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POSTCOMMUNION. Præsta, quæsumus, omni- Grant, we beseech thee, C potens Deus : ut natus hodie Almighty God, that as the Salvator mundi, sicut di- Saviour of the world, who was vinæ nobis generationis est born this day, procured for us auctor ; ita et immortalitatis a divine birth, he may also besit ipse largitor. Qui tecum. stow on us immortality. Who

liveth, dc.

After the Blessing, the following Last Gospel is read.

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rare eum.

Sequentia sancti Evangelii Sequel of the holy Gospel acsecundum Matthæum. cording to Matthew. Сар. ІІ.

Ch. II. Cum natus esset Jesus in When Jesus was born in Bethlehem Juda, in diebus Bethlehem of Juda, in the Herodis regis, ecce Magi ab days of king Herod, behold Oriente venerunt Jerosoly- there came Wise Men from mam, dicentes : Ubi est, qui the East to Jerusalem, saying : natus est Rex Judæorum ? Where is he that is born King vidimus enim stellam ejus of the Jews ? for we have seen in Oriente, et venimus ado- his star in the East, and are Audiens autem come to adore him.

And Herodes rex, turbatus est, Herod hearing this, was trouet omnis Jerosolyma cum bled, and all Jerusalem with illo. congregans omnes him. And assembling together principes sacerdotum, et all the chief Priests and the scribas populi, sciscitabatur Scribes of the people, he enab eis ubi Christus nascere- quired of them, where Christ tur. At illi dixerunt ei : In should be born. But they said to Bethlehem Judæ : sic enim him:in Bethlehem of Juda : for scriptum est per Prophetam: so it is written by the Prophet : Et tu, Bethlehem, terra Ju- And

thou, Bethlehem, the land da, nequaquam minima es of Juda, art not the least in principibus Juda : ex te among the princes of Juda : enim exiet dux qui regat for out of thee shall come forth populum meum Israel. Tunc the captain, that shall rule my Herodes, clam vocatis Magis, people Israel. Then, Herod, diligenter didicit ab eis tem- privately calling the Wise Men, pus stellæ, quæ apparuit eis: learned diligently of them the et mittens illos in Bethle- time of the star, which aphem, dixit : Ite, et interro- peared to them : and sending gate diligenter de puero : et, them into Bethlehem, said:

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Go, and diligently enquire cum inveneritis, renuntiate after the Child, and when you mihi, ut et ego veniens have found him, bring me adorem eum. Qui, cum auword again, that I also may dissent regem, abierunt. Et come and adore. Who, having ecce stella, quam viderant heard the king, went their in Oriente, antecedebat eos, way. And behold, the star, usque dum veniens staret which they had seen in the supra ubi erat puer. ViEast, went before them, until dentes autem stellam, gavisi it came and stood over where sunt gaudio magno valde. the Child was. And seeing Et intrantes domum, invethe star, they rejoiced with ex- nerunt puerum cum Maria ceeding great joy. And enter- matre ejus, (here, all kneel,) ing into the house, they found et procidentes adoraverunt the Child, with Mary, his eum. Et, apertis thesauris Mother, (here, all kneet,) and suis, obtulerunt ei munera ; falling down they adored him. aurum, thus, et myrrham. And opening their treasures, Et responso accepto in somthey offered him gifts ; gold, nis ne redirent ad Herodem, frankincense, and myrrh. And per

aliam viam reversi sunt having received an answer in in regionem suam. R. Deo sleep, that they should not re- gratias. turn to Herod, they went back, another way, into their own country. B. Thanks be to God.



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The Even-Song of God's praise is about to close this beautiful Day let us go and unite in it. The material sun is fast sinking in the west :—but, our Sun of Justice shall never set for us, who have received him into our hearts. Yes, let us go join our Mother, the Church, and chant, in the songs of the Royal Prophet, the happiness of our earth, that has yielded its divine Fruit; the glories of this new-born Saviour; and the mercies, which he has brought us. God forbid ! that our hearts should have lost, since morning, aught of their earnest fervour !—has not Christ been born within us? Therefore, let our psalmody proclaim his praises, and ascend to him, with all that beauty, and loveliness, and merit, which the divine Liturgy always adds to our own individual fervour.

V. Deus, in adjutorium V. Incline unto my aid, O meum intende.

God. B. Domine, ad adjuvan- R. O Lord, make haste to dum me festina.

help me. Gloria Patri et Filio et Glory be to the Father, and Spiritui Sancto;

to the Son, and to the Holy

Ghost. Sicut erat in principio, et As it was in the beginning, nunc et semper, et in sæcula is now, and ever shall be, sæculorum. Amen. Alle world without end. Amen. luia.


The first Psalm of Second Vespers for Christmas Day, is that which always begins the Evening Office, on Sundays and Feasts. It celebrates the Eternal Generation of the Word, and prophesies his Sufferings and his Triumph.

Ant. Tecum principium Ant. With thee is the prinin die virtutis tuæ, in cipality in the day of thy splendoribus Sanctorum : strength, in the brightness of ex utero ante luciferum ge- the Saints ; for the Father has nui te.

said to thee : From the womb, before the day-star, I begot thee.

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PSALM 109. Dixit Dominus Domino The Lord said to my Lord, * Sede a dextris meis. his Son: Sit thou at my right

hand, and reign with me. Donec ponam inimicos Until, on the day of thy last tuos : * scabellum pedum coming, I make thy enemies tuorum.

thy footstool. Virgam virtutis tuæ emit- © Christ! the Lord, thy tet Dominus ex Sion : * do- Father, will send forth the minare in medio inimicorum sceptre of thy power out of tuorum.

Sion : from thence, rule thou

in the midst of thy enemies. Tecum principium in die With thee is the principality virtutis tuæ, in splendori- in the day of thy strength, in

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the brightness of the Saints : bus Sanctorum : * ex utero for the Father hath said to ante luciferum genui te. thee : From the womb, before the day-star, I begot thee.

The Lord hath sworn, and Juravit Dominus, et non he will not repent: he hath pænitebit eum : * Tu es sasaid, speaking of thee, the God- cerdos in æternum, secunMan: Thou art a Priest for dum ordinem Melchisedech. ever, according to the order of Melchisedech.

Therefore, O Father! the Dominus a dextris tuis : Lord, thy Son, is at thy right * confregit in die iræ suæ hand': he hath broken kings reges. in the day of his wrath. He shall, also, judge among

Judicabit in nationibus, nations ; he shall fill the ruins implebit ruinas :

conquasof the world : he shall crush the sabit capita in terra multoheads in the land of many.

He cometh now in humility; De torrente in via bibet; * he shall drink, in the way, of propterea exaltabit caput. the torrent of sufferings: therefore, shall be lift up the head.

Ant. With thee is the prin- Ant. Tecum principium cipality in the day of thy in die virtutis tuæ, in splenstrength, in the brightness of doribus Sanctorum : ex utethe Saints ; for the Father has ro ante luciferum genui te. said to thee : From the womb, before the day-star, I begot thee.

The second Psalm praises our Lord for the Covenant he has made with his people, and for the Redemption he has, this day, sent us. The human race was sunk into the depth of misery: the God of mercy, faithful to his promises, gives us, in Bethlehem, Him who is the Bread of life—the heavenly food, that preserves from death.

ANT. He hath sent Re- Ant. Redemptionem midemption to his people ; he sit Dominus populo suo, hath commanded his covenant mandavit in æternum testafor ever.

mentum suum.

PSALM 110. I will praise thee, O Lord, Confitebor, tibi, Domine, with my whole heart : in the in toto corde meo :

in con


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cilio justorum et congrega- counsel of the just, and in the tione.

congregation. Magna opera Domini : * Great are the works of the exquisita in omnes volun- Lord : sought out according tates ejus.

to all his wills. Confessio et magnificen- His work is praise and magtia opus ejus : * et justitia nificence : and his justice conejus manet in sæculum sæ- tinueth for ever and ever. culi.

Memoriam fecit mirabi- He hath made a lium suorum, misericors et brance of his wonderful works, miserator Dominus : es- being a merciful and gracious cam dedit timentibus se. Lord : and being the Bread of

life, he hath given food to

them that fear him. Memor erit in sæculum He will be mindful for ever testamenti sui : * virtutem of his covenant with men: he operum suorum annuntiabit will come and will show forth populo suo.

to his people the power of his

works. Ut det illis hæreditatem That he may give them, his gentium: opera manuum Church, the inheritance of the ejus veritas et judicium. Gentiles : the works of his

hand are truth and judgment. Fidelia omnia mandata All his commandments are ejus, confirmata in sæculum faithful, confirmed for ever and sæculi : * facta in veritate ever: made in truth and equity. et æquitate.

Redemptionem misit po- He hath sent Redemption pulo

mandavit to his people: he hath, thereby, in æternum testamentum commanded his covenant for suum.

Sanctum et terribile no- Holy and terrible is his men ejus: * initium sapien- name : the fear of the Lord is tiæ timor Domini.

the beginning of wisdom. Intellectus bonus omni- A good understanding to all bus facientibus eum : * lau- that do it: his praise condatio ejus manet in sæcu- tinueth for ever and ever. lum sæculi.

Ant. Redemptionem mi- ANT. He hath sent Resit Dominus populo suo, demption to his people; he mandavit in æternum tes- hath commanded his covetamentum suum.

nant for ever.



suo :


The third Psalm tells the happiness and hopes of the just man, on the day of Jesus' Birth. In the

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