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19th. - Four MSS. omit the second, &c. 7800 58, and there does not seem the least propriety in retaining them, as none of the antient versions have them.

23d. - Thirty MSS. read O1979, which the context requires.

24th. — Four MSS. read 1710DW, which appears to be the true reading.

25th, The 1, in 812, is either transposed, and we should read 182', or, by adding it, we should read, with one MS. 1872'. Eighteen MSS. have her, and seventy Dinası, “ or for brother or for sister," with the Sept.

28th. - Cornelius a Lapide reads the negative, with the Vulg. (see Poole's Synopsis ;) and I am inclined to think that the word 798 is dropped by mistake after 10'771: “ and there shall be nothing to them for a possession, I am their possession," &c. unless we read pS0785, “ and there shall be no portion to them for a possession.” See Num. xvii. 20.

30th. — Unless we read, with the Sept. 991521, “and the first born of all,the second 5 seems to be redundant, as the third certainly is.

C. xlv. Ist. - It is most probable, that, instead of the second 778, which, upon the authority of three MSS. as well as the context, ap

,אמות pears to be redundant

we should read either

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reeds, and the latter part of the next verse seems to determine it in the favour of the former. See Lowth, &c. on the place.

5th. - Twenty-one MSS. read, with the Keri, 1997).


13th. – Should we not read nown in the second place ? " and the sixth part of an Ephah,” &c.

C. xlvi. 6th. - Thirty-four MSS. instead of Dain, in the first place, have Dian, which seems to be the right reading, and forty-three read Dinion, which is better.

9th. — Twenty-seven Mss. besides marginal readings, have, with the Keri, Xy', and so the Syr. Chald. Sept. Vulg. and Ar, read, as the context requires ; and also, in the next verse, it is proper to correct the text in the same manner.

22d. — Thirty-three MSS. have nwyspa, which is more regular.

C. xlvii. 3d, 4th. - More than twenty MSS. give zgiay in each place, which is more grammatical. ,

11th. — This part of the prophet is very mysterious; but, if the foregoing verse should relate to the apostles (considered as fishers of men, see Poole's Synopsis) converting the Gentiles, which was emblematically set forth in the miraculous draughts of fishes, Luke v. 6 10, John xxi. 6 — 11, the miry places and the marshes, in this verse, which were to be given to salt, may allude to the destruction of Jerusalem (which was a second Sodom) for its lewdness and filthiness. Thirteen MSS. read instead of S1, and that is more agreeable to the construction ; but it is also observable that one MS. reads 1'8331 instead of 18291, and the Sept. supplied the former and rendered the words thus : “and in the going out thereof, and in its return, and in its rise,


they shall not be healed.” The Syr. also renders the words, exitus and ingressus; and, if we take the words in this sense, they may allude to the waters of Jordan, which were descriptive of the land of Israel, and had once a miraculous healing virtue in them, see 2 Kings v. 14, but had now lost their efficacy; and, in this corrupted state, represented the reprobate condition of the Jews, who were now only fit for destruction.

13th. — Three MSS. with several Marg. have 7t for 179; and, if there was no authority to support that reading, ought we not to conclude that this was only the error of the transcribers, when the one is an anaš aeyouevov, and the other appears in innumerable places. See, also, v. 15.

C. xlviii. 8th. - Fifty-four MSS. read, with the Keri, bina, as it is found in v. 10.

inn, as it ap

12th. - Ought we not to read and instead of pears in this form no where else?

14th. - The Sept. reads 730 in the singular and gives all the verbs a passive signification ; but, if the first verb is read in the plural, we should, with the other versions, read the rest in the same manner, and several MSS, read the two last in Hiph.

16th. — Thirty-one MSS. with the Keri, omit the third von, which is manifestly redundant, and we should certainly read 0891, with four

instead of

18th. --- Five MSS. have, with the Keri, ngan.

19th. — Nineteen MSS. with the Syr. read 177244 in the singular, conformably to the preceding participle.

28th. — Agreeable to twenty-three MSS. we should read, in c. xlvii. 19, ma'na, as it appears here.

29th. — Thirty-two. MSS. have onopno, which is certainly more grammatical.

30th. – Twenty-three MSS. give owsin, which is certainly right. See Ps. Ixviii. 21.

31st. — Would it not be better to read rese, conformably to the following verses, which is justified by several MSS. and other places ?

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C. i. Ist. — Forty-four MSS. read ou99', which is the true reading.

2d. - Fifteen MSS. have 77979 1978.

4th. — We should render Dobe, with the Sept. “youths, or young

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20th. – One MS. has b'bean ba byr.

C. viii. 3d. — Forty-five MSS. read 5218n, see v. 2; and, in v. 6, thirty-seven MSS. have 2017.

14th. — Should we not read pai, “ the evening and the morning.See v. 26 and the versions,

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