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23d. — Twenty MSS. read 1978, which is more usual.

24th. — Thirty-two MSS. read 75932, which is more regular.


25th. — Kennicott observes, (see the Collation of Heb. MSS.) that nain is read, Exod. xxiii. 18, instead of onwn, and that seems to be the true reading here.

26th. — We should either read, with the Sam. An'a, or naa.

28th. — For onboo and ons, in the next verse, see c. xxiv. 12, and c. xxxi. 18.

31st. — Thirty-one MSS, read, with the Sam. D'f'win, which is more regular.

34th. — The Sam. supplies 5 after ox, and reads 47718", which is followed by the Sept.

C. xxxv. Ist. — Twenty-nine MSS. read, with the Sam. nwys, which is more regular; and four MSS. with the Sam. 21°58.

3d. — Five MSS. read Dinavia, which is more regular.

7th. — Three MSS. read, with the Sam. 019194 in the second place, and so it should be written in the first: and three MSS. read, with the Sam. 58, which the grammatical construction requires.


Ilth. - Thirty MSS. read, with the Sam. 1°ga, according to the Keri, and twenty, 797198, which is more regular.

16th. more usual.

Thirty-four Mss. read, with the Sam. 7991, which is

18th. - The Sam. reads, with one MS, niin in both places.

19th. - I should be inclined to think that 77497 is written by mistake for 1901. See c. xxxi. 10, and xxxix. 41.

21st. - The Sam. reads 18*2"), and this is followed by all the versions here, and in the following verse.

23d. — For the different readings in this verse, see y. 7.

25th. — Instead of 110, should we not read 799, with the Sam.?

27th. – Ten MSS. read, with the Sam. D'Xw1N1, which is the proper reading

'wan, as we have it v. 8, and c. xxx.

28th. — The Sam. reads 23.

32d. - Thirty-two MSS. read, with the Sam. neys, which is more regular. See v. 33, 35, &c.

34th. — Four MSS. read, with the Sam. Onuobi, which is more regular.

C. xxxvi. Ist. - It would be more grammatical to read Dma; for it cannot well be supposed that the paragogic it was so frequently added, to the confusion of all grammatical rules.

2d. — The Sam. reads 3975, and twenty-six MSS. with the Sam.


7th. - Instead of by, I think we should read 97, omitting the plural pronoun, as the Syr. does. “ For the stuff was sufficient for all the work to do it, and too much."

8th. — Six MSS. read, with the Sam. nwon, which is necessary; and seven, with the Sam. D1213. We should certainly read wy'), agreeably to the next verb, as also nuya (the following participle) in the singular; for, since all the verbs hereafter run in the singular, the last emendations seem quite necessary.

11th. --- The Sam. reads 01855, which is more grammatical, and so it should be read in the following places. · One MS. reads, with the Sam. 131, and thus it is found c. xxv. 4.

13th. — The Sam. reads, with three MSS. 1999/7, and so it should be read where the construction requires the plural noun.

15th. — For nord, we should probably read and xxvii. 9.

1287. See xxvi. 8,

17th. — The Sam. supplies 008 after the first 1149997, which appears to be right from c. xxvi. 10. See the Collations and the Vulg.


18th. -- Twenty-six Mss. read, with the Sam. ovos, which is more regular.

21st. - Thirty-four MSS, read, with the Sam. nion, as in c. xxvi. 16. The Sam. again supplies 1787. See c. xxvi. 16, and y. 24 of this chapter.

22d. - Twenty-three MSS, read, with the Sam. 117, as in c. xxvi. 17; and three, with the Sam. Dia swo, which the grammatical construction requires.

23d. – One MS. reads, with the Sam, 733, as it is found, Lev. xxvi. 18.

25th, — The Sam. reads 73108.

28th. — Four Mss. read, with the Sam. nwypos, and six, with the Sam. niyspan in the next verse.

29th. Should we not read, with the Sam. D'orn in both places, as thirty MSS. read so in the first place! And for the word 175°), see c. xxvi. 24.

30th. Collations.

This verse should be corrected by c. xxvi. 25. See the

32d. – Twelve MSS, read, with the Sam. Dirona, which the grammatical construction requires; and fifteen supply, with the Sam. y sy after the second oops. See c. xxvi. 27.

It seems probable that the word v58 being added here in the Sam. after the second "vaps, as it stands in c. xxvi. and being likewise read

by fifteen MSS. that the word Ding95 has, by some accident, crept into the text, and that the original word, both here and c. xxvi. was 09787; for, in c. xxvi. 27, Din27,5 is manifestly unnecessary, and in this place it is not probable, that, vhs having been used twice just before, another word of the same import should be substituted in the place of it. Besides, there is a word wanting, in both places, to

So that I think" ,האחרת which might be ,האחת and השנית answer to

the passage stood thus; “ and five bars for the boards of the other side of the tabernacle, westward.”

33d. — Twelve MSS. read, with the Sam. 113'nn, as it is written, Ezek. xlvii. 16. We should correct c. xxvi. 28 by this verse, or this by that.

34th. – One MS. reads, with the Sam. birinyau, and so it is found, c. xxvi. 29, which is more regular; though, probably, the true reading is bmwau, as one MS. has it. Fourteen MSS, read, with the

.which are proper ,הבריחים and twelve ,לבריחים .Sam

35th. — If we compare the three last words of this verse with the three last words of c. xxvi. 31, the grammatical construction is not very clear in either place; and it appears probable that we should read

,and here ; יעשה אתה כרבים instead of ,תעשה את הכרובים there

$279217 8 Uy; “ with cunning workmanship thou shalt make the cherubim,” and “ with cunning workmanship he made the cherubim.” The thirtieth verse of c. xxvi. is here omitted, as he is only giving a detail of the things that were made, for the same reason the 33d, 34th, and 35th, verses are likewise omitted.

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