Beginning Wrestling

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Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 2002 - 96
It's like playing chess with your body--moves and countermoves that outwit and overpower your opponent. Once you learn the basic rules of school-style wrestling, and the strategies for winning matches, you're on your way to being a champion. And, whatever your age, size, or athletic ability, there is a place for you in the sport. It's a matter of getting yourself physically and mentally fit. Find out the right equipment to buy, especially shoes and headgear. Then, practice starting positions, following the instructions and photos of each stance. Add the essential offensive and defensive strategies, including inside step series, level changes, takedowns, and common countermoves. Learn to move and feint to create proper angles of attack, and control your opponent at will. A master plan shows how to set and reach weekly, monthly, and season-long goals. Sidebars feature famous people who got their start in wrestling.

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chapter 6
Nutrition and Weight 12 HighCrotch Moves 50
chapter 3
Scoring Points 22 SingleLeg Finishes
Illegal Holds Warnings Penalties 23 Wrestling Equips You with Life Skills
Referees Position 28 Bottom Position
Head Position 30
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Strona 94 - A move in which a wrestler takes down his opponent by lifting the opponents leg with his arm.

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