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14th. - Four MSS. have 1571, which may be the perfect in Hoph. “ and every one is ready.. See Isai, xvi. 5. Or we might read 737.

16th. — Would it not be more agreeable to 'yte) to read 71000 or 097, “ as the mourning doves?” See Isai. lix. 11. For so the Alex. Sept. seems to have read; and, instead of 1977, it reads n'ox, “ I will kill;which affords a very good sense.

17th. – Should we not read Ding here, and c. xxi. 7; and all knees shall go like water?" See Gen. xlix. 4, to which these words seem to allude; and we say, proverbially, as weak as water.

20th. - Our version of these words is not very intelligible, and in my opinion we should read 17100, aš the Sept. seems to have done, and render the words thus: .“ and the beauty of its ornament (i..ee of the ornament of the gold) they have appointed it for pride; and the images of their abominations, their detestable things, they have made with it; (i. e. their gods of gold;). therefore have I made it unto them an unclean thing." Or 1999, as the Vulg.“ and the beauty of its ornament they have appointed for pride.”

21st. — Ten MSS. have, with the Keri, 1795 boy, which is more agreeable to the grammatical construction.

23d. - Instead of ODUD, should we not rather read youn, “ for the land is full with the shedding of blood?” What reading the Sept. and Ar. followed is not easy to guess, as they render the two words by haw, which has no propriety here.

26th. -- nyomt Twenty-nine MSS. have you, which the following substantive seems to require, unless we omit the 1 in the latter.

27th, - Should we not read, with all the versions, 03772, “according to their ways;" and N'ODVA), as six MSS. have it and the Vulg. ?

C. viii. Ist. — Is it not requisite to insert in and or in their proper places? for, such omissions, can hardly be called idioms. The Sept. and Ar. have 'wona instead of wwa.

3d. — Five MSS. have d'Ini, which is a better reading.

4th. - One MS. inserts 171779 before 58, which addition seems to be very proper. See c. i. 28, and the Sept.

6th. - Nine MSS. read, with the Keri, Onno instead of ana, and

?גדלות after the second מאלה that is preferable

Should we not read

See v. 15.

· 7th - Should we not read ????

10th. — One MS. reads zo man instead of nuan 53, and that seems to be the true reading; "the image of every creeping thing and abominable beast." See this passage illustrated in Maurice’s Indian Antiquities, vol. ii. p. 218.

16th — Eight MSS. read D'innwo, which is certainly more grammatical.

17th. - Vatablus observes, from the Jews, that Dox was written, out of reverence to Jehovah, for "DX; now it is observable that two MSS. have the last reading, and then the words will have this sense ; “and, behold, they put the branch to my nose,” i. e. they worship me with the same idolatrous rites and ceremonies they do their false gods ; unless we might venture farther to read 1710pt instead of 11770177, and then the words might be rendered thus : “ and behold they send up incense before them, (i.e. their idols,). or before me;" i. e. they not only worship other gods, but have the insolence to worship me at the same time: and we have DXI 177op, “ they shall put incense before thee,Deut. xxxiii. 10. . . .

· 18th. — 123 noyN is defective, we should therefore probably add Ona, “ therefore will I also deal with them in anger;" the last word being probably omitted from its great similitude to the former; or, per

might be omitted througla כדרכם ,being the original word בהמח ,haps

the negligence of transcribers ; “ therefore will I deal with them according to their ways.The Sept. reads aurois. The Ar, reads niana, in ira mea,

C. ix. 4th. - Nineteen MSS. read, with the Keri, pomp, which is more usual.

5th. - Fifteen MSS. read, with the Keri, abiy, which agrees better with the verb.


One MS. has 992), which is preferable.

8th. - Three MSS. have INUK, and I remained," and this agrees with the following verbs, which are in the fut.

· ·: : 9th.

9th. — I do not find that you has the signification of perverseness any where else, should we not therefore read dan instead of it, as we find it c. vii. 23 ?

10th. — One MS. omits 'JX, and it is certainly redundant, unless we suppose an ellipsis of some other word or words to make out the sense ; or reading Song - in a parenthesis, make it the nominative case to n03. See the Sept. and Vulg.

C. x. 2d. — The Sept. reads Diana) in the plural, and so the context seems to require : so the Syr. Vulg. and Ar.

3d. — Would it not be more grammatical to read xa?.

12th. — Thirty-five MSS. have n°221, and so the Sept. seems to have read with the Syr. Vulg. and Ar.

15th. — The two first words of this verse seem to belong to the next, and the following part is better connected with the foregoing thus : “ and the fourth the face of an eagle ; this is the beast which I saw at the river Chebar, and the cherubim were lifted up, and when the cherubim went,” &c.

· 19th, ~ The context requires that we should read 170994 in the plural, as do the Sept. Syr. and Ar.

C. xi. Ist. — It would certainly be better to read 'nx in both places.

3d. — Instead of mua 277pa, might we, not with propriety read nija 17pa, “ saying, do not inquire, or seek to bụild houses," &c. The Syr. differs greatly from the present text.

6th. - Fifty-three MSS. have anxboy, which the grammatical construction certainly requires. .

7th. — As the learned collator of the MSS. observes, 89318 is justified by thirty-six MSS. and other authorities. See Gen. Dissert. sect. 48, p. 83, 87, n.

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: 10th. - Thirty-two MSS. read Obwx; and, though it is generally so written, OnWx seems right. ... .

16th. — Fourteen Mss, have and, which is more grammatical.

17th. – Twenty-two MSS. have banyo. :

19th. — Twenty Mss. read Daypa in the third person, con-formably to the rest of the pronouns and verbs, and so all the versions read.

21st. — Instead of ab, I am inclined to think we should read bo, " and for all their detestable things,” &c. See v. 18, &c.

22d. — One MS. supplies 779779 before 'mbx, which is very proper, as the next verse manifests.

.: 24th. -- Thirty-six MSS. read ypany, which is more grammatical.

C. xii. 3d. — Should we not render these words thus; « and thou, son of man, make to thyself instruments of captivity, and be thou a captive (reading nosan in the first place) daily before their eyes; and be



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