Obrazy na stronie

afraid to go thither: and be- timuit illo ire: et admoni

ing warned in sleep retired tus in somnis, secessit in

into the quarters of Galilee. partes Galilaeae. Et veniens

And coming he dwelt in a habitavit in civitate quae

city called Nazareth: that it vocatur Nazareth : ut adim

might be fulfilled which was pleretur quod dictum est

said by the prophets: That he per Prophetas: quoniam


Deus firmavit, page 379.


Concede, quaesumus, page 380. Commemoration of St. Telesphorus.

Sanctify, O Lord, the offer- Munera tibi, Domine, di

ings consecrated to thee: and cata sanctifica: et, interce

being appeased thereby, mer- dente beato Telesphoro,

cifully look upon us, by the in- Martyre tuo atque Pontifice,

tercession of blessed Telespho- per eadem nos placatus in

rus, thy Martyr and Bishop. tende.

Commemoration of the Blessed Virgin.

Muneribus nostris, page 424.


Tolle puerum, page 380.
Commemoration of St. Telesphorus.


May this communion, O Refecti participatione muLord, cleanse us from sin, and neris sacri, quaesumus, Doby the intercession of blessed mine Deus noster, ut cujus Telesphorus, thy Martyr and exsequimur culture, interBishop, make us effectually cedente beato Telesphoro, partakers of this heavenly re- Martyre tuo atque Ponti




Commemoration of the Blessed Virgin. Haec nos communio, page 425.

The last words of our Advent were those of the Spouse, recorded in the prophecy of the Beloved Disciple: Come, Lord Jesus, come !1 We will close this first part of our Christmas with those words of the Prophet Isaias, which the Church has so often spoken to us: unto us a Child is born !2 The heavens have dropped down their Dew, the clouds have rained down the Just One, the earth has yielded its Saviour, The Word Is Made Flesh, the Virgin has brought forth her sweet Fruit—our Emmanuel, that is, God with us. The Sun of Justice now shines upon us; darkness has fled; in heaven there is Glory to God; on earth, there is Peace to men. All these blessings have been brought to us by the humble yet glorious Birth of this Child. Let us adore him in his Crib; let us love him for all his love of us; and let us prepare the gifts we intend to present to him, with the Magi, on to-morrow's Feast. The joy of the Church is as great as ever; the Angels are adoring in their wondering admiration; all nature thrills with delight:—Unto us is born a little Child!

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* Come, ye Faithful, in joy and triumph, to Bethlehem, and gaze on the new-born King of Angels 1 Come, let Ub adore the Lord!

* The Virgin's womb carries the God of God, the Light of Light, the true God, that was born, not made. Come, let us adore the Lord I

Lo! the Shepherds are called, and, leaving their flocks, hasten to the humble Crib. Let us, also, go thither, with joy, Come, let us adore the Lord!

We shall see the eternal brightness of the Eternal Father hid under the veil of Flesh—the Infant-God wrapt in swaddling-clothes. Come, let us adore the Lord!

Let us devoutly embrace Him, who, for our sakes, is become poor and lies on straw.

* Adeste fideles, laeti, triumphantes,

Venite, venite in Bethlehem 1

Natum videte Began An

gelorum! Venite adoremus! Venite

adoremus! Venite adoremus Domi

num 1

* Deum de Deo, Lumen de Lumine,

Gestant Puellae viscera, Deum verum genitum non

factum. Venite adoremus! &c. En grege relicto, humiles

ad cunas Vocati Pastores adprope


Et nos ovanti gradu festi

nemus. Venite adoremus! &c. iEterni Parentis splendo

rem aeternum Velatum sub carne videbi


Deum Infantem pannis in

volutum. Venite adoremus! &c. Pro nobis egenum et f oeno cubantem Piis foveamus amplexibus.

2 K

Sic nos amantem quls non

redainaret] Venite adoremus! <£c.

* Cantet nunc Io chorus angelorum,

Cantet nunc aula codes-

tium: Gloria in excelsis Deo! Venite adoremus! <kc.

* Ergo qui natus die ho-

Jesu, tibi sit gloria!
Patris aiterni Verbum caro

Venite adoremus! &c

Oh ! who will refuse to love Him, who so loves us? Come, let us adore the Lord!

* Let the Angel choir now sing its Hymns. Let the court of the Blessed give forth its Glory be to God in the highest J Come, let us adore the Lord!

* To thee, O Jesus! who art this day born, be glory. Glory be to thee, O Word of the Eternal Father, that art now made Flesh I Come, let us adore!


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