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C. xxxv. 20. — Thirty-five MSS. read, with the Sam. 1907, which is more grammatical.

7th. — Instead of 1991, the Sam. has abas in the singular, which is observable.

8th. - The word nnna seems to be redundant, as the sense is equally good without it; " and she was buried at Bethel, under the oak."

10th. — The first 794 seems to be redundant, as the sense, without it, runs thus: “ and God said unto him, Jacob, thy name shall no more be called Jacob,” & And one MS. wants it.

22d. — The Sept. reads at the end of this verse, Prva nya "PT"), and it was evil in his sight; which completes the sense. See, also, Kennicott's 1st Dissert.

The Sam. has, with six MSS. 124321, which is the true

24th. — reading.

26th. — The Sam. has, with one MS. 1759, which the grammatical construction requires: see c. Xxxvi. 5.

C. xxxvi. 2d. — Instead of quay na, the Sam. and the Sept: read 12, the son of Zibeon: see, also, Kennicott's 1st Dissert. p. 372.

6th. — We must either supply the word 978 after yox, with the Vulg. and Chald. into another country; or read, with the Sam. and the Vulg. Sept. yy) y78a, and he went out of the land of Canaan; or, with the Alex. only yoga, simply. See Kennicott's 1st Dissert. p. 375.

15th. - Eighty-six MSS. with the Sam. read, with the Keri, ya'n.

16th. - See Kennicott's Ist Dissert. p. 376.

23d. — It helps the connection to read, with the Sam. 150%.

24th, — Sixty-seven MSS. read 0972997, which is better than the present text, but what is the precise signification of the word is not easily determined. It is certain, unless the Sept. version is corrupted, that the authors of it did not understand the meaning of it. Found the mules; rather found out the mules : i.e. how they were generated, how to raise them.” Ganganelli.

25th. — The Sam. and four MSS. read 192997, as the word occurs, 1 Chron. i. 41. See, also, v. 30

3 ist. — For the manifest addition of the next thirteen verses from 1 Chron, see the Collation of the MSS.

C. xxxvii. 4th. – Thirty-six MSS. read, with the Sam. Di bo's, which is more regular. For 1'32, see Collat. MSS. sect. 179. “ Mark the folly of partiality.” Ganganelli. .

7th. – The Sam. has, with one MS. Igitninuni, which is more grammatical. “This dream was fulfilled, Gen. xlii. 6.” Ganganelli.

13th. — The Sam. has, with seven M$S. 75, which is more regular: see v. 14.

19th. -- “ Heb. This maker of dreams." Ganganelli.

20th. -- Thirty MSS. read, with the Sam. 17259931, which is more regular.

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24th. — We should either read, with the Sam. np, or 9770p!), and they took, or and they took him.

25th. — Thirty-three MSS. read, with the Sam. 2954.A company, & c. à caravan." Ganganelli.

26th. — “ The Heb. should be translated, what a murder! if we slay our brother." Ganganelli...i

36th. — The Sam. reads Digi24, which accords better with v. 28. “ An officer of Pharoah's; a chamberlain.” Ganganelli.

The Sam. reads, with one MS. Dipno, which is

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18th. — Bracelets; rather sash. See, also, v. 25.”


21st. - " Openly; Heb. at the two fountains. See, also, v. 14." Ganganelli. The Sam. has Dipon, which seems to be the true reading. See v. 22.

:. 30th. --- The Sam. has 1998, which is more usual.:

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· C. xxxix. 1st. The grammatical construction requires that we should read 17179917. “ The slave-trade was an old species of mere chandise.” Ganganelli.

4th. - The Sam. reads 4378 sya, and so the Sept. and the Vulg. seem to have read. The Sam. has, likewise, with one MS. after 571, which is preferable. See our version and the next verse.

10th! — The Sam. reads Din in the second place; but, if we consult other passages, it will probably appear that the true reading is Dia. “ A model of chastity for youth. So Bellerophon, and Scipio Africanus.” Ganganelli. Two MSS. read nins, and to be with her.

13th. — The Sam. supplies, with four MSS. 894, which agrees better with the preceding and subsequent part of the context.

22d. — The Sam. reads, with twenty-seven MSS. D'TIDNA, which is more grammatical.

521, which is pre

23d. – Two MSS. read, with the Sam. We ferable.

C. xl. 10th. – Thirty MSS. read Dige, which the grammatical construction requires; unless we read, with the Sam. Digne, and as it appears in v. 13.

13th. — “ Lift up, &c. See 1 Kings, xxi. 9." Ganganelli.

C. xli. 2d. — Seven MSS. read, with the Sam. niby, which is more grammatical; and sixteen, with the Sam. 1821. See v. 4. “ This dream was of divine suggestion.” "Gangånelli.

4th. – Thirty-seven MSS. have 01071, thirty-seven 019', and twenty-two, with the Sam. 019371, which the grammatical construction requires.

5th. — Fifty. six MSS. read n1301, and seven, with the Sam. 112107, one of which is requisite; but the latter seems most regular.

6th. — Nine MSS. by transposing the 1, read 71570, which the grammatical construction requires. See v. 23, 27.

8th. — The Sam. reads, in the plural, rebro, which the context necessarily requires. See Collat. MSS. Dissert. sect. 167.

14th. — Fifty-nine MSS. read, with the Sam. 175094), but the vers. in the plural, 171899.“ Observe the conduct of Divine Providence.” Ganganelli.

16th. — Instead of Dise, it appears probable to me that we should

for my sake God _ shall answer the * ;בלעדי for בעדי and ,חלוס read

dream of Pharaoh.”

18th. – Twenty-one MSS. read, with the Sam. niby; and seven, with the Sam. Gia'), which the grammatical construction calls for.

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- .in this ורקות instead of ודקות in the fourth verse


20th. – right.

Fifteen MSS. read, with the Sam. 11892271, which is


21st. — The Sam. has, with six MSS. 108991, which seems more regular.

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