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fifth, the awakening or resurrection of was grieved by their obstinacy and resome of them to everlasting life, and of peated acts of rebellion ; Jerusalem others to shame and everlasting con- was encompassed with armies ; and if tempt.

their own great national historian is The fall of Turkey will, therefore, be worthy of credit, a voice-it may have the first of a series of events of tran- been of this same guardian angel-was scendental interest. This we might al- heard in the temple, saying, Let us most naturally anticipate without the remove hence.” From that hour Jeruaid of prophecy. The long-established salem has been trodden down of the policy of nearly all the great powers of Romans, the Persians, the Saracens, the civilized world, renders it highly the Seljukians, the Mamelukes and the probable that such will be the issue. Ottomans; and the Jews themselves If England and France would exhaust have wandered as sheep without a sheptheir supplies of men and money to herd. The predictions of Moses conprevent the Court of St. Petersburgh cerning this remarkable people have from infringing on the limits of the been literally fulfilled. They have been Sultan, not through any respect which scattered among all people, from one they have for the rights of man - not end of the earth even to the other; on account of their sympathy for the they have found no ease or rest; they Turks-not because they expect there have been oppressed and crushed alby to augment their own resources, ways, since the ruin of their temple and but merely to preserve the balance of the destruction of their city; they have power among the nations of Europe, by been left few in number among the holding in check the ambition and ava- heathen ; they have pined away in their rice of Russia, what sacrifice would not iniquity in their enemies' land ; and they and other rival powers make to they have become an astonishment, a prevent Russia and Persia, or any other proverb, and a bye-word among all natwo kingdoms, from taking and appro- tions. priating to themselves the wealth of a Since the commencement of the prefallen empire? If it is still a sound sent century, the condition of the Jews maxim, that “wherever the carcass is, has been greatly ameliorated, especially there will the eagles be gathered to in European countries. gether,” what a tremendous conflict of toms of returning life have recently nations may we anticipate in any at- appeared in the valley of dry bones. tempt to divide and appropriate the But in most nations, their lot is still spoils of Turkey! England, France, very deplorable. In England, many Germany, Austria, Prussia, Russia, Jews are distinguished for their learnGreece, Persia, Egypt, and the scattered ing and wealth ; but all the possessions tribes of Israel, will all be there to urge of a Rothschild have not yet procured their claims aud to act as umpires in for him a seat in Parliament. " While the great controversy.

England,” says Mr. Milford, in his ApBut at that time, Michael will again peal in behalf of the Jewish Nation, stand up in behalf of Israel. For many waves her protecting banner over the generations he was their prince and na- helpless and the oppressed, both at tional guardian. (Dan. x. 21.) Under home and abroad, there yet remains one Jehovah, he seems to have been em- nation--one remarkable race of people, ployed to lead them out of the land of the Jews-towards whom the exercise Egypt and out of the house of bondage ; of philanthropy would seem to be a to conduct them through the Red Sea crime ; whom no eye pities, and whose and the dreary deserts of Arabia ; to wretched condition is a stain upon the lead their armies to victory in Canaan, present age of the world, worthy only and to comfort them in their affiictions of the darkness, blindness, and inhuin Babylon ; to move Darius, to pro-manity of the dark ages.” In Austria, mote Daniel, and to stir up Cyrus, to a Jew can rise no higher than a comrebuild the temple ; to accompany their mon soldier-he is excluded from all emancipated hosts in their return from the learned professions ; and in the captivity, and for many years to preside capital of the empire he cannot purchase over their interests in Palestine. But ground enough on which to erect his the cup of their iniquity was at length frail tabernacle. In most of the Gerfilled to overilowing; the Spirit of God inan States they enjoy many legal privi

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as ever.

leges; but even there they have not church, and these are in a very low risen above the degrading influence of state of civilization. In Modena they a vitiated public opinion. The follow- are wealthy, though they are not allowing extract from a Jewish paper, publish- ed to study any science but medicine. ed in Leipsic, 1840, shows how little In Naples they are not recognized by the Israelites could then boast of Ger- the laws; they live as strangers, and man liberality. “ After endless peti enjoy no civil privileges. tioning, some few privileges, curtailed Such is the condition of the Jews in on every side, are thrown to us out of civilized and Christianized Europe ; compassion or greedy speculation. And how degrading, then, must it be in to whose favor at last do we owe these Mohammedan and Pagan nations ! niggardly gifts? The people who have "In Morocco," says Mr. Birk, a connever tolerated us as neighbors, but verted Jew, “the Moors despise and with a malicious eye ? By the people detest them; there is no ignoininy, no and their leaders we are as much hated extortion which they are not subject

Look at the states where the to. They are prohibited reading or democratic element preponderates; writing Arabic, under the pretence of hatred and contempt, but no kindness! their not being worthy to understand As strangers we are tolerated, but no the Koran—they are not allowed to where sought after, nowhere loved. mount a horse, because it is too noble The distinction between the Schemetic an animal for them—they must take Southern stock, and the fair children off their shoes on passing mosques, of the North, is too indelibly marked holy places, and the dwellings of the on both body and mind to render an great-they are not allowed to come amalgamation possible. We are nei- near a weil while a Mohammedan is ther Germans nor Sclavonians, nor yet drinking out of it-nor to sit down in Italians nor Greeks; we are the chil- | the presence of a Mohammedan--they dren of Israel, kindred of the Arabs, are compelled to be dressed in black, who carried their glorious arms from (this color being considered mean,) and the Caucasus to the pillars of Hercules. to fill the offices of executioner and Unspeakable misfortunes compelled us grave-digger. The children are at lito claim the rights of hospitality from berty to insult them and the lowest foreign nations, but not for ever will of the people may strike them : but if we be trampled under their feet, de- a Jew lifts his hand to a Mohammedan, prived of the sacred name of father- he is punished with death. In many land."

places, they must even pay enormous The Russian government has fre- taxes for being permitted to wear quently interfered with the rights and shoes, and to use asses and mules.” comforts of its Hebrew subjects. In Equally oppressed and despised are 1824, the Emperor Alexander decreed the Jews of Persia. The Rev. Joseph that all the Jews living in Poland Wolff, who in 1825 and 1826 visited should remove hence, except such as them as a missionary, says, Every should become physicians or devote house at Shiraz, with a low, narrow themselves to solid mercantile business. entrance, is a Jews. Every man, with The late Emperor Nicholas, soon after a dirty woollen or a dirty camel-hair the beginning of his reign, published a turban, is a Jew. Every coat much ukase, in which he forbade them to traf- torn and mended about the back, with fic in the interior governments of the worn sleeves, is a Jew's. Every one empire ; and in a series of subsequent picking up old broken glass, is a Jew. edicts, the same autocrat subjected Every one searching for dirty robes, and them to various other oppressive regu- asking for old shoes and sandals, is a lations. According to our latest au- Jew. That house, into which no quadthentic information, the Jews are still ruped but a goat will enter, is a Jew's. legally excluded from Spain and Nor. One of the Rabbis remarked to me, way, though their residence in these None of the Jews scattered in the world countries is sometimes tolerated; and expect, and have no reason to expect in Italy they are oppressed by Popish the Messiah with more anxiety, than bulls, and trodden down by a vain, the Jews scattered throughout Persia ; proud, and supercilious priesthood for the Gentiles in Persia do not only But few reside in the States of the compel us to pay heavy tribute, but

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they have likewise set over us task- the pilgrim, the merchant into the masters, to afflict us with their burdens. priest, and the inexorable creditor into Every Persian is a Haman to us. They the weeping suppliant. Without make us serve with rigor; we must wealth, without traffic, they are supwork for them without being paid ; ported solely by the voluntury contriand like Pharaoh of old, they make butions of their brethren throughout our lives bitter with hard bondage." the world.” We shall conclude this brief sketch

Such is the degraded, wretched, and of the present condition of this unfor- fallen condition of the Jews, and of tunate and degraded people, with the their once glorious metropolis. But following short extract from Wilder's the times of the Gentiles will soon be Travels in Palestine : “This extraor- fulfilled. The Ottoman sceptre is about dinary people, the favored of the Lord, to be broken. Michæl will again stand the descendants of the patriarchs

and up in behalf of Israel; and at that time prophets, and the aristocracy of the shall be delivered every one that shall earth, are to be seen in Jerusalem to be found written in the book. Every greater advantage, and under an aspect,

Israelite on earth, wherever found, who and in a character totally different from can, like his fathers in the time of Ezra, that which they present in any other trace his lineage to the stock of Abraplace on the face of the globe. In other ham, will then be emancipated ; and countries, the very name of Jew has whatever disposition may be made of associated with it cunning, deceit,

the other provinces of the fallen Sultan, usury, traffic, and often wealth. But Palestine will certainly be again rehere, in addition to the usual degrada- stored to the dispersed Israelites for an tion and purchased suffering of a de- everlasting possession. spised, stricken, outcast race, they bend "Danghter of Zion, awake from thy sadness ; under extreme poverty, and wear the Awake, for thy foes shall oppress thee no aspect of a weeping and a mourning people; lamenting over their fallen Bright o’er the hills dawns the day-star of greatness as a nation, and over the gladness, prostrate grandeur of their once proud Arise, for the night of thy sorrow is o'er.” city. Here the usurer is turned into

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more ;



It is not only in the mother country perverters of God's truth, whatever be that discussion on ecclesiastical affairs their office, position, or pretensions. is searching and animating, for the

“Son of man, prophecy against the proobservation applies with equal truth to their own hearts a lying divination,

phets of Israel who prophecy out of the colonies, where the pressure of a saying—the Lord saith, albeit I have state church is comparatively light. not spoken. O Israel, thy prophets are In a letter received from Sydney, dated like the foxes of the desert” (Ezekiel August 8th, 1856, Brother Barton has xiii.),, “I wrote unto you that you forwarded an address of Mr. W. Marks,

should contend earnestly for the faith

once delivered to the saints” (Jude 3.) on the principle of state aid granted to “ Now when Paul and Barnabas had support the gospel. The address is a no little dissension and disputation very able refutation of the arguments with them” &c. (Acts xv. 1-2.) No adduced by Dr. Fullerton in support of error in judgment is harmless. either state aid, and meets with the approval the kingdom of God. There may be no

as regards the affairs of life, or those of of the Nonconformists of the colony blame incurred in respect to the former, generally. We have space for only a but for the latter there is no excuse. In brief extract or two :

the one case there is no perfect stand

ard by which to judge ; in the other No duty is more clearly taught in the there is. When God speaks we can Scriptures than that of opposing the understand Him, generally, if we wish.

His word cannot mislead an honest in- | Dr. “as soldiers, who undergo dangers, quirer, or sanction opposite conclusions. privations, and sufferings," &c. Yes, The danger and the guilt of perverting my dear Sir, if we so regard them, truly it appear all the greater when we reflect we ought to honor and support them that by it the world is to be converted, but unfortunately we cannot so regard and believers are to be purified, com- them. They are commonly soldiers who forted, and established. Every error have never been at drill, nor measured believed deducts so much from its effi- bayonets with the enemy-soldiers who cacy-obscures the lustre of its gems-- endure a great deal of ease, comfort, dilutes the true elixir of life, and dif- and security-soldiers who, if wounded, fuses throughout the mental atmos- are seldom touched in the breast, but phere malaria and disease. The na- often in the back-soldiers, who are tional establishments of caricatured courageous in the pulpit among friends Christianity have their condemnation expounding a favorite creed, but if chalbranded on their foreheads. The trees lenged, slink away like a thief. There are known by their fruits. The spirit- is a law of honor among soldiers, but ual ignorance, formality, pretence, and no such law obtains among the Dr.'s moral impotence which characterize the soldiery, though they vow when ordainmajority of the members of the estab- ed to defend their flag to the last. lishments, are proofs, “strong as holy “Or, if we look on them as laborers.' writ,” that their guides are “blind Every sinew of the laborer is stretched leaders of the blind," and that the sys- like the shrouds of a ship, and the pertem which produces such results must spiration flows from every pore ; but I be the very opposite of Bible Chris- confess I can see very little correspondtianity. Dr. Fullerton is a man whom ing to this in the toils of many of the I respect, but if he were my brother, I parsons. They compose sermons which, would not spare him when teaching I fear, will not secure them immortal untruths in the name of the Lord. It fame, and neither the composition nor is time that this question was settled the delivery exhibit one pang of the for ever.

I have no doubt that it will birth of genius. A laborer cuts the soon be. The common sense of man- roots, tumbles the trees, and makes the kind, aided by New Testament instruc- forest resound with his sturdy blows ; tion, will soon bury this mass of putrid- but the clerical laborer sits in his chair, ity in the grave. The days of estab- pays and receives visits, copies his serlishments are numbered. They have mon, and reads or recites it with the been weighed in the “ balances of the delightful drawlings of a spelling reader. sanctuary,” and of experience, and are Let us have laborers in the Lord's vinealways found "wanting:

yard worthy of the_name, and we will The Dr. says that “he does not de- soon convince the Dr. that we do not sire to apologize for corruptions in exist- require his goad nor yet a national ing establishments.” This is an admis- establishment. sion that corruption exists in them. The Dr. says, “ The gospel cannot be Would it not be better for the Dr. to preached to all without a national propoint out these corruptions, that they vision.”. Very true, if such hirelings as might be removed, and then seek for covet the loaves and fishes on the gothe endowment of the establishments vernment table are to be the only preachthus purified ? How can he ask us to ers--if we can get no other than Oxford, support corruptions ?

Cambridge, Trinity, or Edinburgh The Dr. occupies a large part of the usually manufacture—if “filthy lucre" first leaf in maintaining that the preach- and not a “ready mind” shall continue ers of the gospel have a right to an to be the prompter—if you and your adequate maintenance. What has this peers will perpetuate your illegal dicto do with national endowments ? | tatorship in the kingdom of Christ. Could we get a better example of irre- Gather your legions, Dr. stand to your levancy than this ? Suppose I asserted arms; I have a battery which will tell that the field laborer is worthy of his upon your batallions worse than the hire, therefore the state should provlde artillery of the allies upon the ranks of liberally for laborers-would not all Russia ? You think that because the men laugh at me?

gospel is not spreading with the pre"If we regard ministers," says the sent instrumentality, it cannot do so till

government and people pay more libe- , exhibitions of Christianity with itself, rally. Now Dr. let me show you, and as it is pourtrayed in the Bible. They the multitudes who think with you, are sometimes wide as the poles aswhat your college spectacles and their sunder. Anti-Christian usurpers teach ignorant credulity never will enable you that none but men in office can preach to discover---God never appointed the and administer the ordinances ; and the means which are in operation, and He people are thoroughly impregnated with

as appointed means which the clergy the imposition. The doctrine I combat and others decry. If this is true, we is as repugnant to common sense as to need not wonder that the gospel does Scripture. That which a man undernot spread with rapidity, nor that the stanils to his salvation, he dare not churches are in a decaying state. The preach to a room full to save them from Head of the church can only honor perdition! I read of the whole church what honors Him--that which He has in Jerusalem preaching the gospel, and instituted. Will He disregard His that the Lord confirmed the work. I own laws and institutions to sanction read of the Christians assembling for the inanities and superstitions of Pha- mutual eclification, but such a plan risees and Scribes ? Let this sentence would compromise the dignity of the tingle in the ears of this generation clergy, and raise up far too many elo“In vain do ye worship me, teaching quent men and mighty.inthe Scriptures. for doctrines the commandments of

We must never confound the We hope to return to this pamphlet.






we are informed, he thus earnestly presented To the Editor of the Millennial Harlinger. his petition, “ Lord, remember me when thou

comest into thy kingdom !” In this request Mr. Editor,- If you think proper to insert he ascribed divine honors to Jesus, for he acthe following remarks, I shall take it as a fa- knowledged that Jesus was a king that he

I feel persuaded that you do not, any was God's anointed, and that he would cermore than myself, see good ground for the tainly have a kingdom, but whether in this premises taken by “ Christianus," page 555 world or not, he did not say. We have no inof last volume. Let us read the passage again. I timation given us that the dying man saw any " And one of the malefactors railed on him, other appearances about Jesus than those which saying, if thou be the Christ, save thyself and indicated his speedy death, yet from some cause

But the other answering rebuked him, or other, he evidently believed that Jesus would saying, Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art have a kingdom, and that be had power on in the same condemnation, and we indeed earth to forgive sins, or at least to give him a justly, for we receive the due reward of our place in his kingdom when it was established. deeds;

but this man hath done nothing amiss. Let no one be deceived, however, in this And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me matter. This case, like several others in which when thou comest iuto thy kingdom! And the Saviour showed merey to the guilty, was Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, the exception, and not the rule, and in such an to-day shalt thou be with me in paradise.” aspect it should be regarded by us. The faith

We may notice the faith and prayer of this of the dying penitent could not be exhibited to man, and the answer given himn. Those of the us by his works, but only by his language. bystanders who said to Jesus, “ If thou be the Nor can any individual be again placed in Christ, save thyself, and come down from the similar circumstances. The last request of the

were not in earnest, and what they dying man was immediately and favorably resaid was in mockery and hatred. The other sponded to, “ This day shalt thou be with me malefactor seems to have been of the same mind, in paradise.” This declaration of Jesns, sojoining in the railings of the mob, and re-echo- berly and truthfully viewed, and as interpreted ing their sentiments. There was an absence by Jews and Christians, implies a promise of of sincerity in their requests, and an utter want future happiness to the dying man. This is, I of sympathy with the sufferings of the Re- think, undeniable. Your correspondent apdeemer. But the prayer of the penitent ma- pears to me to make assertions without proof. lefactor was sincere, and it was the prayer of Because he does not know where or when the faith. He did not say, if you be the Christ, dying malefactor obtained his knowledge, he and if you are to have a kingdom, remember tries to make it appear that he possessed none, me; but, without doubt or hesitation, so far as which seems to me very improbable. Never


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