Zanoni, Tom 12

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Saunders and Otley, ... Simpkin, Marshall, and Company, ... Bell and Bradfute, Edinburgh; and J. Cumming, Dublin., 1845 - 439

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Strona 267 - The carver holme; the maple seeldom inward sound. Led with delight, they thus beguile the way, Untill the blustring storme is overblowne; When, weening to returne whence they did stray, They cannot finde that path, which first was showne But wander too and fro in waies unknowne...
Strona 257 - There is a principle of the soul, superior to all nature, through which we are capable of surpassing the order and systems of the world. When the soul is elevated to natures better than itself, then it is entirely separated from subordinate natures, exchanges this for another life, and, deserting the order of things with which it was connected, links and mingles itself with another.
Strona 333 - Orrida maestà nel fero aspetto terrore accresce, e più superbo il rende: rosseggian gli occhi, e di veneno infetto come infausta cometa il guardo splende...
Strona 388 - There is a principle of the soul superior to all external nature, and through this principle we are capable of surpassing the order and systems of the world, and participating in the immortal life and the energy of the Sublime Celestials.
Strona 234 - ... that it is, as it were, but a film, a gossamer, that clothes the spirit. . . . Yet, in truth, these races differ most widely . . . some of surpassing wisdom, some of horrible malignity ; some hostile as fiends to men, others gentle as messengers between earth and heaven.
Strona 235 - Amidst the dwellers of the threshold is ONE, too, surpassing in malignity and hatred all her tribe — one whose eyes have paralysed the bravest, and whose power increases over the spirit precisely in proportion to its fear.
Strona 116 - Ah," said Viola, humbled and yet rejoiced, " forgive me, forgive me, signor. Thou biddest the young live and the old pray. My thoughts never shall wrong thee more! " Before the sun rose, Beatrice was out of danger; at noon Zanoni escaped from the blessings of the aged pair, and as he closed the door of the house, he found Viola awaiting him without. She stood before him timidly, her hands crossed meekly on her bosom, her downcast eyes swimming with tears. " Do not let me be the only one you leave...
Strona 435 - Zanoni ' has excited among those who think it worth while to dive into the subtler meanings they believe it intended to convey, may excuse me in adding a few words, not in explanation of its mysteries, but upon the principles which permit them. ' Zanoni ' is not as some have supposed an allegory ; but beneath the narrative it relates, typical meanings are concealed. It is to be regarded in two characters, distinct yet harmonious : — 1st, That of the simple and objective fiction, in which (once...
Strona 261 - We commenced research where modern Conjecture closes its faithless wings. And with us, those were the common elements of science which the sages of to-day disdain as wild chimeras, or despair of as unfathomable mysteries.
Strona xiv - It is a romance, and it is not a romance. It is a truth for those who can comprehend it, and an extravagance for those who cannot.

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