The power of the pope during the Middle ages; or, An historical inquiry into the origin of the temporal power of the Holy see, tr. by M. Kelly, Tom 1

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Laws of the twelve tables
Permanence of those laws even in the decline of the republic
Privileges granted to ministers of religion
Title of sovereign pontiff given to the first Christian emperors
Privileges of the pagan priests maintained under Constantine and his successors
Prohibition of foreign religions by the ancient Romans
This prohibition in force under the empire
It was a pretext for the pagans for persecuting the Christians
That injustice often acknowledged by the pagans
Obvious inference from all these factsStrict union of religion and the state under the Christian emperors
Honours and temporal privileges conferred on religion and its Ministers under the first Christian emperors
Deplorable state of the empire under the first Christian emperors Powerful resources of religion and its ministers
Eminent virtues of the clergy and especially of the bishops
How much they were respected by the faithful and by the pagans themselves
The clergy distinguished by the same virtues long after the con version of Constantine
The empire sustained against its foreign enemies by the Christian religion
Rome and many other cities saved by the influence of the bishops 31 The temporal power of the clergy the natural consequence of all these facts
This consequence acknowledged by unimpeachable authorities Admissions of Dupuy
Admissions of M Guizot
The divine and ecclesiastical laws sanctioned by the authority of the Christian emperorsOrigin of the temporal penalties against idolatry Judaism heres...
These facts admitted by pagan authors themselves PAGE 37 38 39 ib 40 41 43 ib
The triumph of Christianity over paganism assured before the conversion of Constantine
First edicts of Constantine in favour of the Christian religion
His exertions to bring idolatry into disrepute
Edicts against secret divination
His leniency to the pagans
His prudence in this respect imitated by Constantius and Constans
Moderation of Jovian
The altar of Victory sometimes replaced in the senatehouse some times removed according to circumstances
Final blow given to paganism by Theodosius
Laws of the Church confirmed by the laws of the emperors
Temporal penalties against the transgressors of those laws 47 Principles of those ancient governments in their relations with the Church

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