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that all a mans fins are pardoned by Christ's Merics, and that he is in Gods Favour, and in a good state and condition: For 'tis evident many

of Gods dear servancs are exercised with doubts, and feares concerning themselves ; and many Gracelesse wretches, that never felt the barden of fin, nor ever made much Conscience of walking holily, are most confident of their own good condition : Therefore this confident, uxgrounded perswafon cannot be crue Faith; for then, hardnesse of heart, would make the best Faich; and he chat could presume most, and be most fecure, and free from doubts, would be the trueft believer, For a man to be confident of his good condition, while he lies under the power and reign of fin, is the grofleft unbelief in the world: 'Tis co believe the flat contrary to what God hath revealed in the Word, i Cor. 6.9. Know ye not (saith the Apostle) that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdome of GodBe not deceived, neither fornicatours, nor Idolaters, por adulterers, vor effeminate, nor abusers of them. felves with mankind, ner thieves, nor covetous,ner drunkards,nor revilers, norextortioners ,shall inheris the Kingdom of God. Therefore a confident refting on Christ for salvacion, (if it be not a resting 16cording to the Word) will not serve the curn,

3. Fiducially, and savingly to believe on Christ, is not an act of mans power,but wrought in the soul by the Spirit of God; who doch


effect nally enlighten, perswade, and draw the heart, and affift, and enable the soul, to give up it felf unco Christ. Beg therefore che assistance of this blessed Spirit, whom God hath promised to give to shem that ask hino, Lake 1 i ġ. And in the aid of his Grace, give up thy self unfeignedly unto Christ, co be juftified, sanctified, and everlastingly saved by him,

4. A true believer may fear, and be in doubt, that he hach not given up himself to Christ wnfeignedly; and this fear may proceed from the abundance of his love to Christ, and earnest defore to be aslur'd of an interest in him, which makes him think he can never be certain enough of him; Love is follicitous, and full of tears, left it should msse che person beloved.

5. They that truly close with Christ, do take him for their Lord, as well as for their Savioår. None come to Christ by Faith, and savingly believe on him, but they cleave to him by love also, and live to him by obedience. True Faith on Christ, will beger love to Christ, and love will öring forth obedience.

6. The forest mark of true believing in Christ, is a new and boly life. 'Tis the property of Faith to purifie the heart, and so to work a change in the life and conversation. Dost chou make Conscience therefore of all Christ's commands ? And art thou careful to refrain thy feet from every evil tay? Who ever is in Christ, is a

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new Creature, 2 Cor. 5:17. Hath the love of Cbrift shed abroad in his heart, and that love con straines bim to yeeld fencere obedience: Hath the Spirit of Christ, Rom 8.9. not only to comfort him, but to counsel and direct him, to lead him i in the pachs of truth and holinesse, and to uphold him from caking any desperace and irrecoverable falls, either in matter of judgment or practise. These are the Conclusions.

I come now in the third place, to the Mo tives and Encouragements to believe in Christ.

1. Consider for thy encouragement, bow able Christ is to save thee. There is inore merit in the Son of God, to obtain our pardon, than there is guilt of sin in us, to meric condemnation. For the person suffering, being (as to his God-head) infinite, and che merit and value of his sufferings depending on the dignity and worth of his perfon, the fatisfaction made, must needs be infinite, and so abundantly sufficient.

2. Consider his willingneßand readinesse to accepe to mercy all poor humbled finners, that come unto him: He never rejected any man that came unto him, and acknowledged him for the true Messias, and unfeignedly gave up himself to be saved by him.

His willingnesse co fave finners, cannot but appear to thee, if thou considereft these three chings. 1. His gracious words before he came into the world. The Prophec in the person of


Christ, proclaims thus, Ifa.55.1. Ho every one hat thirfteth, come ye to the waters, &c. 2. His Fee and general invitation when he was in the world, John 7:37. In the last day, that great "ay of the Feast, Fesus stood and cried, saying, if ny one thirst, let him come to me and drink, And lat.11.:8. Come unto me all ye that labour, and re heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 3. His reat kindnesse to poor sinners expressed after is ascention, and leaving the world, Rev.22.17. Cet him that is athirst come, and whosoever will, et him take the waters of life freely: That these were the words of Christ, appeares, V. 20. where 'cis said, He that testifieth these things, aith, surely I come quickly.

3. Consider, that to believe, and reft en Christ crucified, and to take him for our Lord and Saviour, is to perform that act, to which uftification and remiffion of fins is promised, John 3.16. God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever. believeth in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life. Christ and all his benefics are promised co a believing soul. Wilt thou not cherefore give up thy self to him.

4. Consider, 'cis che duty of all truly humbled sinners, co goro Chrift, and believe in him. 'Tis the duty of a sick man, to apply himself to a skilful Physician; and as such an exe must noc destroy his own life, by a wilful refusing the


the bumbled finner destroy his own soul, by refufing to close with Christ; He must not add to all che rest of his fios unbelief, and a wilfull nezlect of Christ, and the salvacion by him purcha. sed, and so freely offered.

5. Consider chac che humbled finner by believing in Christ, does not only bring comfort, and salvation to his own soul, but a so in an eminent manner brings Glory to God: When choi (though discouraged in chy self, by reason of thy sins) darest venture thy soul in che hands of Chrift: When thou makest thy way through all doubts, fcruples, and misgivings of hears, and takest Gods bare Word, because he hach saidic, (thereby sercing chy seal to his cruth and faithfulnesse) and doft resolve to throw thy self on his free Mercy, and Christ's Merits, for pardon and life, to lay thy soul at Christ's feer, and to clasp abouc him, chough he kill chee: This is an excellent, and an heroical act of Faith, which brings Glory to God; as Abrahams Faith did: Of whom it is said, Rom.4.10. Thas be ftagges ręd not at the promise of God through unbelief, but w.as strong in Faith, giving Glory to God.

6. Confider, 'cis che greatest folly and madgeffe in the world, for an humbled finger not to close with Christ, and commit his soul unto him. What an irrational, and unprofitable fin is unbelief: If we go not co Cnrilt, Where


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