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the thoughts of the heart, as well as the outward man; nor from his Fuftice, which will call us to account for our sinful thoughts, nor from the rebukes and scourgings of an awakened Conscience; which are no Imall punishments

. 3. Let it be thy care to suppreffe, and crush bad thoughts at the very first rising : Do not at all consent, or comply with them ; buc abhor, and abandon them presently, and cry out unco the Lord for help against them: Take heed of representing, or acting sin in chy thoughts. If thou wouldnt keep thy soul pure, beware of speculative fonfulneş

4. Be carefull to have a stock of good materials alwaies in readinesse for thy thoughes to work vpon.

Have some good fubjeéts ready co present and offer co chy mind, to encercain thy choughts with. A good man hath a good treasure in his þeart, out of which he bringeth

forth good tbings, Mac, 12.35. Let thy mind cherefore have alwaies some good beads co médicace on: As the evil and danger of fin, the necessity of conversion ; shy absolute need of Christ, the vanity of the cre tures the shortwelle and uncertainty of this life ; the everlastingnes of the future state,c.

5. Avoid Idlenese, and allow not chy self in melancholy. If thou dost not employ thy mind about chát which is good, it will busie" is self about evil: The mind of man if it be not well emploied, will be ranging, and roving all over

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the world, and will be incenc on things it should not. The spirit of man is active, and restlesse; 'Tis like a mill; it will be either grinding of that which is put into it, or else working upon it self, wearing, and wearying it self in foolish, fruitles, and unconcerning thoughts, Idlenese is a grand occasion of impure and impertinent thoughes : 'Tis che devils hour,in which he takes advantage to fill and defile maos mind with wicked sug. gestions; and melancholy disposech che mind to strange, absurd, incoherent, anreasonable imaa ginations ; to many fad, perplexing, afflicting thoughts. Man disquieteth himself in vain, faich che Pfalmist, Pfal.39.6. framing many inagi. gary evils and grievances co himself, which God hach not really laid upon him.

Let ic be chy care cherefore to keep thy mind well employed, either in the duties of Piety, or the works of thy particular calling. When chou dost relax chy mind at any time, from being intent or serious things, for thy necessary refreshment, be careful to allow thy self onely in innocent cheerfulnese ; When the loines of thy mind are ungirt, and thy thoughes let loose co run at random, and have not conscience sec over them as a Governour , thou arc in great danger of linning against God.

6. Do not cumber thy self with coo much worldly businesse, that will overcharge thy mind wish folicitude, and force too many earth

ly thoughts upon it : it will fill thee with di. ftracting, disturbing thoughts, and torturing Cares. When Martha was caroful, and troubled about many things, the neglected the one thing necessary, Luke 10.41,42.

7. Learn to spiritualize earthly obj: Cts, and to raise holy medications from them. This will be an excelent and advantageous employment for thy mind. This was our blessed Saviours practise, and canst thou follow a better example ?

8. Learn co divert and put by bad thoughts, by introducing and bringing in some good thcughts that are contrary to them inco cheir roomes: Thus overcome evil thoughts by good thoughis. If self magnifying thoughts come in; bring in self abasing : It distrustful; put thy soul upon thinking of Gods Faithful neß : If revengefull; think how much thou needeft forgivenesse from God: Thus lec one wedge drive out another

9. Beg of God to new mould thy inind, and to put it into such an holy and heavenly frame, chat it may be fic to produce good thoughes, as a good tree doch bring forth good fruit. Beg ihat Grace may be the Law of thy mind Rom.7.23. Prily earnestly, act Faith, and put thy trust in ihe

power, and promise of God, for the casting, down of all sinful im.uginations in thy soul, and subduing thy i houghts to ike obedience of Christ


10. If thou wouldst keep bad thoughts out of thy mind, be ready to entertain the gracious mations of the blessed Spirit of God, Rev.3.20. Behold I stand at the door, and knock : if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him, and he with me. O do not grieve this holy Spirit; do not repell so blessed a guest, who knocks at thy heart in many a fermon, and by many a providence, and sues for entrance that he may make thee happy. What! shall the devil with his wicked fug: gestions be lec in, and shall the King of glory with his train of Graces, be shut oue? O let it not be.

II. Remember that if thou willingly eatercainest, and lodgest in thy mind wicked thoughts naw, (and diest in an impenitent and unconvere ced state) thy thoughts will be chy execucioners and cormencers in Hell. As light as chou makest of evil thoughes now, they will then prey upon thy soul as so many vultures, and be a never-dying worm in thy Conscience.

And the more to quicken thee to practise these directions; Consider,

This will be a great argument of thy sincerity, and of the truth of Grace in chee, if chou are con. scientiously watchfull over the thoughts. Many restraines lie upon the outward man co over-awe it and keep it from eyil, but the power

of Grace does theo much appear, when it cominands

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the inward man, and laies reftraines upon our thinking faculty, that we dare not allow our selves in any fioful thoughts.

Pfal.119.97. Óh bow love I thy Law! it is my

meditation all the day: V.113. I hate vain thoughts, but thy Law do I

love. Mat.12.35. A good man out of the good treasure of

his heart bringethforth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treafure, bringeth forth

evil things. Mat.15.19. Fer out of the beart proceed evil

thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witnes, blafphemies. V.30. These are the ihings that defile a man. Isa. 55.7. Let the wicked forfake his way,' and

the unrighteous mar his thoughts, and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy apon him, and to our God, for be will abun

dantly pardon. Pfal.63.5. My soul shall be satisfied as with

marrow and fatnesse ; and my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips. V.6. When I remember thee upon my bed, and

meditate on thee in the night watches. Pfàl.94.11. The Lord knowerb the thoughts of

man, that tbey are vanity. jer.4.14; O Ferufalem, wash thine heart from wickednesle, that thou maist be faved;' hov


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