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be done without bitternesfe or reviling. Let there be more strength of reason in their words to comvince them of their fins, and to make them fee their danger, and to know bow to amend; than heat of anger to urter their own dipleasure. Let che fault be made manifest to the person offending, that his own Conscience may condemn hin. Bitterrelse does oftner harden the heart, thannaform the life

And if Governours of Families would according to these Directions, labour to do their duties faithfully, they mnight be exceeding inftrumental of the falvation of those under their Govern ment. Oh how much good may che prayers, precepts, example, pradent admonitions, and contant vigilapcy of such pious Governours do. They may more promote the businessé of Religion in their Families, than any Minister can. 'Tis 9.0rally impossible a Minister should bring a Tona Congregation to good order, except affifted by Governours of Families. The long desired reforma tion both of Church and State sticks here. To reform all, let us begin at home: 'Tis a vain thing to expect the reformation of a Congregation while private Families remain unreformed, and are pestered with ignorance, errour, or prophane nelle,

A Governour of a Familie should look upo: hiniself as Christs depury in his own house, and (as it were) invested with his three offices, ct


Prophet, Priest, and King. He should be,

1. A Prophet,co teach instruct,catechize his hou.

fhold, Deu.6.7. And thou shalt teach them diligently , unto thy children, and sbalt talk of them when thon fittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way and when thou lieft down, and when thouriSeft up. An uscatechized head, and an unsancti. fied heart do too frequently go cogecher.“ Lewis che "ninch of France, was found instructing a poor "Kicchin bov, and being asked why he would os do so, answered, the meanest hach a soul as

precious as my own, and bought with the “fame blood of Christ, Our Saviour instructed his Disciples, praied with them, tanghi them to pray, fung an Hymn with them; And can you

follow a better example? Timothy was train'd ap by his parents, and chat from a child in the holy Scriptures, 2 Tim.3.15. Want of instruction at home, is one main reason of the unprofitablenesse of preaching

2. A Priest, to offer up the spiritwal sacrifices of prayer and praise for them and with thens.

3. A King, to rule, command, and govern for Christ in his own house, Gen. 18.19. I know Abraham, that he will command his children, and his houfhold after him, and they shell keep the way of the Lord, Sec. A Master of a Family 11.25 a greater command and authority over those in his own house, than any Minister has. He is more vith them, and has his eie more upon them: H:

Dd 2


should therefore improve his power for God; and be like the good Bishop described, I Tim. 3:4. ruling well, i. e. Religiously his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravi. tie.

So much of the second particular, the directions how Governours of Families should discharge their duties towards those under their Govers


I come now to the third and laft; to fhem whence the neglect of this so great and necessary * duty proceeds: There are several causes of it.

1. Ignorance : Some are so ignorant themselves, they know not how to instruct others. They know not how to pray with their Families. Oh let all suih presently apply chemselves ( with all care and seriousnelle) to learn the things that concern their salvation, that they may difcharge their duties towards their relacions. And let them know, it is their duty to labour for ability co pray, and for that gift whereby (upon .. occasions) they may in an humble and fitting manner) expreß the desires of their hearts unto the Lor'. In the mean cime (till by seeking! God for his Spirit to enable them, and by a faithf endeavour they have attain’d to some measure this gift) they may use some good prescribed forn Only let them be exceeding watchful over the hearts, for fear of that formality and meer li, service, which in such cases we are more especia lyin darger of.

2, Cart

2. Carelesneß. Some are of Gallio's temper, Acts 18.17. They care for none of these things. They think this more ado than needs. They will provide portions for their children, look chac iheir servants do their work; but for Religion, (the one thing absolutely necessary) they do noc much trouble themselves.

3. Worldly-mindednesse. Some are so worldly, they cannot afford time for Gods Worship and Service. Not a swine about the house, but shall be served morning and evening ; but God is not regarded.

4. Propbanenesse. Some are so far from having any religious care of their Families, co pray with them, to instruct them, &c. that they deride these duties, and scoffe at those that make conscience to perform them. They (through the pride of their hearts ) think it a disparagement co them, to set up the practise of these things in their houses. Wretched worms ! Is God become a shame to his creatures? Who are they, or what is their Fathers house, that they are too good co be the ser. vants of the most High? Let them make their peace with thac Scripture, Mark 8. ule, whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me, and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the Glory of his Father, with the holy Angels. 5. Loose opinions, under pretence of new



Light, setting people at liberty from che observation and practise of those duties, whereby the life and power of Religion is most maintained and preferved.

Let Governours of Families therefore beware of all these things, and whatever else may hinder them from a Conscionable discharge of their Dr ties.

Gen.18.19. For I know him, that he will com

mand his children and his houshold after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, no se Fustice and Fudgment, that the Lord may bring spon Abraham, that which he hath Spoken

of him. Josh.24.15.- But as for me and my house we wil

serve the Lord. 1 Sam.1.21. And the man Elkanah, and all bus

house went up to offer unto the Lord the yearly

Sacrifice, and his vom. Acts 10. 2. Cornelius a devout 1848, and one that feared God with all his house, which

gar mach Almes to the people, and prayed to Go alway.


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