The Chain of Forgiveness

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 116
Is it possible to forgive those who betray your trust? Is it possible to forgive yourself for your past mistakes? Is it possible to start your life over? Affairs, addictions, finances, or whatever has a hold on you, God can wipe your slate clean and allow you to become a new and improved person. Your most deepest, personal sins can be erased if you let God enter your heart. Forgiveness for you and toward others can be established in your heart with God's presence. Through pain caused by her and felt by her, Rosilyn McKneely shares her story on how God allowed her to be broken by Him, to surrender to Him, and to live a blessed new life in Him. You will see how forgiveness has been a huge part of her life and why she chooses not to forgive and forget, but to forgive and remember. Rosilyn J. McKneely was born and raised in southeast Louisiana. She lives with her husband, Wall, her dogs, Deuce and Spot, a cat named Smokey, and six wonderful children. She has been a teacher for the past sixteen years, with eleven of those years dedicated to helping special needs children. Writing is therapy to Rosilyn. Any spare moment she can find, she writes. Rosilyn is a member of the First Baptist Church of Amite, Louisiana. Between teaching school and running to baseball, basketball, football, track, dance, church, and whatever else, Rosilyn has made a commitment to share God's love with others. Real life experiences are the inspiration for her writing. With six children, two dogs, a cat, and a husband, everyday Rosilyn calls God to guide her through the wilderness. And He never lets her down.

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