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Thus Brother Errett and the breth- | brethren in any unauthorised attempt ren will see that we do not denounce at the establishment of a new body unany essays on the ministry, but such as known to the New Testament. Of are unauthorised of heaven. I hope course the brethren are not accountable Brother Errett will count himself out of to me, and therefore all I can do will the list I wrote against, as it would be to stand like Samuel, and warn them deeply grieve me should he count him as he did Israel. “ God forbid that I self in, by avowing the sentiment as should cease to pray for you, but I will

With the present lights be- teach you the good and the right way.fore me, I can never unite with the


his own.

ARE THERE THREATS IN THE GOSPEL ? Some people find fault with the gos-, is the reason why the gospel is hated pel, as if a part of it were threats of sometimes. It comes necessarily, revengeance against all who do not receive minding men of their ruin in the very it. They say it is bigoted and gloomy; course of offering them recovery ; but and speak of it as if its scheme were to they do not like to hear that they are save some, and destroy others. Now it ruined. They would prefer to remain is worth while to notice, that the de- in fancied security. Therefore, they are struction of sinners is no part of the angry at the disturbing agent, and gospel plan at all. That plan is to save charge all the revealed mischief to its -not to destroy. Christ says he came account. Men do not like that the gosnot to destroy men's lives, but to save pel should imply that they are sinners; them. The destruction was a pre-exist- and they are prone to treat that which ing fact. Men are under condemnation, assumes this fact as having caused it. not because there is a gospel, nor by Some good men object to our view of means of it. It has no agency, what the gospel, and say that we believe that ever, in producing condemnation. It many will be condemned for not bewas revealed because men are condemn- lieving that of which they never heard. ed already, and for the sinfulness of One of the most common objections to their nature. Had there been no gos- | the orthodox belief is, that it condemns pel, there would have been no less con- the heathen for not believing. This obdemnation ; but, rather, it would have jection is founded on an entire mistake, been utter, endless, and universal. That as to the ground of condemnation. Our man sinned, and lies in the embrace of most unlearned readers may successfully eternal death, and must continue so deal with it by remembering that men unless redeemed by the blood of Christ, do not fall into condemnation by not regave occasion for Christ's gracious in- ceiving the gospel, but rather only reterference; and, therefore, it is highly main in it. absurd and unreasonable to feel resent- But it may be said, that the gospel ment towards the gospel, when it pro- clearly represents men as liable to suffer ceeds on the presumption of man's ruin, for rejecting it. This is true ; ruin may as if it caused that ruin which it ac- be rendered more deep by rejecting tually proposes to remedy. We have Christ; but still this is not the same as sometimes thought that people always saying that men perish because they redislike the bearers of evil tidings. The ject Him. A great deal of loose talk on thing may be true, and important to be this subject gets into the pulpit, and known, but the teller of it gets but causes indefiniteness of belief, if not small thanks at the best. This, perhaps, 1 positive error.

BIBLE REVISION CONFLICT IN ENGLAND. The readers of the Harbinger will The point of Dr. Tregelles' letter to feel interested in every incident which Dr. Cumming will be fully appreciated goes to show that the question of BIBLE by all who know and remember, that REVISION is taking a firm hold on the what the latter calls the original text public mind in this country.

on which our present version was found


ed, is, strictly speaking, not original at posed' improvements' could give to the artiall, but derived. The sources from cles of our precious faith a more triumphant which it was formed were certainly far vindication, or could point the weeping sinner inferior to those now possessed by the more directly to the cross of Christ, or give to critical world. Unquestionably a text the anxious inquirer after truth a more satiscan now be formed more original than factory answer. What were the advantages to that translated or revised by command be gained to the inestimable advantages to be of King James.

lost, by such a new version? What could com. Mr. Punshon's thrust at the noblest pensate for the dismay which it would inspire enterprise of our age is worth preserving val of all old associations and memories; or

in the hearts of thousands; or for the uphea. as a curiosity, be handed down to for the severance of that which was the closest our children and children's children.

bond of international union, wherever AngloDr. Cumming on Improving the Original Texts Saxons wandered; or for the resolution of all of Holy Scripture.

religious opinion and truth into a mighty

chaos? The clamour had come from the wrong Sir,-I have seen to-day, for the first time, quarter, judeed; it had come from critics who Dr. Cumming's “ Bible Revision and Transla: glided through the Bible as they glided throngh tion.” He says in his preface,

It is the Shakspere, and who deemed the inspiration of writer's design to deepen the conviction of the one as deep as that of the other; from plain Christians that they have Holy Scripture sceptics, who even donbted the possibility of a in all its first purity, by clearing away inuch book of revelation ; from weak men, who would of mystical phraseology, and setting forth the be thought important: from bold men, who claims of the original text, and the inconsisten. would be reckless with impunity; and from cies and disputes of those who have tried to wicked men, who would unloose all moral reimprove it,” &c.

straint. Who made them judges on a matter As I am pointedly mentioned by name, and which involved the interests of millions? It that repeatedly in the body of the pamphlet, could not be settled by dark pundits in cells; may I be allowed to ask Dr. Cumming, what

or by triflers in the magazines; or even by he means by trying to improve the ORIGINAL

members of Parliament. Put the questiou to text ? and on what grounds does he bring so

the people, for the question was theirs. Let serious a charge against Griesbach, Lachman, the pious give utterance—those whom the BiTischendorff, or myself ?

ble had quickened by its transforming power, Does he identify the text of Erasmus and and who thanked God for it as they thanked Stephens (which he calls, p. 28,

him for their daily bread those to whom it and best) with the original as it came from the had proved a charter of present freedom and inspired writers ? Or does he thiuk it well, of future hope. Away, then, with such an acby using that “mystical phraseology” which he cursed sacrilege away with such an unwarrepudiates, to obscure the real distinction which rantable iuterference with the sacredness of exists between a text based on a few recent co.

our spiritual home.” pies of little value, and in some places formed

As an antidote to the above shallow by the conjecture of Erasmus himself, and that declamation, read the following adverwhich is attested by the ancient MSS. ancient tisement from the same sheet :versions, and early citations to which he ap

Twenty-first Thousand !—The Holy Bi. peals pp. 7,8?

BLE, with numerous Emendations, derived What is meant by " the original text ?" -- from the works of more than three hundred of What is it that critics have sought to improve ? the most learned and pious meu of the last two And to this end what have they improved ? | centuries. It is freed from many obsoletisms “ We do no good by keeping people in igno. and indelicate words, and printed in paraS. P. TREGELLES.

graphs, the poetical parts being in parallelisms. Plymouth, February 5, 1857.

By J. T. Conquest, M.D. F.L.S. - · The deThe following extract is taken from a vout and excellent man to whom the public are late lecture on John Bunyan,” in Ex- indebted for this version of the Bible, has emeter. Hall, before the Young Men's bodied the result of his very extended and laChristian Association, by the Rev. W. borious rescarches : every alteration has the M. Punshon, Wesleyan minister, now

sanction of high literary authority::Wesleystationed in Leeds. We

an Magazine. from the

No intelligent student of the copy Watchman of February 4 :

Bible will be disposed to return to the Common

Version, after he has experienced the compre“He would testify against the primest trick hensibleness of this corrected translation.'of the destroyer-a new version of the Bible. Christian Examiner. 'It is an astonishing Doubtless, certain words and phrases might be work: let every teacher who can possibly afrendered less indistinct ; but none of the pro- | ford it, have it.'--Sunday School Magazine.

“ the purest



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“OURS is a superficial age.” Driven have the purest and most far-reaching on a swift current with a thirst for gold, vision. As the microscope reveals new there is but little mental mining. The wonders in every object around, and masses of society do not love to think the telescope brings distant objects for themselves. They ride swiftly, write near, so the habitual study of the Bible swiftly, and do not stop very long to gives clearer and more accurate perthink deeply. As the result, books ception of whatever is excellent on abound, light literature comes in like a earth, and of the far off glories of eterniflood, and the Bible is neglected. It ty. The spirit that bathes oftenest may be read by many, and studied by here, will be susceptible of the highest a few, but to most persons it is a sealed rapture. It is said that when Coperbook. It is but now and then one nicus, who discovered a knowledge of muses upon the sacred page till the fire the wondrous laws and arrangements of burns. God has thrown a veil over the the solar system, saw the first printed beautiful and true, so that they cannot copy of the work, he pressed it to his be seen by the thoughtless, careless bosom as he lay emaciated on his sick

He protects his own from pro- bed, and that just before he died he fanation, and says to his children, desired his attendants to raise him up “Cast not ye your pearls before swine.' so that he might behold the last rays The student who comes to the Bible of the setting sun, ere the thick film of thirsting for wisdom, is the only one death had closed his eyes. For nearly whom heaven permits to draw the veil thirty-six years he had studied the moaside, and rest his eye on words fitly tion of the stars, to assure himself of spoken ; like apples of gold in pictures the truth of his system. Now after of silver." To such there is a charm in many anxieties and fears, in an age the Word of God. These find utterance which scoffed at his views; buoyed up to their feelings in the words of the by the inspiration of genius, he foresaw Psalmist : Oh how I love thy law ! that all his fondest hopes were about it is my meditation all the day. Mine to be realized—the immortality of his eyes prevent the night watches, that I name would be borne around the whole might meditate in thy Word. Thy tes- earth, and carried down to the latest timonies also are my delight and my times. He gazed with unwonted incounsellors.' The more devoutly and terest upon those clear, mellow rays accurately these studies are pursued, that shone into his chamber, as if to the more beauty and glory appears. soothe his spirit for the last time on Those who drink the oftenest and most earth, and died as the orb of day went deeply at this fountain of living waters, down beneath the horizon.


LORD PANMURE'S SPEECH ON BIBLE who would make alterations, partly from the REVISION.

criticisms of erudition, and partly for the pur

pose of getting in dogmas of their own." He To the Editor of the Millennial Harbinger.

is would leave it as part of the calling of our

ministers, to study the Holy Scriptures in the On casually taking up a paper the other original tongues, to fit them to explain to those day, I observed a report of the meeting of the who sit under them wherever the little differ. Edinburgh Bible Society, Lord Panmure pre

ences exist." siding. In his opening speech his Lordship is Now in reference to the above, allow me to represented as deprecating the idea of a new ask, is not his Lordship misinformed in regard version of the Holy Scriptures. He said, “ If to the “ American scheme." If the informaI look to America, I am happy to find that the tion contained from time to time in your vascheme there has been, I might almost say, lable periodical be correct, he certainly is in otterly abortive." His Lordship admits “inistranslations,” but says, " they are slight in Is it not remarkable, that his Lordship comparison of the danger of letting in those should see great danger in attempting to in.


prove a version which almost every commen- tain subjects, some of which have often been tator and biblical critic, of the last hundred introduced in the Harbinger, but which could years, considers to be imperfect ? Would not be more fully entered into at such a time; a judicious and combined effort, accompanied and the result would be, that those present with the “ criticisms of erudition,” annihilate would better understand each other than after the danger ? And do not “ dogmas” arise from months and years of controversy through a the imperfections of this very translation, of periodical : if not, also, that when they sepawhich his Lordship is so exceedingly jealous ? rated, they would be “perfectly joined toAnd is not his Lordship’s conclusion equally gether, in the same mind, even of the same striking? He would have every minister study judgment.” Previons to the meeting it is very the originals, and harmonize the incongrui- desirable that brethren should (through the ties, and guide the people aright. But he Harbinger) make any suggestions which may would not allow a combination of the piety, occur to them, on matters of business or suband talent, and learning of the age, lest the 'jects of special juterest and importance. people should be led astray !

W. D. HARRIS. Take the following as a contrast, from a popular wark :

“ The words printed in italics in the Bible are called supplements or supplementary words,

THE PENITENT THIEF. because they are considered necessary to com. plete the sense, in translating from the origi

To the Editor of the Millennial Harbinger. nal tongue, Many of these words ought not I PERCEIVE by your January number, that to have been so printed. Not a few injures the case of the penitent thiet is again referred to. the sense, and some are quite erroneons. We I agree in the conclusion at which you arrive, very much want a new translation in this that he must have previously heard Jesus. Incountry. If this were done at the expense of deed the words, “This man hath done nothing Government, and honestly done by a fair mix amiss” (Luke xxi. 41) is an inferential proof ture of pious, and good, and able men of dif- of this. The thief appears to have been a man ferent orthodox persuasions, it would be the who, like many others who know a little of the glory of Victoria's reign-the security of her truth, require to be brought into great straits reign, and the admiration of the world.” before they will submit themselves to its in

J. R. finence; then they cry unto God that made

them, as did Israel of old when their taskmasters afflicted them, before the Lord brought

them out of Egypt. I am glad to see, from THE ANNUAL MEETING. your concluding remarks, that you give no To the Editor of the Miltennial Harbinger,

countenance to “ Christianus,” in his abortive

attempt to prove, that our Lord made no proWith your correspondent, M. Ker, (page 91) mise of future happiness to the dying man, “ I do think these meetings may be made the but simply informed him he would that day be instrument of much good" rather, of much in the land of the dead. I hold it as proved by more good. (As to “ the safety and scriptu- the passage under consideration, that not only ralness of these meetings” I have no doubt.) was the dying man pardoned and accepted, but When brethren are brought together from that his spirit was the same day in paradise great distances, and at great expense of time, with the spirit of Jesus. To what beside his money, &c. the time during which the annual spirit could Jesus refer, when he told him that meeting continues is eminently valuable. he should be with him in paradise ? It could Therefore, the brethren residing where the not be his body, for it was shortly to be enmeeting is convened, should be fully prepared tirely unconscious of happiness or misery. Now to afford every possible facility to further and Paul declares paradise to be a state of coo. expedite the business to be transacted. So much sciousness, when he states how he was caught of this precious time as heretofore, should not up into paradise, and heard language which it be spent in the reading of the letters. It is was not lawful for a man to utter (2 Cor. xii. especially objectionable to occupy the early 4.) Does such a passage as this give any and best part of the day (Wednesday) in this countenance to " Christianus” in his attempt way. A committee should be appointed to to show that paradise was understood to be a look through the letters, and to read to the place of the dead? What author, ancient or meeting all such as it is important to read, if modern, sacred or profane, does he adduce in possible, on the Tuesday evening. When the proof of his assertion ? Suppose he could proreports from the Evangelist and other Com-duce any author, would not this single declaramittees have been received, and the entire bu- tion of Paul on the subject be proof enough to siness transacted, an opportunity would be af. the mind of any Christian to the contrary? forded for those brethren who were able and

T. Q. H. willing to stay for that purpose, to discuss cer- Glasgow, Feb. 2, 1857.



THE “ TWO IMMUTABLE THINGS.” this for all who have fled for refuge to the

Great High-priest ! And how important must To the Editor of the Millennial Harbinger. it be to secure an interest in his love !

Maidstone, Jan. 1857.

W. C. In a course of reading in the church of the Epistle to the Hebrews, my thoughts have been directed to the two immutable things spoken of in the 6th chapter. On accidentally taking LETTERS FROM AUSTRALIA. op the Harbinger for 1849, I observed some remarks by Brother Davies on the above subject, but believing that they do not convey the true idea contained in the passage, I send

ADELAIDE, October 13, 1856. a few thoughts thereon.

In the June Harbinger, which came to

hand a short time since, I perceive from the I would first observe, that I think Bro. D. communication of Brother King, that the city missed the truth by taking for granted that the of Manchester was, at the date of his writing, two immutable things are affirmed in the 14th the scene of great excitement, arising from the verse, whereas the Apostle places the promises, various amusements and displays which the and the oath by which they were confirmed to world were resorting to, and some professing Abraham, in contrast with the two immutable churches were making. I regret that we, at things and the oath which gives the Christian the antipodes, have been latterly subjected to strong consolation. Thus, God" willing more a somewhat similar display; only, that ours abundantly to show to the heirs of promise the has been almost exclusively from what are immutability of his counsel, (or decree) con- called churches of Christ, from the Roman firmed it with an oath.” I opine that the Catholic body to the Wesleyan, or rather these things spoken of must be sought for elsewhere, two bodies in particular. Bazaars and musical and not in the 14th verse. What, then, are performances have been the means resorted to the two immutable things ? lst, That the for raising money, and so successful have they seed of the woman should bruise the serpent's proved, that in two days the Roman church head—that in the seed of Abraham all the na- raised £500 from their bazaar, and the Westions of the earth should be blessed—that God leyans will probably exceed this amount. The would raise a prophet from amongst the Jews, motto, “The end justifies the means," has to whom we were to hearken—" I will declare seldom been more fully carried out than in our the decree: the Lord said unto me, thou art midst of late; seldom, if ever, have I had my my son, this day have I begotten thee.” 2nd, feelings of indignation inore aroused, and my That this Son and Prophet should be consti- sense of consistency and propriety more put to tuted an immutable priest, after the power of the test than by the unblushing exhibitions an enåless life. Well might the great Apostle made by those who claim the name of Chrissay, that God confirmed these promises by an tians. What a libel on those humble followers oath, in order that we might have strong con- of the Lamb we read of in the New Testament, solation who have fled for refuge to this glo- who were called out of the world, and were rious Priest, who is entered within the vail, commanded not to touch the unclean thing! not with the blood of others, but with his own It appears to me that some of our professing blood, there to make intercession for us. What churches have determined to make such overa glorious Prophet, Priest, and King is he who tures to the world, as the world cannot very is thus constituted a high-priest for ever after well reject ; indeed such as it will quite approve the order of Melchisedec! Melchisedec was of : so that instead of a union of the Church a great man, King of Righteousness, King of and State, we shall have a union of the Church Salem, King of Peace, and priest of the Most and Mammon, or the Church and Belial. The High God. Even Abraham our father was in- rule, that money can generally be had by workferior to him, for he received his blessing, pay, ing for it in these colonies, appears to be fully ing him tithes ; and without contradiction, the recognized and acted upon by some of the less is blessed of the greater. With all his churches here, only it is applied in a different greatness, however, he is but a type. He must way, viz.: that money can be had for building lay down his trophies at the feet of Jesus, who chapels, and supporting ministers by resorting was made a priest for ever after the order of to certain bold and impertinent claims, and Melchisedec. “ Wherefore, seeing he hath an by pandering to the tastes of the lovers of immutable priesthood, he is able also to save pleasure more than the lovers of God. to the uttermost all that come to God by him, In the midst of these painful proceedings I seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for am glad to be able to impart a little far more them.” The Law made a man of infirmities pleasing information. A letter from Brother high-priest, but the word of the oath which Pearce, at Point Sturt, says, “Our prospects was since the Law maketh the Son, who is are still encouraging. Last Lord's-day we had consecrated for ever. What a consolation is the unspeakable pleasure of making the waters

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