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12th. --- Instead of 1972, it would be better to read 1972", "the terrible of all the nations shall spoil the pride of Egypt.”

18th. — Twenty MSS. give '9078, which is certainly more suitable to the preceding noun.


19th. -- I cannot but think that the Alex. Sept. and Syr. version of the words nay) or is the true one i !" go down from the waters of . pleasantness, and lie down with the uncircumcised."

21st. — Twenty-four Mss. have $548, which is agreeable to c. xvii. 13. Ibig oft short tror has sw-YISHT...islio - 32d. — Twelve MSS. read, with the Keri, 'ninn, as does the Vulg. and our version. Si din CSR

F l a od stran Orad v molim c. xxxiii. 21st. — On the word 'nua, see Collat. MSS. Gen. Dissert. sect. 105. Em out si cer evindeq 25 godina


25th. - Thirty MSS. read D7958, which is the most regular; and, instead of by, should we not read by: “ thus saith the Lord God against you, do you eat?" &c.). Thirty-six MSS. have Jury, as all the versions read. .

26th. —- Nine MSS. read D'Uy, which the grammatical construction requires. 107 3113 to thousingtoi 21 How203 abrup

about 1981 1971, b 31st. — Should we not read ay in the first place, and by, in the second; " and they come unto thee as my people cometh, and they sit before thee as my people?". Ten MSS. have 10x1, and so the Sept. and other versions. .logoub oslo do 9 9 19003

32d. – Thirty-two MSS. have 2'001, which is certainly a better reading

C. xxxiv. 10th. — Forty-two MSS. read 13"nd, which is the more usual reading

25th. - Fifty MSS. read, with the Keri, David, which is certainly right, as it does not appear in the form of the text any where else.

26th. — Instead of '201, I think we should read nia'ad, as three MSS. have it; " and I will give them the circuits of my hill, a blessing :” unless we read, also, niya), “ the circuits of the hills..

C. xxxv. 5th. - Would it be better to render want, and thou didst cut in sunder the children of Israel by the hands of the sword ?" See Job v. 20.

7th. – Seven MSS, read naval in the second place, and this is probably right, as may appear from v. 4, and c. vi. 14.

9th. — Four MSS. read nawn, which is more regular, and agreeable to the Keri. Perhaps, 72win, see Sept. and four MSS.


11th. – Twenty-one MSS. read miwy, which is more grammatical.

12th. — Five MSS. have, with the Keri, 1990, and the foregoing noun and following verb strengthen it.

14th. May not the words in this verse bear this construction? “ thus saith the Lord Jehovah, according to the rejoicing that the

whole whole land is desolate, I will do unto thee," i.e. according to thy rejoicing, that all the land (of Israel) is desolate, I will do unto thee : which sense is again repeated in the following verse, and such repetitions are very usual in this prophet.

*C. xxxvi. 5th. — Five MSS. read my, for which see c. xxxv. 15.

8th. — Five MSS. have, with the Vulg. and Syr. Obidy in the


11th. - I think we should read, as the Sept. seems to have done, O'nura), “and will do good to you, as in your beginning.

13th. — Twenty-three MSS. read, with the Keri, nx, which is more regular. Several MSS. read, also, with the Keri, 7'd, in this and the two following verses.

14th. — Eighteen MSS. have, with the Keri, Sown, which is justified by the preceding verse and all the versions; and so, likewise, in v. 15, it should be read. .

20th. — Seven MSS. give 97', which seems to be the right reading, as all the versions read so.

21st. — Fifty-two MSS. read 1015bn, which is more suitable to the context.

23d. — As the learned collator of the MSS. has observed, (Gen. Dissert. sect. 48,) all the versions read, together with one hundred and ninety-one MSS. 1793'ys, “ before their eyes,” which the context requires.

36th. -Two MSS. read "nyos), which is better.

C. xxxvii. 4th. — As the learned collator of the MSS. observes, (Gen. Dissert. sect. 47,) the supplying those two words DTX ', from the Ar. version, is authorised by six MSS.

7th. – Eight MSS. have 'xIja, " when I was prophesying;" and so the Sept. Chald. and Vulg.

12th. — One MS. has 'n8927), which is more grammatical.

16th. – Twenty-four MSS. at least read, with the Keri and all the versions, in both places, 1981, which seems proper.

19th. - Thirty-eight Mss. have broby, which is more usual; and eighteen, with the Keri, yan. Thirty MSS. also read Diniuy instead of DNP'; which is quite necessary.

22d. — Twenty-five MSS. have, with the Keri, 1977, in the second place, which the context justifies, and the versions follow.

24th. - Thirty-three MSS. give yun, which is the usual reading.

26th. – One Ms. omits, with the Sept. and Ar. those three words, Dinn, &c. and the connection seems to be better without them; “ and it shall be an everlasting covenant with them, and I will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for everinore.” Instead of Dinnsi, the . Chald. has Ding921.

[blocks in formation]

C. xxxviii. 3d. – It seems to be necessary that we should read Jaan 089 21a 58, as, from comparing Revel. xx. 8, they appear to be two princes; and Magog is mentioned as a person, 1 Chron. i. 5.

10th. — There seems to be a word wanting after 6937, and may it not be Syy; “ in that day shall evil things come into thy heart?" which might be omitted from its similitude to the verb going before and the preposition following.

13th. — Would it not be better to render Toman), with the Sept. " and all her villages or districts?” See 1 Chron. xxvii. 25.

20th. — Instead of 7999799, a word of a very uncertain signification, I would read 01573an, turres, a word in frequent use, which the Syr. and Chald. probably read. See, also, our marginal version.

C. xxxix. 1st. — Forty-eight MSS. have Saini, as it is written twice before in the foregoing chapter, and i Chron. i. 5; though it is written as in the text, Gen. x. 2.

2d. — Thirty-one MSS. have gonxiany, which is more grammatical.

20th. — For birds to be filled with chariots is certainly an aukward expression; we should therefore render the word 2271, " and the rider," as the Sept. Syr. and Ar. do. See Zech. xii. 4.

C. xl. Ath. – Two MSS. read nxgyn in Hoph. which seems to be the true reading.

6th. - Sixteen MSS. have nibyna, which seems to be the truest reading, and the Sept. and Ar. supply yov, which seems to be right.

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