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1 Tim.6.1. Let as many servants as are under
the yoke, count their own Masters worthy of all
honour, that the Name of God and his Doctrire
be not blafphemed.
V.2. And they that have believing Masters; let

them not despise them because they are brethren, but rather do them service, because they are believing and beloved, partakers of the benefit : These things teach and exhort. Tit.2.9. Exhort Servants to beobedient to their

own Masters, and to please them well in all

things, not answering again, V.10. Not purløyniug, but fhewing all good. fide

lity, that they may adorn the Doctrine of God our

Saviour in all things. -1 Pec.2.18. Servants, be subject to your Masters

with all fear, not only to the good and gentle, but also ta the froward. 700 17 ? V.19. For this is thank-worthy, if a man for

Conscience towbard God endure grief, fuffering wrongfully: V.20. For what Glory is it, if whenye be buffet ed for your faults, je shall take it patiently but if where do well, and suffer for it, ye take it pa

tiently, shis is acceptable with God. Mar. 8.9. For I am a man under authority, ha

ving Souldiers under me, and I say to this man, go, and he goech, and to another, come, and he comerb, and to my fervant, do this, and he doetbit.


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Ff. 3

Lukę 16. 2.--Give an accomnt of thy Steward.

fhip,&c. Prov.30.21. For three things the earth is disquic

ted, &c.
V.32. For a Servant when he reigneth, &c.

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which are chere Nine.

1. To dedicate their children to Christ in their infanty, and by the Sacrament of Baptifro to en terthem into his family. This is a Duty Parenes ought not to delay : It being bolt reasonable,

that they who have been instruments co convey the taip and polarion of fin to cheir poor Infants should be careful early to bring them to Chrif, and give them up to him, to be afbed soit bli blood, and to be fanctified by his boly Spirit. Fo: Infants stand in need of Chrift for their saviour They are capable of Grace, and the principle of aw life, as well as of original fin. They are capable of the Spirit of Chrift, of being united to him ; of being bliffed by him. They are capabk of racesving a Sacrament (viz, Baprifas sobe. Circumci: fron made with it hands, Col.2.11,12.) Web

as the infants of the Jewes, who were Circumci

sed, and thereby adrzitted visible members of that # Church, and seal'd and marked (asic were) for

God. And 'cis plain, the Covenant of Grace stands now in førce to the Children of Believers ander the Gospel, Act.2:39. The promise is to you and to your Children. Were it noc lo, che converted Fewes hould have losse by believing in Christ, if their children should be excluded from the promise, who stood in it two thousand years before, under the other administration. And

how then could the blessing of Abraham come y on the Gentiles ? According to Galat. 3. 14.

Which blessing was, I will be a God to thee and to thy Seed, Gen. 17.7. How could Believers be Heirs according to the promise, as 'cis, Gal. 3.29. if their children should be excluded from che promise? For the Childrens right to the promise, is part of che Fathers inberitance. The promise is, I will be a God to thee and to thy feed. Further conlider how the Covenant of Grace (for substance though not for manner of administración ) hach alwaies been one and the same: And in the old Testament it took in children, And can we think, it leaves them out now under the Gospel ? Therefore seeing the Children of Believing and Christian Parents are within the Covenant, chey pughe co partake of che Seal of che Covenant, and to be admitted visible Church-members by Baptisme; the only way under «che Gospel of ad


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mitting members into the Church. Gods Seal is to be put upon them in their infancy; and when they come to riper years, they are to ratifle and confirma thcir, engagement. If they will oms thát Mafter and faithfully serve him; into whose Family they were listed when young chey may enjoy many happy priviledges thereby; if noi, they fhall be sure to smart for their falling off and Apostacy. Therefore Christian Parents should early bring their Children to Christ, and by Baptism enter them, and enroll them into his Family; humbly befeeching him to receive them into bis Favour and Love, into his Care and Proteation; to unite them to himself by his holy Spirit, to rege nerate them, to destroy the old Adam, the corrups nature in them, and co renew them after his own Image, in knowledge, holinese and righteoufnejle

; and lastly, to strengthen them by his Grace, tha chey may refift and prevail against che world, the Aesh, and the Devil, and may serve the Lord is newneß of life all obeir daies. And if this be the Buty of Believers and Christian Parents under the Gospel, it will thence follow, that those chat wil fully neglect it (as much as in chem lies ) do withhalled their children from Chrift, dobar them of the blood of Sprinkling, keep them from the blej ling, leave ibem under the curse, cast them out of Gods Family, and dangerously expaje them to the Adversary botb of God and man. II. The second Duty of Parents is to teach ani


inftruct their children, to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, Eph.6.4. Having given them up to Christby Baptism, let them imagine they hear our bleßed Saviour saying to chem, as Pharoahs Daughter said to Moses's Mo. iher, Exod.3.19. Bring up this child for me, &c. They must as Solomon speaks, Prov.22.6. Train up their Children in the way they fhould go. They must have a special care to provide thac they may be rightly instructed and educated. As soon there fore as they come to the use of reason, they are to be instructed in those things that concern their everlasting welfare. They are by little and little to be taught all those things which God hach commanded chem as their duty to perform; As also whac abundance of joy and comfort they will find in the practise of them; and wbar glorious rewards God hach provided for chem, if they do them; and whac grievous punishments if chey do them not. These things ought to be early instilled inco cheir minds, which like ner vefsels do usually keep the favour of that which is for ft put into them. The seeds and principles of Rem ligion and verlue, are to be sown in them betimes, and their minds polleßd with a love of goodnesse, and an abhorrence and detestation of evil and mic kednesse, as that which is shamefull and abomina: ble. If they be not thus early acquainted with tbe waies of God, the devil (ihac arch enemy of souls) will be ready and forward enough to instill

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