Rhetoric and Renaissance Culture

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Walter de Gruyter, 2004 - 581
Since Jacob Burckhardt's Kultur der Renaissance in Italien (1869) rhetoric as a significant cultural factor of the renaissance has largely been neglected. The present study seeks to remedy this deficit regarding the arts by concentrating on literary theory and its aspects of imagination (inventio), genre (dispositio of the genera), style (elocutio), mnemonic architecture (memoria) and representation (actio), with illustrative examples taken from Shakespeare's works, but also on the intermedial rhetoric of painting and music. Particular attention is given to the rhetorical ideology of the Renaissance.

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Introduction Renaissance Culturology and Renaissance Rhetoric
AScope and Genres of Renaissance Rhetoric
BPoetica Rhetorica Rhetorical Poetics in the Renaissance
CIntermedial Rhetoric
DPoeta Orator Shakespeare as Orator Poet
EIconography of Rhetoric and Eloquence
I Names
II Subjects
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Heinrich F. Plett is full professor (chair) of English literature at the University of Essen, Germany, and director of the Centre for Rhetoric and Renaissance Studies at Essen University. Heinrich F. Plett ist Ordinarius für Anglistik an der Universität Essen und Direktor des Zentrums für Rhetorik- und Renaissance-Studien an der Universität Essen.

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