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GENERAL TABLES for finding the Dominical or Sun:lay

Letter, and the Places of the Golden Numbers in the Calendar.


6 5 4 1 3 2 1 1 O

1600 | 1700 | 1800 1900 2300

2700 2100 2200

2500 2600 2000 2400

2800 3100

3500 2900 3000 3300 3400

3700 3200

3600 3900

4300 3800 4100 4200

4500 4600 4000

4400 4700 5100

5500 4900 5000

5300 5400 4800 5200

5600 5900

6300 5700 5800 6100 6200

6500 6000

6400 6700

7100 6600 69007000

7300 7400 6800

7200 7500 7900

8300 7700 | 7800

8100 8200 7600 8000

8400 8500 &c.

"O find the Dominical or Sunday Letter for any given Year T Fractions, and also the Number, which, in Table 1. standeth at the Top of the Column wherein the Number of Hundreds con

tained in that given Year is found: Divide the Sum by 7, and if there be no Remainder, then A is the Sunday Letter; but

if any Number remain, then the Letter which standeth under that Number at the Top of the Table, is the Sunday Letter.


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find the Month and Days 1. 2 311


of the Month to which the Years


Golden Numbers ought to be preof our

fixed in the Calendar in any given Lord,


Year of our Lord, consisting of

entire Hundred Years, and in all B 1600

B 5900 1700

the intermediate Years betwixt

5300 1800


that and the next Hundredth Year 1900 2 5500 following, look in the second CoB 2000 2 B 5600 lumn of Table II. for the given 2100 2


Year, consisting of entire Hun2200 3

5800 2300 4 5900

dreds; and note the Number or B 2100 3 B 6000 19 Cypher which stands against it in 2500

6100 19 the third Column; then in Table 2600 5

6200 20 HII. look for the same Number 2700

6300 21

in the Column under any given B 2800 5 B6100 20


Golden Number, which when you 2900

21 3000 6 6600 22

have found, guide your Eye side3100

7 6700 23 ways to the Left Hand, and in B 3200 7

B 6800 22 the first Column you will find the 3300 7 6900 23

Month and Day to which that 3400 8



Golden Number ought to be pre3500 9 7100 04 B 3600 8 B 7200 24

fixed in the Calendar, during that 3700 9 7300 25 Period of one Hundred Years. 3800 10 7400 25

The Letter B prefixed to cer3900 19 7500 26

tain Hundreth Years in Table II. B 1000 10 B 7600 26

denotes those Years which are 4100

7700 26 4200 12 7800 27

still to be accounted Bissextile or 4300 12 7900 28 Leap Years in the New Calendar; B | 4400 12 IB 8000 27 whereas all the other Hundredth 4500 13 8100 28

Years are to be accounted only 4600 13 8200) 29 4700

common Years.

8300 29 B 4800 14 IJB

8100) 29 4900 14 8500 0 5000 15 &c. 5100 16



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I The Minister shall begin the MORNING PRAYER, by reading

one or more of the following Sentences of Scripture. THE 'HE Lord is in his holy tem- voice of the Lord our God, to

ple; let all the earth keep walk in his laws which he set silence before him. Hab. ii. 20. before us. Dan. ix. 9, 10.

From the rising of the sun O Lord, correct me, but with even unto the going down of the judgment; not in thine anger, same, my name shall be great lest thou bring me to nothing. among the Gentiles; and in Jer. x. 24. Psal. vi. l. every place incense shall be of

Repent ye; for the kingdom of fered unto my name, and a pure heaven is at hand. St.Mat. iii. 2. offering: for my name shall be I will arise and go to my fa. great among the heathen, saith ther, and will say unto him; the Lord of hosts. Mal. i. 11. Father, I have sinned against

Let the words of my mouth, heaven, and before thee, and and the meditation of my heart, am no more worthy to be called be alway acceptable in thy sight, thy son. St. Luke xv. 18, 19. O Lord, my strength and my Enter not into judgment with Redeemer. Psal. xix. 14. thy servant, O Lord; for in thy

When the wicked man turn. sight shall no man living be jus. eth away from his wickedness tified. Psal. cxliii. 2. that he hath committed, and If we say that we have no sin, doeth that which is lawful and we deceive ourselves, and the right, he shall save his soul truth is not in us; but if we conalive. Ezek. xviii. 27.

fess our sins, God is faithful and I acknowledge my transgres- just to forgive us our sins, and sions; and my sin is ever be- to cleanse us from all unrighte. fore me. Psal. li. 3.

ousness. 1 St. John i. 8, 9. Hide thy face from my sins; and blot out all mine iniquities.

1 Then the Minister shall say, Psal. li. 9.

, The sacrifices of God are a the scripture moveth us in broken spirit; a broken and a sundry places, to acknowledge contrite heart, O God, thou and confess our manifold sins wilt not despise. Psal. li. 17. and wickedness, and that we

Rend your heart and not your should not dissemble nor cloak garments, and turn unto the them before the face of AlLord your God; for he is gra- mighty God, our heavenly Fa. cious and merciful, slow to an- ther, but confess them with sins ger, and of great kindness, and humble, lowly, penitent.y 11.9 repenteth him of the evil. Joel obedient heart; to the eawayt ii. 13.

we may obtain forgirecerea To the Lord our God be the same hy long mercies and forgivenesses, ness and mercy. though we have rebelled against we ought, at all to him; neither have we obeyed the to acknowledge ou.,

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God; yet ought we chiefly so
to do, when we assemble and ALMIGHTY

God, the Fa

ther of our Lord Jesus meet together, to render thanks Christ, who desireth not the for the great benefits that we death of a sinner, but rather that have received at his hands, he may turn from his wickedto set forth his most worthy ness and live, hath given power praise, to hear his most holy and commandment to his Minisword, and to ask those things ters to declare and pronounce to which are requisite and neces- his people, being penitent, the sary, as well for the body as the absolution and remission of í heir soul. Wherefore, I pray and sins. He pardoneth and absolv. beseech you, as many as are. eth all those who truly repent, here present, to accompany me, and unfeignedly beli ve his holy with a pure heart and humble Gospel. Wherefore, let us bevoice, unto the throne of the seech him to grant us true reheavenly grace, saying- pentance, and his Holy Spirit; T A General Confession to be that those things may piease him said by the whole Congregation

which we do at this present, and after the Minister,all kneeling.

that the rest of our life hereafter may be pure and holy; so that

at the last we may come to his red and strayed from thy ways our Lord. like lost sheep. We have followed too much the devices and I The People shall answer here, desires of our own hearts. We

and at the end of every Prayer, have offended against thy holy


1 Or this. laws. We have left undone

LMIGHTY God, our heahave done; And we have done those things which we ought not great mercy, hath promised forto have done: And there is no giveness of sins to all those who, health in us. But thou, O Lord, with hearty repentance and true have mercy upon us, miserable faith, turn unto him; have mer. offenders. Spare thou those, Ocy upon you, pardon and deliGod, who confess their faults. ver you from all your sins, conRestore thou those who are pe. firm and strengthen you in all nitent; According to thy pro- goodness, and bring you to evermises declared unto mankind, lasting life, through Jesus Christ in Christ Jesus our Lord. And our Lord. Amen. Frant, О most merciful Father, q Then the Minister shall kneel, for bis sake; That we may here- and say the Lord's Prayer, after live a godly, righteous, and the People still kneeling, and her life; To the glory of thy

repeating it with him, both ame. Amen.

here, and wheresoever else it Declaration of Absolu

is used in Divine Service. Remission of Sins; to

in PRIEST alone, ven, Hallowed bethy name; The People still kneel- Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will

be done on Earth, as it is in

those things which we ought to Avenly Father, who

of his

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