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Ta£ now acknowledged propriety of giving studente of languages familiar works for translation—thus adopting in the schools the mode by which the child first learns to talk—has induced the publication of this new American Edition of Theodore de Beza's Latin Version of the New Testament Scriptures.

Of the work itselfit is hardly necessary to speak. Its publication was suggested by the favor with which the author's lectures on the Epistles were received at the Academy of Lausanne. The translation thus heralded was received with a favor which with Protestant Christians it has never lost. Several editions were published during the lifetime of Beza, to which he made such improvements as his attention was directed to, or as were prompted by his familiarity, as Greek Professor, with the original. Since 1556, when it first appeared at Ge.neva, this work has kept its place in the general esteem ; while more recent versions have been so strongly tinged with the peculiarities of the translators as to make them acceptable to particular classes only. The Editor has exerted himself to render the present edition, by its superior accuracy and neatness, worthy of patronage; and the Publishers flatter themselves that the pains beLtowed will insure for it a preference over any other edition.

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