The Works of the Author of The Night-thoughts, Tom 3

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F. and C. Rivington, 1802 - 383

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Strona 98 - Some angel guide my pencil, while I draw, What nothing less than angel can exceed, A man on earth devoted to the skies; Like ships in seas, while in, above the world. With aspect mild, and elevated eye, Behold him seated on a mount serene, Above the fogs of sense, and passion's storm ; All the black cares and tumults of this life, Like harmless thunders, breaking at his feet, Excite his pity, not impair his peace.
Strona 98 - He sees with other eyes than theirs. Where they Behold a sun, he spies a deity : What makes them only smile, makes him adore. Where they see mountains, he but atoms sees : An empire, in his balance, weighs a grain. .They things terrestrial worship as divine ; *His hopes immortal blow them by, as dust, That dims his sight, and shortens his survey, Which longs, in infinite, to lose all bound. Titles and honors (if they prove his fate,) He lays aside, to find his dignity : No dignity they find in aught...
Strona 347 - Praise him, all ye angels of his : praise him, all his host. Praise him, sun and moon : praise him, all ye stars and light.
Strona 11 - Because, in the great future buried deep, Beyond our plans of empire and renown. Lies all that man with ardour should pursue; And HE who made him bent him to the right. Man's heart th' Almighty to the future sets, By secret and inviolable springs; And makes his hope his sublunary joy.
Strona 130 - Wrought through varieties of shape and shade, In ample folds of drapery divine, Thy flowing mantle form ; and, heaven throughout, Voluminously pour thy pompous train.
Strona 118 - When consternation turns the good man pale ? Great day ! for which all other days were made ; For which earth rose from chaos, man from earth ; And an eternity, the date of gods, Descended on poor earth-created man ! Great day of dread, decision, and despair ! At thought of thee, each sublunary wish Lets go its eager grasp, and drops the world ; And catches at each reed of hope in heaven.
Strona 82 - E'er smelt it out, and grubb'd it from the dirt. An art it is, and must be learn 'd; and learn'd With unremitting effort, or be lost, And leave us perfect blockheads in our bliss. The clouds may drop down titles and estates; Wealth may seek us; but wisdom must be sought; Sought before all; but (how unlike all else We seek on earth!) 'tis never sought in vain.
Strona 146 - The soul of man was made to walk the skies ; Delightful outlet of her prison here ! There, disencumber'd from her chains, the ties Of toys terrestrial, she can rove at large, There, freely can respire, dilate, extend, In full proportion let loose all her powers ; And, undeluded, grasp at something great.
Strona 67 - Ocean ! thou dreadful and tumultuous home Of dangers, at eternal war with man ! Death's capital, where most he domineers...
Strona 78 - Taking his country by five hundred ears, Senates at once admire him and despise, With modest laughter lining loud applause, Which makes the smile more mortal to his fame?

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