- greater part of the white crops is alriation since our last


ready in the stack-yard; while, along LOTHIAN.—There is no manner of the lower district, the only thing in the doubt that this has been the best Sep. fields consists almost entirely of beans tember month within remembrance, as and pease, all the wheat, barley, and it has been dry from the beginning un. early oats, having been secured some til the end, without any untoward cir- time since in the finest condition, and cumstance to injure or retard the im. without the smallest loss either from portant work of harvest, which is near- wind or rain. Wheat, barley, and oats, ly finished in this district, and in the are found to yield well in the barn, and best possible condition. The ears are the grain of superior quality ; the first heavy, the quality fine, and of bright samples of wheat already weighing colours. There will be more benefit about 16 stones, and the barley above received from fodder this season, than 19 stones, per boll, of 16lb. to the for many bygone, being so early and stone, and best potatoe oats yield at

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