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six years in progress, so let not our rent and its typical period consequently work be finally decided upon, as to its completed, we may observe that in all short comings, until at least that pe- its magnificence it was yet defiled by riod be allowed for remedying tempo- those entering it for mercenary purrary defects, and bringing the parts of poses and carrying on base traffic the new building into a harmonious therein. And the Lord of the temple and symmetrical whole.

drove them ignominiously out. Meantime, let us not bigotedly as

Let this admonish us of the visionary sume, that those taking the name of Disciples, or Christians, are the only character of those teachers who foster ones whose labors are bringing back the hope that a perfect state of the

church will exist before Christ's second Primitive Christianity.

Let us

be ashamed to assert that none are exor

coming. If, under the very eyes of the cising the demons of creedism, priest- apostles, a Simon Magus, a Diotrephes,

and an Ananias were found in the craft, and partyism, but those following church

– nay, a Judas himself, under with us. Many a noble spirit, not yet the very garb of an apostle

we may itself fully emancipated, is struggling not expect that the Lord of the Chrisfor and hastening the general freedom. tian edifice will find at his coming no Whole communities of pious souls, un- profaners and defilers within it. But, der various names, have been throwing God be praised ! though in it, they are off shackle after shackle. The signs of not of it; and their ejection will not the times are abundantly hopeful. Ere long the Lord's personal presence shall mar the glorious building's proportions,

nor take from its beauteous walls, for grace his temple.

7. As the last feature noticeable in in them only “living stones”are found: the temple's history, ere its vail was

I. N. C.


EVERY system has its elementary , all those, and those only, who were principles. Church history reveals to from eternity elected to salvation, and us the elements of Calvinism, and the given to him by the Father.” elements of Arminianism ; and the 3. Mankind are totally depraved divine record makes known the ele- in consequence of the fall of the first ments or fundamental principles of man, who being their public head, his Christianity. We shall exhibit these sin involved the corruption of all his in contrast. First we introduce the posterity; which corruption extends five points of Calvinism.

over the whole soul and renders it un1. “God hath chosen a certain num- able to turn to God, or to do anything ber of the fallen race of Adam, in Christ, truly good; and exposes it to his rightbefore the foundation of the world, unto eous displeasure, both in this world and eternal glory, according to his immu- that which is to come. table purpose, and of his grace and love, 4. “ All of those whom God hath prewithout the least foresight of faith, destinated unto life, he is pleased in his good works, or any conditions perform- appointed time, effectually to call by ed by the creature; the rest of mankind his word and Spirit out of that state of he was pleased to pass by and ordain sin and death, in which they are by to dishonor and wrath for their sins, nature, to grace and salvation by Jesus to the praise of his vindictive justice.” | Christ.

2. “Though the death of Christ be a 5. “Those whom God has effectually most perfect sacrifice, and satisfaction called and sanctified by his Spirit, for sins, of infinite value, and abundant- shall never finally fall from a state of ly sufficient to expiate the sins of the grace.

" whole world, and though on this ground These are the five points of Calvinthe gospel is to be preached to all man- ism, which, for convenience, may be kind indiscriminately; yet it was the summed up into predestination, partiwill of God, that Christ, by the blood cular redemption, total depravity, effecof the cross, should efficaciously redeem ' tual calling, and final perseverance.

We next submit the five points of 4. That he is both Lord and Christ Arminianism :

-Proprietor of all things, and Head 1. “God, from all eternity, deter- over all things—Prophet, Priest, and mined to bestow salvation on those King.” whom he foresaw would persevere unto 5. That he who is known in history the end ; and to inflict everlasting as “Jesus of Nazareth,' is this personpunishment on those who should con- age.” tinue in their unbelief, and resist his We submit to every Christian and divine succors; so that election was scripturist, whether the above creed is conditional, and reprobation, in like not true in fact, scriptural in detail, and manner, the result of foreseen infidelity according to apostolic preaching and and persevering wickedness.

practice. We desire, earnestly, that it 2. " Jesus Christ, by his sufferings be compared with the two leading and death, made atonement for the sins creeds of Christendom which precede of all mankind in general, and of every it. And the attention is particularly individual in particular; that, however, directed to the importance of this, as none but those who believe in him can compared with those. The reader may be partakers of divine benefits." be a sinner earnestly seeking the way to

3. “True faith cannot proceed from heaven, he may have learned that he is the exercise of our natural faculties and justified by faith, and be inquiring what powers, nor from the force and opera- | articles of faith he is to believe. Will tion of free will ; since man, in conse- he have made any advancement toquence of his natural corruption, is in- wards heaven when he has received the capable either of thinking or doing any article of predestination of particular good thing; and, therefore, it is neces- redemption ? of total depravity ? or of sary in order to his conversion and sal- effectual calling and final perseverance ? vation, that he be regenerated and re- Do these things win the heart, comnewed by the operations of the Holy mand his obedience, reform his life, and Ghost, which is the gift of God through save his soul ? Admit them all to be Jesus Christ.”

true, is there any efficacy, any virtue, 4. “That the divine grace or energy any power in them? Is the belief of of the Holy Ghost, begins and perfects these things the faith that justifies the everything that can be called good in soul ? Did the apostles teach these man, and, consequently, all good works abstractions to sinners in order to bring are to be attributed to God alone; that, them from darkness to light, and from nevertheless, this grace is offered to all, the power of Satan to God? Not once ! and does not force men to act against In all the history of their promulgation their inclinations, but may be resisted of the faith, there is not one of these and rendered ineffectual by the per- articles mentioned. In their letters to verse will of the impenitent sinner." Christians, the true doctrine of election,

5. “That God gives to the truly perseverance, &c. is communicated, not faithful, who are regenerated by his as matter for division and strife, not as grace, the means of preserving them- articles of faith to build churches upon, selves in this state.”

but as matter for instruction, teaching, These five points we sum up as fol, or doctrine, to, edify, encourage, and low: conditional election, universal strengthen the body of Christ. In their atonement, total depravitý, resistable proper place, these points are more or calling, and contingent perseverance. less important, but as constituting the

We now take the liberty of present- faith, in being made a condition preceing the following, which, for the sake dent'to admission to Christ's kingdom of uniformity, we shall call the five and salvation, they are pernicious in points of Christianity :

the highest degree. 1. “That the Messiah, foretold by What shall we say of the five points the ancient prophets, and foreshadowed which we have denominated those of by the types and symbols of the Jews Christianity ? We reply that all parreligion, has come in the flesh.” ties admit that they are every one ab

2. “That he is the Son of the living solutely essential to salvation. Not, inGod, only begotten and well beloved." deed, that they must be thus articulately

3. “That God has exalted him to be a considered and received, for the whole Prince, and the Saviour of sinners." of them may be presented in a single sentence; but that the great facts One man who reads this article may which we have chosen to exhibit in this believe the Calvinian points, and anoform must all be believed in order to ther the Arminian, and both be good, salvation. This is our standard of exemplary Christians - not because orthodoxy. The man who conforms to they believe the one or the other, but it

may be very ignorant, and may have because they believe in Christ. Our some false notions of some of the points effort, therefore, is to unite these two of self-styled orthodoxy; he may be Christians upon Christ and his word, mistaken in his views of election, be- not as Calvinists, nor as Arminians, but cause it is something pertaining to the as Christ's men, or Christians. We divine mind which is infinitely beyond tell them, for his sake, for the sake of and above him ; but he cannot be mis- his cause, which suffers reproach by taken in the fact that he has trusted their divisions, and for the sake of manhis immortal interests to the hands of kind, who are perplexed and annoyed an exalted" and glorious Saviour, who with doubts and uncertainties in conever lives as the Son of God--his Lord sequence of these divisions, to suppress and his Christ, assured to him by the that which at best is only of secondary testimony of apostles and prophets, who importance, and to exalt that which is spoke as they were moved by the Holy first and chief, beginning, middle, and Spirit Trusting in such à Saviour, end. guided by the counsels of such a pro- But we shall be asked if this will not phet, bowing to the authority of such produce bickering and strife in the body a King, and having an infinitely meri- of Christ; and if the Arminian will not torious sacrifice offered in his behalf by resist when the Calvinian preaches his such a Priest, he may well and safely hard doctrine, and vice versa ? Our postpone the settlement of the difficul- reply to this is, that the Arminian must ties in his religion, until he is able“ to not preach his doctrine, and the Calknow even as he is known.”

vinist must not preach his. Both parThis, we assert with all confidence, is ties must preach Christ and him crucithe faith once delivered to the saints. fied, and determine before hand to know It is the foundation of Christ's own nothing else among themselves but this. church. Blessed is he whose heart is If they are in reality Christ's people, if affected by it "unto righteousness.” they are living as they profess, for the Blessed are they who for this earnestly sole purpose of giving honor and glory contend. More blessed they, who in to him, all their time should be emthe last hour of their mortal life, can ployed in preaching him, making known cry out with exultation, “ we have kept his character, telling of his wonderful the faith !

works, exalting his name and authority, We beg particularly to remind the and exhorting each other to glorify him reader, that we do not, in this connec- by a well ordered life and godly behation, have any respect to the truth or Let them thus cultivate love for falsity of the various points of Calvin- each other, and labor to assist, ism or of Arminianism. Some things strengthen, build up, and encourage in each may be true-some we most each other. Let them be willing to heartily embrace, when they are placed bear one another's burdens, fulfilling in their proper connection, but we re- the law of Christ, and how soon will ject them all indiscriminately as arti- the points of their different isms be forcles of faith which are to be presented gotten, and swallowed up in Christ, in to the world for their acceptance in the joys of his service, and in the hopes order to justification. They are not the and promises of that immortal glory true elements which constitute a man whither they are tending! Does it not a Christian. They are virtually false, seem to you, reader, that he who is not then, however true in themselves, when- willing to make an attempt to bring ever they are made tests of Christian about this blessed consummation is a fellowship. Alas, for the world, the schismatic, filled with party spirit ? ignorant, and rude, if these fine-spun Does it not seem to you that he is givtheories, upon which the profoundest ing to his notions and the notions of thinkers and most pious biblical scho- his party, the prominence and importlars honestly differ, are necessary to

ance which is due alone to Christ and pardon, peace, and life!

his church ? Reader, where do you


stand ? What sacrifices of party feel that a position so evidently accordant ing and party connections are you will with the spirit and letter of Chrising to make for Christ and his cause ? tianity, cannot long fail of enlisting the How do your neighbors regard this hearts and calling forth the powers of matter? Has the subject in all its ab better and abler men. Every Christian sorbing importance been placed before who reads these pages, to whatever dethem?

nomination he may belong, who is disWe know not in what light our hum- posed to further such a canse, is solicitble labors are regarded by our fellowed to do so through our columns. citizens generally, but we firmly believe i

J. S. L.


THERE is one difficulty in approach- | him, or confer any religious benefits ing the evidences of Christian religion, upon him. A man who assumes a false that every writer who understands the position, in reference to the precise present state of things must feel. That truth designed, and the only truth difficulty is, to secure the attention of having power to save him, and prothose who are now avowed sceptics, or ceeds upon that assumption as if it were those in danger of becoming such. There truth, peremptorily persisting in his reis not the least danger of the main body fusal to open the question for investiof sceptics thinking too closely, reason- gation, or to reason upon it at all, is in ing too minutely, or criticising too a most deplorable and hopeless situarigidly. No fear need be entertained tion. It is utterly out of the power of of their putting our articles into the the best and greatest of human kind, crucibleof investigation, and examining to do such any good. They are beyond them too carefully. The trouble is, the reach of remedy. But there are that they will not think on the subject many who have not reached this state at all—will not read—will not investi- of stupidity and indifference, and who gate, or make an earnest and solemn can be induced, by the exercise of their effort to determine what is truth. Our thought and reason, to make an honorfear is, that they will assume, without able effort to determine what is truth. any deliberate thinking, reasoning, or These, we hope, by the divine blessing, examination, that religion is all priest- to benefit. craft, the Bible a fable, and Jesus an There is, however, an entirely differimpostor, and then act upon this as- ent class of sceptics from those just sumption as if it were a well-known alluded to: a class always thinking, and established truth. It is the easiest reasoning, theorizing, and scheming in thing in the world for the most igno- idle speculations; roaming in immense rant, stupid, and unthinking creature and fruitless deserts, vast barren tracts living to assume all this, and much and waste fields, where nothing can more, and in all his coarse and uncouth ever grow. They float in thin ether, if allusions to the subject, speak of it as not sometimes in pure vacuum – in a matter of indifference, and declare in vast, unknown, and unknowable regions both word and action, that it is a mat- of pure fancy and idle imagination. ter of no consequence what course a They roam in everlasting inquisitiveman pursues. This is the reason we ness in the immense realms of intangidread infidelity. It stupifies their sen- i bles and invisibles. They are variously sibilities, disqualifies them for reason- styled in New Testament terminology, ing, or for any fair and honorable in- “ clouds without water," " wandering vestigation in reference to the very stars, filthy dreamers,” &c. They point upon which, above all others, spend their time, confuse themselves, they should have the most indisputable and shatter their brains, in explaining certainty.

degrees in glory - degrees in punishWe lament this state of things, for ment-different spheres-the possibiliwhen a man once reaches it, he is almost, ty of holding converse with departed if not entirely, beyond the reach of the friends--the origin

ofsin-how God will benevolent'efforts of all the good to save overrule evil for the good of man and

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his own glory-the origin of the Devil, cal reasonings, subtleties, and theoriif there be any

whether he is a real zings, in things that they cannot help being, or only a personification of evil feeling conscious have no possible effects

-whether God did not know, when he of a beneficial character upon mankind, created


that he would sin—whe- and rid themselves of the entire conther he did not know, when he made cern, by making the discovery that all man, who would be saved and who would things come by chance that there is be lost—and if he did, why he created no God, Saviour, angel, or spirit, and those he knew would be lost-whether that death is an eternal sleep. But we angels are a distinct order of beings sicken at the effort of trying to describe from men—whether we shall know each the vain and idle speculations of all other in the eternal state with what these “wandering stars," and shall probody the dead will be raised-whether ceed to something more tangible. the righteous and wicked will rise at 1. Scepticism has no foundation, no the same time ? — where the spirit is basis, no reality upon which to rest. It between death and the resurrection- has nothing to build upon-no rockwhether it is conscious, or can exist no pillars of any kind. Nor has it any separate from the body-when the end materials or builders. Nothing can be of the world will be, &c.

built without a foundation, materials, We have now an immense swarm of and builders. Sceptics are not builders. these idle dreamers. Some of these Their work is merely pulling down old have already reasoned themselves into buildings. This is the reason they make the hallucination that they are in the so much show-their work is easy, reNew Jerusalem state, and that the quires but little skill and no goodness. Christian dispensation, or the mediato- Anybody can tear down, but it takes a rial reign of our Lord Jesus Christ, has workman to build. Scepticism is a mere passed away! These idle away their negative, consisting wholly of denials. time in discussing the ascension through It affirms nothing, establishes nothing, the different grades of spheres which and builds up nothing. It is a natural they imagine the departed are continu- impossibility to build upon a mere neally attaining, with other kindred to-gative. A system cannot, in the very pics. Another class reason themselves nature of things, be built upon a mere into absolute fatalism. With them all denial-a mere negative. If a man the actions of men, and the very thoughts would deny, repudiate, and condemn all that lead to them, are of necessity, and the foundations of the houses in his cannot be anything else! There is no city, or if he would go and tear his praise of one class, or condemnation of neighbour's foundation down, it would another, for all do just what they do give him no foundation for a house, but from an eternal necessity! Off at ano- would simply put them in the same ther angle a different party is found condition with himself-that is, without theorizing upon the whimsical notion any foundation. The work of all scepof human pre-existence, in which state, tics has been simply to tear up the founthey think, a. consistent origin for sin dation of Christians, and not to lay any may be found ! Yet another class per- foundation for themselves. Not a man ceive that deep down in the Bible, in all the ranks of unbelief has ever where till recently none had ever pene- presented any foundation, or indeed trated, the doctrine is found, that at has any. Their clamor is against the judgment the wicked will be stricken Bible, but if they could expunge the out of existence, thus ridding them of Bible from the universe, they are no the idea of endless punishment which better off--they have nothing to stand had previously given them so much upon. distress! Still another class of these 2. Scepticism has no centre of attrachave rid themselves of the same dis- tion, no gravitation, no great central tressing and annoying doctrine, by ma- idea drawing everything to one comking the astonishing discovery that mon point. A system must have a there is no devil, no hell, nor punish- common centre of attraction, holding it, ment of any kind beyond the present in its revolutions, from flyinginto atoms. state, and therefore no danger of any But scepticism has no pervading idea, endless punishment. Another class be- doctrine, or constitution, in which every come perplexed with these metaphysi- I thing centres, and around which every

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