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An Elementary Texi-Book for use in High Schools and Colleges.



HE purpose has been to make this book an organic, living structure; to have the authors treated appear to the pupils as living persons; to enable pupils to comprehend not only the nature of the mind and genius of authors, but also what they tried to accomplish and how near they came to accomplishing it. An effort is made to keep the pupils reminded, concurrently, of the general historical situation during the various literary periods, and how the literature was affected thereby; and of the political or other references that served to give bias and tone to literary productions. The book does not follow any of the hackneyed methods; it aims to stimulate the pupil's thought rather than tax his memory.

It is thought that, upon two fundamental points of its plan, it will fully meet the requirements of teachers; it is rich in material and exercises for the study of literature itself; it is believed that it will be found a safe guide in its literary record and judgments.

CONTENTS. INTRODUCTION: I. Colonial Literature. II. Benjamin Franklin. III. The Revolutionary Period. IV. Pioneer Period. Selections. V. Some Statesmen and Historians. VI. Poets of the First Half Century. Selections and Exercises. VII. Religious and Social Reformers. Selections and Exercises. VII. Nathaniel Hawthorne. IX. From Hawthorne to Bret Harte. Selections and Exercises. X. The Innovators. XI. Writers of To-day: 1. The Imaginative Group. 2. Analytic Novelists. 3. Romantic Novelists. 4. Dialect Novelists. 5. Naturalists. 6. Essayists and Historians. 7. Humorists.

Cloth. 350 pages. Illustrated. Introduction price, $1.12.

D. C. HEATH & CO., Publishers




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