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Encouragement derived from experience, 161.
Enforcements to obedience, from cominands, promises, &c. 251,

258, &c.
Enjoyment of God in Heaven, impossible without holiness, 235.
Enmity of the carnal mind against God, 106, 107, &c.
Equity of God in his commands, 257.
Errors concerning the Holy Spirit, 9, 17.
of the Church of Rome exposed, 48, 146, 156, 183, 225, 231.

Socinians, 9, 10, 17, 236, 237.

Pelagians, 82.
Evidence of interest in Christ, none without holiness, 250.
Evidences of inspiration infallible, 37.
Evil Spirits and their operations, 7, 39.
Example of Christ, 264. Has a peculiar efficacy in it, 208, 209.
Examination, self, 207. With respect to holiness, 288.
Excellency of grace and holiness, 154. Of holy persons, 237, 238.
Exhortations to sinners, scriptural, 113, 114, n.
Experience of the truth and reality of divine things supplied by the

Spirit, 161.
Extraordinary Gifts of the Spirit, 309-311.

Facility in holy duties an effect of grace, 205, 206.
Faith, the gift of God, wrought by the Spirit, 123. Always accom-

panied by holiness, 147, 171. The instrumental cause of our sanc- .
tification, 172. Its actings on Christ for cleansing, 171. The in-
strumental cause of our purification, 189. Its power in conforming

the soul to God, 239. An emblem of it, 229.
Falling of the Spirit on men, what, 34.
False Prophets described, 9; and detected, 10.
Falsehood in words the image of Satan, 242. The vice of youth, 132,
Fathers of the Church, real use of in understanding the Scriptures,

335, 336.
Fear of divine wrath usual in convinced sinners, 136.
Fervency in prayer recommended, 284, &c.
Figurative expressions common in Scripture, 19.
Filth of Sin, the nature of the, 184. How purged, 185, &c.
Finger of God, meaning of it, 43.
Fire typical of the Holy Spirit, 21.
Foolishness, why the gospel appears, to natural men, 102, 103.
Formation of the body of Christ, the work of the Spirit, -51, 52,
Foundation of the ministry of the Church in the promise 'of the

Spirit, 62.
Frequency in holy duties, from grace, 205, 206. Why useful, 289.
Fruits of the Spirit, what, 213, &c.

election, its only manifestation, 250.
Fundamental principles to be attended to in the trial of spirits, 8,

Gifts of every kind from the Spirit, 3, 36; distinct from grace,
206 ; of prophecy, 36; not sanctifying, 39; sometimes bestowed
on wicked men, 39 ; political, 46; extraordinary, 309 ; ordinary,

Giving of the Spirit, what it denotes, 31.
Glorification of the human nature of Christ, 60. The pattern of ours,

Glorifying God as God, what it is, 17.
Glory and Beauty of holiness, 238, 239.
Glory, in what manner we are to pay it to Christ, 274.
God, the nature and being of, the basis of all true religion, 16, 17.

Nature of, an argument for holiness, 237, 238. Our likeness to him

the excellency of our nature, 237.
Gooi, all, to be ascribed to the Spirit, 6.

Spirit, why so called, 14.
Gospel, the power of God to salvation, 207, 208. What it superadds

to moral duties, 109, 110. Why foolishness to the old philosophers,

102. The study of it enforced, 276.
Gospel Holiness, nature of, 153, &c.
Grace, the Spirit the sole author of, 69. All, originally, in Christ,

172. Its conflicts with sin, 130-149. Invincible and victorious,
148. Is preserved and cherished by the Spirit, 160. Excited to
action, 101. Always productive of a holy life, 198. Different
degrees of, allotted to believers, 70. Acts and duties of, 212 to

Grace and Morality essentially distinct, 203-206.
Graces, some constantly to be exercised, others occasionally, 161.
Great Men, an admonition to, 263, 264.
Grieving the Spirit, what, 25, 304–307.
Grotius, a mistake of, noticed, 9.
Growth in Grace, 69, 70; enjoined and promised, 166, 167. Not

always perceptible to believers themselves, 70.

Habit, or Principle of Grace, what it is, 198. Preserved by the

Spirit, 198, 199.
Hardness of heart, 124.
Hatred of carnal men against the Gospel, 102; against God, 99;

against holiness, 153.
Heart, what it signifies, 98; stony, removed, 124 ; a new, bestowed,

124, 125, 174.
Heir of God, what it is to be an, 302.
Holiness of God, wherein it consists, 155, 156. An argument for our
holiness, 237.

the term explained, 14. More than moral virtue, 152.
Not confined to this life, 154. Eternal in its principle and reward,
155. Not our righteousness for justification, 156. Has a real spi-
ritual beauty and glory, 155. A progressive work, 159, &c. Be-
lievers the only subjects of it, 171-177. Acts and duties of des-
cribed, 212–217. The necessity of, argued from several considera-
tions, 236–277. Renders men truly honourable and useful, 241.
Is the only cure of our disordered nature, 260 ; and the principal

part of Christ's revenue of glory, 264..See Motives.
Holy Spirit, why so called, 14. The Spirit of the Son, 15; see


Spirit. Spirit of Grace, 279; see also Works. The cause of our

understanding the Scriptures, 325, &c.
Holy tendency of the gospel offensive to natural men, 107, 108.
Human Nature of Christ derived no evil from the fall of Adam, 52.

Sanctified by the Spirit, 53. Guided and supported by the Spirit,

55. Anointed with extraordinary powers, 55, 56.
Humiliation for sin, 195.

- legal and evangelical distinguished, 192.
Humility promoted by thoughts of soverēign grace, 246.

Jesus, how called Anathema and Lord, 2.
Fews, their fatal apostacy, 11.
Ignorance of original sin productive of many dangerous mistakes, 115.

of the true nature of holiness, and its effects, 282.

- taken for simple nescience, how ascribed to the human na-
ture of Christ, 55.
Illumination, how distinguished from mere natural knowledge, 87, 88

The work of the Holy Spirit, 330.
Image of God, man originally created in the, 30, 115.

- lost by sin, 115 ; restored by regeneration, 31, 116.
Imitation, of Christ highly necessary, 209.
Imperfection, of all examples but that of Christ, 208, 209; and of all,

other teachers, 264, 265.
Importance of the doctrine of the Spirit, 4, 10.
Impotence of natural men as to spiritual things, natural and moral, con-

sidered, 100, &c. 105, &c. 113.
Impressions, serious, frequenty wear off, 96, 97.
Increase in knowledge necessary to the right understanding of the Scrip.
Indwelling Sin the object of mortification, 219.
Inhabitation of the Spirit, 292, 293.
Intellectual gifts, 46.
Intercession of Christ a cause of our holiness, 186. A motive to holiness,

261. Of the Spirit, what, 284.
Interest in Christ, none without holiness, 265.
Internal and external acts of holiness distinguished, 198—200.
Foshua's commanding the sun and moon to stand still explained, 43, 44, n.
Irrational, the gospel-thought to be, by some, 103.
Israelites, instances of their proneness to Idolatry and Polytheism, 11.
Justification by faith vindicated, 147, 148, 173. Not repugnant to ho-

liness, 174.

tures, 333

Killing of sin, what it is, 218.
Kindness towards believers especially necessary, 240.
Kingly office of Christ, its influence on our holiness, 265.
Knowledge of Christ, how to be obtained, 61.

Law of God written on the heart, 125.

expressive of his authority and holiness, 152.
expounded and vindicated by Jesus Christ, 264, 265.
just and good, 255, 256.

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Lars of men, why they have little influence, 253.
Led by the Spirit, what it is to be, 216.
Legal purifications typical of sanctification, 188.

motives to holiness, how injurious, 236.
Leprosy of the soul by nature, 191, 192.
Letter of Scripture insufficient without the Spirit, 10.
Liberty and ability in the renewed will, 210, 211.
Life and Death, natural and spiritual, compared, 112-115. No princi.
ple of spiritual in the unregenerate, 113.

sp al, from Christ, 143.
of God, what it is, 99. Natural men alienated from it, 99, 100.

Christ our great example, 276.
Light of Nature, its insufficiency, 263. Not the rule of holiness, 205,

- within, examined, 9.

spiritual communicated by the Spirit, 126-128.
Likeness to God the excellence of our nature, 237.
Literal sense of doctrines may be understood by natural men, 103:
Local mutations in vision, &c. 42.
LORD, what it is to call Jesus, 2.
Love of God, in our election, a motive to holiness, 244, 249.

of Christ to his Father, 57 ; to sinners, 58.
of the Holy Spirit, 291.
to Christ directed, 61.

effectual, to make us like God, 239. Sin mortified by it, 228.
Gives delight in obedience, 240 ; of the brethren, declarative of our

likeness to God, 240 ; promoted by thoughts of electing love, 247.
Lying, the vice of youth, 132. To the Holy Ghost, what, 25.

Man, the formation of, ascribed to the Holy Ghost, 29. His moral con.
dition, ib. 30.

the natural, described, 93. The old, crucified, 218.
Manner and Matter of prayer supplied by the Holy Spirit, 282, 283.
Means of Grace, attendance on, our duty, 86. Danger of neglecting

them, ib. 87
Means and Ordinances useful, as they excite grace to exercise, 161,

Mediation of Christ, distribution of its principal parts, 261, &c.

the procuring cause of holiness, 207. The neces.
sity of holiness argued from it, 261.
Meditation, its use before prayer, 289.
Merit, the notion of, destructive of holiness, 235,
Mind, the conducting faculty of the soul, how depraved, 93. Its inabili-

ty to receive spiritual things, 101, 105, &c. Renewed by grace, 11.
Mind of God in the Scriptures, causes, ways and means of understand-

ing, 325, &c.
Ministers, their duty to inquire into the work of the Spirit, 16

Especially in regeneration, 75.
Ministry of the Spirit, 5, 48. Ministering the Spirit, 32.
Miracles wrought by the power of the Spirit, 43, 55, 56.

Miraculous power not inherent in the prophets, 44, 45.
Muon, how it stood still in Joshua's time, 43, 44, n.
Moral virtues, as courage, &c. from the Spirit, 46.

distinguished from holiness, 153.
Morality not regeneration, 79; useful in its place, 211; and by no means

to be discouraged, even in natural men, 199.
Moral and Natural Impotence considered, 100, 105, &c. 113.

condition of man, 30.
and Natural inability of man considered, 101, 105, &c. 113.

-suasion not effective of regeneration, 120.
Mortification of sin, 217—230. To be constant, 195, 196.
Mutives of the Gospel efficacious only by the Spirit, 121, 122.
Motives to holiness from the nature of God, 237 ; from election, 242 ;

from the commands of God, 251; from God's sending Jesus Christ,

260; from our condition in this world, 268.
Mystery of sanctification, 167. Of the Gospel, why odious to the car.
nal mind, 109. Knowledge of, essential to the ministerial character,

Mystical body prepared for Christ by the Spirit, 152.
Name of the Holy Ghost explained, 13–15.
Natural Life and Death compared with spiritual, 112-115.

Men described, 99, 100,&c.
Nature of God the foundation of all religion, 16, 17. An argument for

holiness, 237, &c.
- a new, spiritual, divine, given to believers, 198, 200, 201,
Natural and Moral impotence considered, 101, &c. 113.
Necessity of holiness argued from various considerations, 237, &c. See

New Creation, work of the Spirit preparatory to it, 36–47. How ef-

fected by him, 47, 51, 72. The principal means of glorifying
God, 50.
New Creature, what, 174, 199.

Obedience a mean of understanding the Scriptures, 333. Required on

different accounts in the old and new covenant, 240, 241.
Objects of prayer, 284, 285.
Oblation of Christ, whence meritorious, 57-59.
Obligation to holiness, no less under the Gospel than under the Law,

Obseroation of others, its effect, 134.
Obstacles, all, removed by effectual grace, 122.
Obstinacy and stubbornness of the heart by nature, 124.
Obstructiors to holy duties in believers, whence, 201, 202.
Offices of Christ, their influence in our holiness, 260—268 ; of the Spi-

rit, extraordinary, 209–211 ; ordinary, 325.
Old Man of sin to be crucified. 218, &c.; to be put off, 81.
Omnipotence of the Spirit, 291.
Operations of the Spirit not confined to the first ages, 11, 48. Not all of

a .sanctifying nature, 39. Always effectual for the end he designs,

of divine power always suited to our nature, 122.

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