History of the Regency and Reign of King George the Fourth

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William Cobbett, 1830

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Strona 11 - Ghent, that all territory, places, and possessions whatsoever, taken by either party from the other during the war, or which may be taken after the signing of this treaty, excepting only the islands hereinafter mentioned, shall be restored without delay, and without causing any destruction, or carrying away any of the artillery or other public property originally captured in the said forts or places, and which shall remain therein upon the exchange of the ratifications of this treaty, or any slaves...
Strona 8 - ... empty themselves into the river St. Lawrence from those which fall into the Atlantic ocean, to the northwesternmost head of Connecticut...
Strona 8 - And in the event of the said two Commissioners differing, or both or either of them refusing, declining, or wilfully omitting to act, such reports, declarations, or statements shall be made by them, or either of them, and such reference to...
Strona 9 - Cataraquy ; thence, along the middle of said river, into Lake Ontario, through the middle of said lake, until it strikes the communication by water between that lake and lake Erie ; thence, along the middle of said communication into lake Erie, through the middle of said lake...
Strona 1 - That the promissory notes of the said company have hitherto been, and are at this time, held in public estimation to be equivalent to the legal coin of the realm, and generally accepted as such in all pecuniary transactions to which such coin is lawfully applicable.
Strona 5 - I have no predilections to indulge — no resentments to gratify — no objects to attain, but such as are common to the whole empire.
Strona 5 - ... hands, and constitute a part of my government. With such support, and aided by a vigorous and united administration, formed on the most liberal basis, I shall look with additional confidence to a prosperous issue of the most arduous contest in which Great Britain was ever engaged.

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