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f t . Cadit custos vitis in vinea, dux in castris, cultor in area.

* Coelum domo commutans lutea.

Pkosa. Clangat pastor in tuba cornea,

Ut libera sit Christi vinea,

Quam assumpsit, sub carnis trabea,

Liberavit cruce purpurea.

Adversatrix ovis erronea.

Fit pastoris caede sanguinea.

Pavimenta Christi marmorea

Sacro madent cruore rubea.

Martyr, vitae donatus laurea,

Velut granum purgatum palea.

In divina transfertur horrea.

* Coelum domo commutans lutea.

The vine-keeper dies in his vineyard, the general in his camp, the husbandman on the place of his toil.

* Changing his house of clay for heaven.

Prose. Let the Pastor, trumpet-tongued, cry out to men,

That Christ's vineyard must be free:

The vineyard that he took unto himself, when he clothed himself with our flesh,

And made free by the Blood he shed upon the Cross.

A lost sheep, become an enemy.

Is blood-stained by the murder of his Shepherd

The marble pavement of Christ's sanctuary

Is purpled with the stream of holy blood

The Martyr, decked with the laurel-crown of life,

Is, like wheat well winnowed from its chaff,

Carried into the garnerhouse of heaven.

* Changing his house of clay for heaven.

The Church of France, also testified, by its Liturgy, its admiration for our illustrious Martyr. Adam of Saint-Victor composed as many as three Sequences in honour of his triumph over the enemies of God. We will give two to-day, reserving the third for the Octave-Day. They breathe the warmest sympathy for the saintly Archbishop of Canterbury, and prove how dear was the Liberty of the Church to the Faithful of those days, and how the cause, for which St. Thomas was the Martyr, was then looked upon as the cause of the whole of Christendom.


Rejoice, O Sion! and be

flad; in voice and heart make oliday on this joyous solemnity.

Thy Thomas, O Jesus! is slain: for thee is he immolated, as a saving host.

He is Archbishop and Legate—yet is he humble amidst all these great honours.

Steward of the Almighty King, he is sentenced to exile, for having defended his flock.

He combats with a Pastor's weapons; he is girt with the sword of the spirit; he deserved his victory.

He sought to fight and die for the law of his God, and for the flock entrusted to him.

Then did Canterbury weep to see herself left lonely without her guide, and widowed of her Shepherd.

Whilst she wept, another city was in strangest joy :—it was Sens in France, exulting in her possession of so great a man.

While he was absent, the Liberty of the Church was weakened, and being weakened, was trampled on.

Thus, dear Shepherd, didst thou leave us, nor ever didst thou turn from off the right path of justice.

There was a time when thou wast first Lord of the Court, serving as a faithful minister in the palace of a King.

Thou didst enjoy the public favour and praise—short-lived things, as they ever are.

Gaude, Sion, et laetare, Voce, voto jocundare Solemni laetitia.

Tuus Thomas trucidatur: Pro te, Christe, immolatur Salutaris hostia.

Archipraesul et legatus, Nullo tamen est elatus Honoris fastigio.

Dispensator summi Regis, Pro tutela sui gregis Damnatur exilio.

Telo certans pastorali, Ense cinctus spiritali, Triumphare meruit.

Hic pro Dei sui lege,
Et pro suo mori grege,
Decertare studuit.

Tunc rectore desolatam,
Et pastore viduatam,
Se plangebat Cantua.

Versa vice, plausu miro, Exsultavit tanto viro Senonensis Gallia.

Quo absente infirmatur, Infirmata conculcatur Libertas Ecclesiae.

Sic nos, pastor, reliquisti, Nec a vero recessisti Tramite justitiae.

Quondam coetu curiali Primus eras, et regali Militans palatio.

Plebis aura favorali, Et, ut mos est, temporali Plaudebas praeconio.

Consequenter es mutatus, Praesulatu sublimatus, Novus homo reparatus Felici commercio.

Ex adverse ascendisti, Et te murum objecisti, Caput tuum obtulisti Christi sacrificio.

Carnis tuae morte spreta, Triumphalis es athleta; Palma tibi datur laeta, Quod testantur insueta Flurima miracula.

Cleri gemma, clare Thoma, Motus carnis nostrae doma Precum efficacia.

Ut in Christo, vera vite, Radicati, vera vite Capiamus praemia.


But being raised to the episcopal dignity, thy whole heart is changed. It was a happy barter of office, for it made thee a new man.

Thou didst set thyself up as a wall against iniquity: thou didst offer thy head as a sacrifice to Christ.

The death of thy body was a small thing in thy eyes, brave champion and conqueror! Thou didst receive a splendid Palm, as thy extraordinary and numerous miracles testify.

O glorious Martyr Thomas! thou pearl of priests, tame the rebellion of our flesh by thy powerful prayers.

That so, being rooted in the True Vine, Jesus, we may receive the solid rewards of eternal life.


2nd Sequence.

Pia mater plangatEcclesia

Quod patravit major Britannia

Factum detestabile;

Pietate movetur Francia;

Fugit coelum, tellus etmaria, Scelus; execrabile! Scelus, inquam, non dicendum,

Grande scelus et horrendum Perpetravit Anglia.

Patrem suum praedamnavit,

Et in sede trucidavit
Restitutum propria.
Thomas totius Angliae

Flos vernans, et Ecclesiae
Specialis gloria,

In templo Cantuariae

Pro legibus justitiae

Fit sacerdos et hostia.

Our loving mother the Church weeps over Britannia's hateful deed. France is moved to compassion, and Heaven, earth, and sea, turn away from the execrable crime.

Yea, England perpetrated a crime too great to tell—a heinous, horrid crime. She gave sentence against her own Father, and having restored him to his See, she slew him.

Thomas, England's fair flower—the Church's special glory—is made Priest and Victim, for the law's of justice, in Canterbury's Church.

Between the temple and the altar, on the threshold of God's House; he is struck, but is not vanquished; it is the rending of the veil of the temple by the edge of the sword. Tis Eliseus made bald; 'tis Zacharias slain. The kiss of peace just given, is broken, and the voice of the organ is changed into lamentation and weeping.

'Twas the morrow of the Innocents' Feast, when this innocent victim was dragged to execution, and struck down, and his brains picked out with a sword's point. The pavement of God's House is enriched with rubies: it is sprinkled with blood, as its Priest puts on the vestment of the Passion.

The murderers are wild with rage; the blood of the just man is condemned, and his head is split with a sword, in the very Presence of our Lord. He that celebrates the sacred rite, is himself made sacred; the sacrificer is made the sacrifice, leaving the world this example of courage.

The Pontiff is offered up a holocaust full of marrow—the whole world is filled with its fame, and its fragrance is most sweet unto God. For the blow which cut off the top part of his head, whereon was marked the tonsure-crown, he receives a twofold robe, when the Archiepiscopal See is restored.

The Jews scoff, and Pagans laugh, and Idolaters reproach a Christian people that broke

Inter templum et altare, Templi super liminare Concutitur, non frangitur; Sed gladiis conscinditur Velum templi medium. Eliseus decalvatur, Zacharias trucidatur, Pax tradita dissolvitur, Et organum convertitur In lamentum flentium.

Prope festum Innocen-

Innocenter ad tormentum
Pertrahitur, concutitur,
Et cerebrum effunditur

Cuspide mucionis.
Ad decoris ornamentum,
Templi rubet pavimentum.
Quod sanguine respergi-


Dum Sarcerdos induitur

Veste passionis. Furor ingens debacchatur, Sanguis justus condemna


Ense caput dissecatur

In conspectu Domini;

Cum sacrabat, hic sacratur,

Immolator immolatur,
Ut virtutis relinquatur
Hoc exemplum homini.
Holocaustum medulla-

Jam per orbem propalatum,
In odorem Deo gratum
Est pontifex oblatus;
Pro corona quae secatur
Duplex stola praeparatur,
Ubi sedes restauratur

Synagoga derogat, ridet paganismus, Insultant idolatrae, quod


Foedus violaverit,

Nec patri pepercerit

Rachel plorat filium, non

vult consolari,
Quem in matris utero vidit


Super cujus obitum

Dant in netu gemitum Mentes pietatis.

Hic est ille Pontifex, Quem supernus artifex In coeloram culmine Magnum stabilivit, Postquam pertransivit Gladios Anglorum.

Cum mori non timuit, Sed cervicem praebuit

In suo sanguine;

Ut abhinc exivit,

Semel introivit

In Sancta sanctorum. Cujus mortem pretiosain

Testantur miracula: Christe, nobis suffragetur Per aeterna saecula. Amen.

the sacred vow and murdered a Bishop of the Christian Church. Rachel bewails her Son, nor will she be comforted, for she saw him murdered whilst in her sacred lap: and every feeling heart sheds o'er this glorious death the tears of its sad grief.

This is the Pontiff, who, after he had passed the English swords, was magnified, in high heaven, by the supreme Creator.

Not having feared to die and shed his blood, he left this world, and entered once and for ever into the Holy of Holies.

Miracles attest how precious was this death; may it, O Jesus! draw down thy grace upon us for eternity. Amen.

O glorious Martyr Thomas! courageous defender of the Church of thy divine Master! we come on this day of thy Feast, to do honour to the wonderful graces bestowed upon thee by God. As children of the Church, we look with delighted admiration on him who so loved her, and to whom the honour of this Spouse of Christ was so dear, that he gladly sacrificed his life in order to secure her independence and Liberty. Because thou didst so love the Church, as to sacrifice thy peace, thy temporal happiness, and thy very life, for her; because, too, thy sacrifice was for nothing of thine own, but for God alone;—therefore, have the tongues of sinners and cowards spoken ill of thee, and heaped calumnies upon thee. O Martyr truly worthy of the name ! for, the testimony

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