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an accuser.

Sa-rep’-ta, a goldsmith's shop, where metals used to be melted

and tried. Sa'-ron, Haron. Sa'-ruch, branch, layer; or turning. Sa'-tan, contrary, adversary, a party in a process, an enemy, Sce'-va, disposed, prepared. Scyth'-i-an, Syth'-i-an ; tanner, or leather-dresser. Se-leu'-ci-a, shaken or beaten by the waves, or that runs as a

river. Sem'-e-i, hearing, or obeying. Ser'-gi-us. Paulus. Si’-las, three, or the third. Sil'-o-am, sent, or who sends; or dart, branch, or whatever is sent. Sil'-o-e, the same. Sil-va'-nus, who loves the woods, or forests, from the Latin

word Silva, a wood. Si'-mon, that hears, or obeys. Sop-a-ter, who defends the father, or the health of the father. So-sip'-a-ter. See Sopater. Sos'-the-nes, saviour, strong, and powerful. Spain, in Greek, rare, or precious. Sta’-chys, Sta-kis, spike. Steph'-a-nas, a crown, or crowned. Ste'-phen, the same. Su-san'-nah, a lily, or a rose, or joy. Syn'-ti-che, Sin'-te-ke, that speaks, or discourses. Sy-ro-phe-ni'-ci-an, Sy-ro-fe-nish'-e-an, red, or purple, drawn to.

Tar’-sus, winged, feathered.
Ter-ti-us, Ter'-she-us, the third.
Ter'-tul-lus, a liar, an impostor.
Thad-de'-us, that praises and confesses.
The-oph'-i-lus, a friend, or a lover of God.
Thes-sa-lo-ni'-ca, victory against the Thessalians.
Theur-das, a false teacher.
Thom'-as, Tom-as, a twin.
Thy-a-ti'-ra, a sweet savour of labour, or sacrifice of contrition.
Ti'-mon, honourable.
Ti-mo'-the-us, Tim'-o-thy, (Eng.) honour of God, or valued of

Ti'-tus, honourable.
Tro'-as, penetrated.


Troph'-i-mus, well educated, or brought up.
Try-phe'-na, delicious, delicate.
Try-phoʻ-sa, thrice, shining.
Tych-i-cus, casual happening.
Ty-ran’-nus, a prince, or that reigns.

Z. Zac che'-us, Zak-keus, pure, clean, just, or justified. Zeb'-e-dee, abundant, portion. Ze-lo'tes, zealous, or full of zeal. Ze'-nas, living Zo-rob’-ab.el, Zerubbabel.

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£. (s. d.

116 5,1 5464 5 8,6

1 1 10,3

0 0 1,4 Farthing (Assarium) 20th Den. Maneh or Mina, 50 5 13 10


Farthing (Quadrans) A Talent, 3000 341 1101 4,3Mite,

80th Note, Silver is here reckoned at 5s. Gold at 4l. per Oz.

o 0 0

[blocks in formation]

11 Shebat.


February. 12 Adar.

March. 13 Veader, intercalary.



8 Marchesvan, S October.
or Bul.


4 Thamuz.


Days of the Week.

Ist day, 2d day, 3d day, 4th day, 5th day, 6th day,


Friday, 7th, or Sabbath, Suturday.

Hours of the Day.


The 1st watch, from suna-set to The day, reckoning from sun

the 3d hour of the night. rise, and the night, from The 2d, or middle watch, sun-set, were each divided from the 3d hour to the 6th. into 12 equal parts, called The Sd watch, or cock-crowThe 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, &c. ing, from the 6th to the 9th. Hours.

The 4th, or morning watch,

from the 9th hour to sun-rise. 57.

An Jnder



The year

before CHRIST 6. Luke, i.

The angel Gabriel appears to Zachary the priest, 11, as he is offering incense in the temple, telling him,

that a son shall be born unto him, whom he shall call John; who also shall be a Nazarite, and the fore

runner of the Lord, in the spirit and power of Elias. 5. 26, In the sixth month after Johu was conceived, the

same angel Gabriel is sent by God to Nazareth in Galilee, to the inost blessed Virgin Mary (espoused to Joseph, a person of the house and lineage of David): the angel declares unto her that she shall conceive, by the overshadowing of the Holy Ghost, and bring

forth a son, and call his name Jesus. 4.

John the Baptist boru six months before Christ.

THE SEVENTH AGE OF THE WORLD. Luke, ii. Christ our Lord and Saviour, in the fuluess of time, 6, is born of the blessed Virgin Mary at Bethlehem, and

laid in a manger. 21. On the eighth day after his nativity, he is circum

cised, aud uamed Jesus. Mat. ii. The wise men of the east bring presents to the 1, 12, new-born King of the Jews. 14, Joseph Aies into Egypt with the child Jesus, and

Mary his mother. 16, Herod commands the infants in and about Beth

lehem to be slain. 3. 20. Herod dieth, and his son Archelaus is by Cæsar

Jos. Ant. made tetrarch of Judea ; other dominions, which be-
1. 17.c.10. longed to Herod, are divided among
Mat. ii. Christ, by God's appointment, is brought back out
21, 23. of Egypt into Nazareth.

his sons.

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