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We attended the anniversary sessions to encounter. The capacity, energy, of the Bible Union at New York on the and straightforwardness of its Secre25th, 26th, and again on Monday the tary, I have seldom seen equaled28th October. We have rarely, if ever, never surpassed. witnessed a more grave, impartial and We can, therefore, advisedly say to solemn investigation, than that of this all its friends and patrons, be not in committee. Its decision, we are happy the least discouraged. It is the greatest to learn, has given very general satis- enterprise of the age; one that involves faction, and has placed the Bible Union more of the destiny of the church, than in such an attitude as to command the any movement, within or without it, respect and even the admiration of all since the revised version of King James. candid and impartial men.

It is not to be hurried to its consumFor our own part, we must express mation. The work must pass through not merely our entire satisfaction with the strictest ordeal, that when consumthe management of its officers, but mated, it may be fully equal to all the our admiration of the talent, fidelity, facilities and means afforded, and to and discretion, with which the affairs the learning and to the resources of the have been conducted, through all the living age. crises and difficulties which it has had

A. C.



This brother is visiting his vative country for

the purpose of personally preaching the gospel Since you last heard from us we have had

to his relatives in London and Devonshire, several additious; one a sister of the wife of and is now gone into that county on his misonr Pastor Black, another the eldest daughter sion. of our widowed Sister Clarke, and a third the We have also had the pleasure of welcoming daughter of our Brother and Sister Roeluck. back our dear Brother Cuddeford, on his reThese cheer onir hearts, but the most import- turn from America. ant addition we have received for some time

We may here mention the painful fact, that past is Mr. Jabez Inwards, the well-known

one who was once a prominent member of this and popular lecturer on Temperance, Phre-chureh, but who backslid and afterwards benology, Astronomy, &c, This gentleman had

came a drunkard, died last month. Several of for many years been a baptized believer, and the brethren with whom he used to hold felwas a member of the Baptist church at Leigh- lowship visited him, and although at times he ton Buzzard ; but since his reinoval to Lon- | manifested repentance, he still retained his love don, about two years ago, he has been fre. for the accursed drink. Oh, that chis may be quently thrown in the company of some of our a warning! friends, and bas been led to read several of our

We have also to lament the declension of publications. At Michaelmas last he intimated two or three who frequently neglected the ashis desire to come among us as an obedient be- sembling of themselves with the church when liever in Jesus, for a few Lord's days, and to they could have been present. Their love to observe the order, and participate in the ordi- their Creator and Saviour has waned, and they pances of the house of God. After being thus are again in the world as a ship on the sea, with us about eight weeks, he was quite satis- without rudder or compass. Oh, that they fied, and Mrs. Inwards being in the meantime may be restored to the shepherd and bishop of baptized, both were received as members of souls ! Five, too, who were among us here, the church, Nov. 23rd. We feel that this is have joined the Pimlico church in their new the greatest acquisition the church has had for hall, of which you will perhaps receive an some time, and we pray that the many taleuts item. of onr brother may be greatly blessed in build- Brother Harris has received the stock of ing up the disciples in the faith, and in the publications ordered, and steps are being taken salvation of precious souls. We have lately to get them cireulated, and also to increase the been visited by a brother, R. Chown, from number of subscribers to the Harbinger for Paris Point, Illinois, with whom we had some 1657. We hope to be able to take double the pleasant interchanges of Christian sentiment. ' present number here, as well as some of Bro

ther Milner's peuny Christian Advocate. Our | immersed, and introduced into the fellowship public places of meeting in London now are- of the church here. Camden Hall, King-street, Camden Town; Meetings on the Lord's day and week evenNorthampton-street Chapel, King's Cross; and ings have been well attended. The discoörse Belgrave Hall, Lower Belgrave-place, Pimlico. on Bible Revision, by D. King, called forth

W. L. considerable opposition from two clergymen ,

the Rev. Mr. Maguire and his carate, which was revew at the next meeting, and con

tinued not much to the satisfaction of the FIFE DISTRICT ASSOCIATION.

rev. gentlemen. Of this, however, more may This Association has issued the following yet be heard. queries for consideration at the meeting of rep. resentatives convened for the 25th ult. :1, What constitntes a sister church?—2,

MARYPORT. How should members be received from sister churches ? — 3, How should young men be

With unfeigned gratitude to the Lord whom trained in Bible knowledge, so as so be fitted three individuals have nnited with us to ub

we serve, do we inform our brethren, that for Christian usefulness?—4, Evangelists, how instructed, sent out and supported ?—5, How manded his apostles to proclaim, for the

serve those institutions which the Lord comthe services of taleuted brethren may be best secured in visiting weaker churches ?-6, The guidance of all who are converted to him. Two order of the churches on the Lord's day, whe- of them had been previously immersed, and ther it should not be uniform ? — 7, Mutual the third, my wife, was buried with Christ by exhortation by the brethren, how regulated. --. the dead by the glory of the Father, even so

baptism, that like as Christ was raised from 8, Eldership, by whom chosen, and extent of she also may walk in newness of life. By the duties. 9, The Christian Advocate, tracts, above addition our number is increased to 8, &c. We hope to receive a condensed report of stimulus to greater efforts in extending the em

which is a cause for great thankfulness, and a the proceedings for insertion in our next.

pire of truth. Truth may be despised, may be opposed, but it contains an imperishable germ of greatness and of empire.

T. FERGUSON. GLASGOW The brethren who hitherto met in the Lower Hall of the Mechanics’ Institution, having obtained a neat, comfortable, and commodious NORTHAMPTON-STREET, LONDON. place of worship, 41, Brown-street, corner of West College-street, removed thither on Lord's

Last Lord’s day we had the pleasure of imday, 7th December, on which occasion they mersing an intelligent young woman, who 18 were favored with the presence of Brother at present an inmate of Brother Davison’s fe. Milner, of Edinburgh. From the populous ver convalescent institution for females. While neighbourhood in which the chapel is situated, mentioning this, I do not thiuk it would be more important results are anticipated from

ont of place to call the attention of your reathe efforts of the brethren, than have hitherto ders to this institution, as being well worthy attended their labors.

of their Christian sympathy and support. It is also our painful duty to record the

Brother Davison was formerly a London city death of an aged and worthy member, who de missionary, who undertook the dangerous duty parted this life on Thursday, December 12th, of visiting the fever hospital. While so enafter sojourning with us about twelve years.

gaged he found that a great Gumber of the feOn Lord's day, the 14th, we had the plea- male patients who had recovered so far as to be sure of receiving into our fellowship, on a pro. discharged, were still totally unfit for labors of fession of faith and baptism, three individuals any kind; and being in many iustances friend. -- one of whom is a very young person, and less and homeless, were often reduced to great son to our respected Brother Linn. In hope destitution, and in not a few instances exposed that they and we may prove mutual blessings to a fate which is worse than death. Finding to each other, we rejoice in the encouragement that there was no institution which took cognow received.

nizance of such cases, he determined to open his own house for some of these unhappy outcasts, till they could obtain a means of liveli. hood. The trouble and expense attending such a resolve cannot be easily imagined.

Hitherto they have been borne principally by During the last month two males and two himself and his amiable and indefatigable partfemales have made the good confession, been ner; and with limited means their charitable


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endeavors have been much more confined than casionally, will pay us a visit, we shall be very the field offers and their hearts desire. It is glad of their presence and assistance in our a melancholy sight to see the poor, weak. services. Your's in the truth, friendless girl wandering from the hospital, Knightsbridge.

R. B. having no one to welcome her back to this fair world again—every eye indifferent if it knows her not, and averted if it is known that she has just recovered from a deadly and conta

WIGAN. gious disease. To succour such is a blessed work, and well have the labors of Brother D.

An interesting public discussion has just been blessed, for although entirely indifferent terminated, the result of which is another as to the character of those whom he received, proof that we have the trnth, and that the truth a goodly number have learned and obeyed the will prevail

. The following announcement truth while under his roof, and many have had brought a considerable company together each that instruction which will bless them through

evening: their whole lives. If, therefore, any of the * Public Hall, Wigan.-- Discussion on Bapbrethren would desire to aid our brother in tism, between Mr. David King, of London, this work, it will indeed be lending to the Lord. and the Rev. W. Woodman, of Kersley, on

I have been induced to make these remarks Friday, Dec. 5th; Monday, Dec. 8th ; aud from a conviction of the value of such an insti- Monday, Dec. 15th. tution, and that it really ought to be known • Mr. King engages to maintain the three more generally than it is. Copies of the pub- following propositions :- Friday, Dec. 5, That lished reports may be had by addressing to immersion in water, into the name of the FaMrs. Davisou, la Brooksby-street, Islington, ther, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, is the only London, by whom any donations either of mo. Apostolic or Christian Baptism. Monday, Dey or clothing will be thanktully received.

Dec. 8, That only those persons who believe December 10, 1856.

M. KER. and confess with the mouth that Jesus is the

Christ, the Son of God, are scriptural subjects for baptism. Monday, Dec. 15, That Apos

tolic or Christian Baptism, administered to a PIMLICO, LONDON.

proper subject, is for the remission of past sins.

• The Rev. W. Woodman engages to reply, It is with much pleasure that I inform yon, basing such reply on the following grounds :and through you the brethren generally, that I, Baptism is a divine representative rite, the brethren åt Pimlico, after much delay and standing in the same relation to the Christian inconvenience, have at leagth succeeded in ob church as circumcision did to the Jewish, and taining a ball, of suitable size aud in a good that its nses are Ist, introduction into the locality, where we now hold our Lord’s day visible Christian church, and at the same time meetings. We have hitherto soffered much as

into influences congenial to Christianity from a church, io not having had a public room to the invisible world; 2nd, To preserve the mind which we could invite friends and strangers to

in a state more favorable to instruction in hear the preaching of the gospel. Through the Christian doctrine; 3rd, To promote regenerakindness of one of our little number, the church

tion. II. On these grounds it may, and has been enabled to keep together during the onght to be, administered to all infants in the last five years, holding their weekly meetings Christian church. III.- That being represenin his house, otherwise the members might tative of purification and regeneration, it is have been seattered and lost. Five others have also a memorial that the person baptized ought united with them, who formerly belonged to the Camden Town church, and we now meet is not affected by the mode of its administration,

to be regenerated, and being such, its efficacy in the Belgrave Hall

, 41, Lower Belgrave. whether by immersion, pouring or sprinkling: place, Pimlico, which will hold 120 persons,

* The chair to be taken each evening at halfand is comfortably fitted up. We have had

past seven o'clock.” two additions since our union, and our present number is 18.

We cannot now give an ontline of the disThe brethren at Camden Town render us cussion, but if requested will endeavor to do much service in the proclamation of the gos- so in time for the next number. We are pleased pel, and though we bave not yet had a full to be able to add, that during the three evenmeeting, we have had some very attentive ings, not a single departure from Christian bearers, and some are anxiously inquiring. We courtesy was discernible on either side. Truth hope much good may be done by our united and falsehood were allowed to grapple, systems and determined effort.

were attacked, but men, conscientious men We shall give you information of onr pro(and the debatants claimed to be such) were gress now aud then. In the meantime, if you sacred, shielded from personal assault. It is or any of our brethren who come to town.oc- I expected that this debate will do good.





and capacities, and his education must take

into the account that he is not all intellect, Mr. Grant's Committee are now bound to spirit, soul, or body. The whole man must produce that gentleman on the 5th day of Ja- be educated, his body, soul and spirit. But nuary next, and the five following days, in we attempt no description of his address, only order that he may debate with Mr. King cer- to say, that for an intellectual, literary and taid propositions concerning baptism. The ad- educational effort, he showed clearly that, vertisements are out, the debate is to be an- though time is wearing upon his physical nounced for the six evenings intimated above, energies, his intellect is as clear, vigorous and and to be held in the New Assembly Room, giant-like as ever. Never before has this city Newton, near Warrington Junction.

been saluted with a speech containing more good to man, more sound reason, good educa. tional philosophy and manly strength.

But mighty in all the elements of human A, CAMPBELL.

greatness as our venerable brother is, vast as Our very distinguished and venerable bro- for man, no matter how great our attachment

his labors have been, and much as be has done ther, Alexander Campbell, was with us at the to him, time must carry him from us. anniversary meetings in Cincinnati from the and our Lord has gone before us; the holy beginning. Many had the privilege, for the first time, of seeing him. This was a matter all, both good and bad, great and small

, down

apostles, prophets and martyrs have gone, with of great gratification. Many had seen him

to the mansions of the dead. We all must go, and stood by him when he wrestled with Ro

one after another, from this state; but, blessed bert Owen, and again with Bishop (now Arch- be God, we shall meet again. — Christian Bishop) Purcell, of this city, as no man on

Review. this continent has done for the Holy Bible; and many of these were won to God by his early labors, and yet love him, and regard him, in religion, as they do no man, or no being this side of Him who sits upon the throne.

OBITUARY. Mr. Campbell showed us the Redeemer, the way to him, how to love him and serve him, in his early efforts, and from that day to this as The congregation at Rhosllanerchrugog has no other man has done. He has made such a sustained a great loss by the death of John defence of Christianity against the assaults of Griffiths, one of our pastors, who died on Infidels and Romanists—such an effort to sepa- Lord's day, October 19th, in the 45th year of rate it from everything else, and preserve it in his age. He had from his youth been con. its purity, as no other man on earth has made in nected with the Wesleyan Methodists, and la. the last thousand years. To him, under the bored for years as a preacher, with much zeal, Lord Jesus Christ, we, as a great religious body, both among that body and the Reformed Wes. are largely indebted for our clear appreciation leyans. With our deceased brother, John of the Word of Life, our tangible and upas- Price, of Wrexham, having read the Essay on sailable position, our entrance upon the sure the Remission of Sins, previous to Brother foundation-stone--the Rock that God has laid Campbell's visit to England, and heard his adin Zion, which will staud when all his enemies dresses in Wrexham and Chester, they were and our enemies shall be defeated. It is, both immersed by him at Mollington, and therefore, natural and rational that we should forthwith commenced preaching the Gospel in have a great regard for him, and feel a deep accordance with the light they enjoyed, and interest in him.

the change they had experienced. But, soon In the Mechanics’ Institution, in the pre- finding that it behoved them to separate from sence of an immense concourse, we heard him their old friends and connections, they joined deliver an educational address that certainly the disciples at Rhos, and both labored earwas the crowning piece. For about one hour nestly to restore the Apostolic Gospel aud and a half he chained that immense assembly Christian Order of Worship. With a few in the most breathless silence and intense in. Welch brethren they commenced a monthly terest. Never before did the grandeur of the periodical in that language, to advocate the very being, work and destiny of man, in con- principles of Primitive Christianity. Brother nectiou with the Author of his existence, God's Price was soon cut off after this undertaking, revelation to the human race, the proper place and Brother Griffiths shortly afterwards fall

. for religion and the education of man, appear iug from a roof, sustained injuries from which more clear in a public address. With him the he never recovered, but lingered for three universe is a magnificent system. Our world years. Thus the most talented and perseveris a part of it, and inan belongs to our world. ing brethren have been called froin their labors Mau, too, is a complete being, with attributes to rest with the Lord. John Davis.





THE REVIVAL OF THE JEWS, AND THEIR RETURN TO PALESTINE. "And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt” (Daniel xii. 2.)

To ascertain what is literal and what is figurative in the Bible, is sometimes difficult, but always important. The neglect of this, or failing to accomplish it, has led to some of the most absurd hypotheses ever advocated by erring man. The whole system of transubstantiation, is based on the misconception of a single term ; and that, too, one of the smallest words in our vernacular : " This is my body.” The simple question to be determined is, Does the copula is express the relation of identity, or merely the relation of analogy between the subject and the predicate of this proposition ? Is it used in a literal or in a metaphorical sense ? The Roman Catholic maintains the former ; and hence infers that the bread and wine are transmuted into the body, blood, soul, and divinity of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Similar to this, we humbly conceive, is the error of those who refer the words at the head of this article to the final resurrection of the bodies of all the dead. Their interpretation is, in the main, too literal. The context, we think, will not sustain it for several reasons.

I. In the final and literal resurrection, the bodies of all will be raised. “Marvel not at this,” said the Messiah, “ for the hour is coming, in which all that are in their graves shall hear his voice, and shall come forth ; they that have done good, to the resurrection of life, and they that have done evil, to the resurrection of damnation” (John v. 28-29.) But in the case to which Daniel refers, only many of them that sleep in the dust shall awake. The obvious meaning of this is, that others will not awake ; that some will still continue to slumber.

We are aware, that in some cases, the word many has the same extension as the word all. Paul says, “For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.” In this example, the Apostle refers exclusively to the effects of Adam's sin ; which, by the laws of the divine government, have been entailed upon the whole species, and from which all will ultimately be saved by the obedience of Christ. The word many, in this connection, has, therefore, reference to the whole human race. Why, then, it may be asked, did the Apostle use many instead of all ? The reason of this is very manifest-he is contrasting the individual with the multitude-the one with the many. But as in Daniel there is no such contrast, there appears to be no valid reason for a departure from the common and most obvious meaning of the term ; and therefore it cannot, in this connection, have

; reference to the entire species.

II. There is, also, in some respects, a want of chronological harmony between this and the general resurrection.

1. The revival or resuscitation here described, must take place very soon, probably in about thirty-six years from this time. Thousands of the present generation will, in all probability, live to witness it. But the final resurrection of


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