The Review of Reviews, Tom 8

Przednia okładka
Albert Shaw
Review of Reviews, 1893

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Strona 222 - Let us understand, once for all, that the ethical progress of society depends, not on imitating the cosmic process, still less in running away from it, but in combating it.
Strona 56 - It is also impossible to conceive either the beginning or the continuance of life, without an overruling creative power ; and, therefore, no conclusions of dynamical science regarding the future condition of the earth can be held to give dispiriting views as to the destiny of the race of intelligent beings by which it is at present inhabited.
Strona 247 - Republican protection as a fraud, a robbery of the great majority of the American people for the benefit of the few. We declare it to be a fundamental principle of the Democratic party that the Federal Government has no constitutional power to impose and collect tariff duties, except for the purpose of revenue only, and we demand that the collection of such taxes shall be limited to the necessities of the Government when honestly and economically administered.
Strona 44 - I never did anything worth doing by accident," was the reply, " nor did any of my inventions come indirectly through accident, except the phonograph. No, when I have fully decided that a result is worth getting I go ahead on it and make trial after trial until it comes.
Strona 61 - The President of the United States may, from time to time, set apart and reserve in any State or territory having public lands bearing forests, any part of the public lands, wholly or in part covered with timber or undergrowth, whether of commercial value or not, as public reservations, and the President shall by public proclamation declare the establishment of such reservations and the limits thereof.
Strona 288 - He was one of those divine men, who, like a chapel in a palace, remain unprofaned, while all the rest is tyranny, corruption, and folly.
Strona 247 - Assembly, elected by and in sympathy with the people, and to them is relegated the subject to take such action as they may deem just and best in the matter, maintaining the present law in those portions of the State where it is now or can be made efficient and giving to the localities such methods of controlling and regulating the liquor traffic as will best serve the cause of temperance and morality.
Strona 468 - In every tiny block of muscle there is a part which is really alive, there are parts which are becoming alive, there are parts which have been alive but are now dying or dead; there is an upward rush from the lifeless to the living, a downward rush from the living to the dead.
Strona 189 - For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth : and the former things shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.
Strona 177 - THERE rolls the deep where grew the tree. O earth, what changes hast thou seen ! There where the long street roars, hath been The stillness of the central sea. The hills are shadows, and they flow From form to form, and nothing stands ; They melt like mist, the solid lands, Like clouds they shape themselves and go. But in my spirit will I dwell, And dream my dream, and hold it true ; For tho...

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