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i Tim.5.8. But if any provide not for his own,

especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faish, and is worse then an in

fidell. Deur.6.7. And thon (balt teach them diligently

unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sitteft in thine house,asd when thou walkest by the way, and when thon liest down, and when

thon riseft up: * Prov.19.18. Chaffen thy fon while there is hope;

and let not thy fool pare for his crying. Prov. 13.24. He that Pareth his rod, hateth his

fon; but he that loverb him, chasteneth him

betimes, “Prov.29.17. Correct thy Jon and he shall give

thee reft : gea, he shall give delight unto tby

foul. Prov.22.15. Foolishneffe is bound in the heart of

a child: but the red of correction fball drive it

far from him. Prov.10.1.- A wise fon maketh a glad father,

but a foolish son is the heavinesse of his mo«

ther. Prov.1.8. My son hear the instruction of thy fao

ther, and forsake not the law of thy mother. Deur.49. Onely take beed to thy self, and keep

thy soul diligently, left thou forget the thing's which thine eyes have seen, and left they depart from thy heart all the daies of thy life; but teach zhen thy fons, and thy Sons fors.

Duties of Children towards their parents.

CI. Reverence Children owe to their parents

2. obedience. chese three duties especially,

3. Thankfulnesse. I. Reverence ; which they muft expresse, 1. By honouring them in their hearts, bearing not only an awe and respect, but a kindnese and affection cowards chem; loving their perfons, fearing to do any thing may juftly provoke them; and highly esteeming them, as the instruments under God of their being, Lev. 19.3. Te flball fear every iman his Mother and his father. The Mother is placed first, because children, though they stand most in need of their Mothers in cheir younger years, yet when they are grown up (many times) do most wickedly neglect and despise chen, But how cursed a thing it is to set light by Parents

, and even in our secretest thoughts co despise them, God himself declares, Deuc.27.16, Cursed be be that fetteth light by his father, or his mother, and all the people shall fay, Amen.

2. By speaking to them with due respect and regard, and to ochers of chem. What a heinous frin then is mocking Parents? Prov.30.17. The cy that mocketh. at his Father, and despiseth to obey bis Mother, the Ravens of the valley shall pick : out, and the young Eagle frall eat it. But there

is a more, horrid Crime chan that, which is corfing Parents, Exod. 21.17. And he that curseth his Fatber or his mother, full surely be prut to death. And do this Head we may refer chat great and bigh 'offence that those sretched children are guilty of, who either through impatience of the Government, or greedineffe of the poßeffions of their parents, do wish their dearbs; And lec them not think coexcuse themselves, by saying, they wish them in Heavens for that they do it? not so much cbat they may have ease and rest at their journies end, as because they muft needs take death in the way. Buc whoever does thus embrue his soal in bloudy wifhes of his parents death, lec him know; there is one above chac

fees and obferves that great wickedres: Andif long 'ife be promised as a reward of honouring Parents; cis very agreeable to DivineFruftice

that untimely teath be che

puniloment of the contrary. And lo bey who (o: eagerly defore the death of theit På. ents, cake the direct.comrse funtimely) to meet yich their own

3. By giving them in their outward carriage) I due respect and observance; behaving them. elves with humility cowards them, and giving em all thofe fogns and expreffions of civil honexi which are co be paid by Inferiours co Superiours. low contrary to this is that detestable fin ot mi. ng Parents? Exod.21.19. And he that fmiteth is Father or kis Mother, shall be furely put to



death. The punishment che. Heathens inficted on such unnatural children, was te lewe them in fack with a dog, cat, viper, and ape ( as emblemas of unnaturalnest and so drown'd them together: So much doch the very Light of Nature abhor fuch monstrous

. undutifulness. II. obedience, which they must manifeft,

1. By hearkning to their infractions, and carefully laying up their precepts in their hearts; especially those chat concern the welfare of their Souls. There is ordinarily such a pride, and her dinesse in youth, chat they are apa co flight che counsels and directions of their Elders, and to Look upon them as proceeding .eicher from too mich feverity, or from dotage, when they are indeed the fruits of wisdom, fobriety & experience

, To fucbthe courfell of Solomonis neceffary, Prov 23.22. Hearken unto thy Farber that begat thee

, and defpise not the Mother when for is old. Ma more Texts chere are in that book cothis purpose

, chat shew how the wiseft of men have though! necessary, that Children should carefully attend to the Counsel of their parents,

2. By obeying their lawful Commands; aos gladly and chearfully doing those things that may boring joy and comfort co them, and carefully: voiding whac they apprebend will grieve or 4 fliet chem. And thac out of conscience, and : obedience to God who enjoyns it, and not mee: from fome outward advantages or benefits to the

selves, as too many children do. This is not only contained in the fifth Commandment, buc exprefly enjoynedin ocher places of Scripture, col. 3.20. Children ober

, your Parents in all things, for this is well pleasing anto the Lord. Eph. 6.1. Children obey your Parents in the Lord, for this is right. In the former place'cis in all things: In che other, in the Lord, i.e. If their commands are not contrary to Gods ; for in that case, our du19 to God must be preferred. If any Parent Thill be lo wicked as to command his child to steal, or lic, or do ang wicked thing, the Child does not offend against his Duty, it he disobeys ; Only let him do it in such a modest and respectful manner, that it may appear, that 'tis Conscience, and noc stubbornnesse that moves him co refuse obedi

3. In bearing patiently their reproofs, and submitting to their corrections, and reforming thereupon what is amiffe. Prov.29.17. Correct thy 'on, and he shall give thee reft, gea he shall give delight unto thy soul. Heb. 12.9. Furihermore, ve have had Fathers of our fleso, which corrected ss, and we

them reverence ; Shall we not uch more be in subjection to the Father of Spirits, and live: Prov. 13.1. A wise Son heareth his Fathers instruction ; but a scorner heareth not reuke.

4. In forbedring to do any thing of moment with * craving their advice and counsel; especially

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