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"Thou shalt make also seven lamps, and shalt set them upon the candlestick, to give light over-against."

-Exodus xxv. 37.

"Command the children of Israel that they bring thee the purest oil of the olives, and beaten with a pestle: that a lamp may burn always, in the tabernacle of the testimony, without the veil that hangs before the testimony. And Aaron and his sons shall order it, that it may give light before the Lord until the morning. It shall be a perpetual observance throughout their successions among the children of Israel." -Exodus xxvii. 20, 21.

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147. f. 34

"In the days of those kingdoms, the God of Heaven will set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed, and His kingdom shall not be delivered up to another people; and it shall break in pieces and shall consume all these kingdoms, and itself shall stand for ever."


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You have seen an infant on its mother's knee turn to fix its eyes on a bright lamp or candle. If you go into a dark room you call for light. This desire for light is

a gift of God.

When He had created it

He "saw that it was good." He kindled it from His own Being, whose light is from Everlasting. Those innumerable stars at which we gaze in wonder, He hung up in space on the morning of creation, and they will give light to the end of time.

Heaven was flooded with uncreated light, when Lucifer, through a sin of pride, sought to eclipse the glory of God by his own created light, and, from an angel of light, fell with the rest of the rebel angels into the blackness of darkness for ever. When men fell into

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