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Laudate eum coeli coelorum : * et aquae omnes quae super codes sunt, laudent nomen Domini.

Quia ipse dixit et facta sunt: * ipse mandavit, et creata sunt.

Statuit ea in aeternum, et in saeculum saeculi: * praeceptum posuit, et non praeteribit.

Laudate Dominum de terra: * dracones et omnes abyssi.

Ignis, grando, nix, glacies, spiritus procellarum:

* quae faciunt verbum ejus. Montes et omnes colles:

* ligna fructifera, et omnes cedri.

Bestiae et universa pecora: * serpentes et volucres pennatae.

Reges terrae et omnes populi: * principes, et omnes judices terrae.

Juvenes, et virgines, senes cum junioribus, laudent nomen Domini: * quia exaltatum est nomen ejus solius.

Confessio ejus super* car. lum et terram: * et exaltavit cornu populi sui.

Hymnus omnibus Sanctis ejus: * filiis Israel, populo appropinquanti sibi.

Praise him, ye heavens of heavens: and let all the waters that are above the heavens, praise the name of the Lord.

For he spoke, and they were made: he commanded, and they were created.

He hath established them for ever, and for ages of ages: he hath made a decree, and it shall not pass away.

Praise the Lord from the earth, ye dragons and all ye deeps.

Fire, hail, snow, ice, stormy winds, which fulfil his word.

Mountains and all hills; fruitful trees, and all cedars.

Beasts and all cattle; serpents and feathered fowls.

Kings of the earth, and all people ; princes and all judges of the earth.

Young men and maidens; let the old with the younger praise the name of the Lord: for his name alone is exalted.

His praise is above heaven and earth: and he hath, this Day, exalted the horn of his people.

A hymn to all his Saints: to the children of Israel, a people approaching to him.

Psalm 149.

Cantate Domino canticum novum: * laus ejus in Ecclesia Sanctorum.

Laetetur Israel in eo, qui fecit eum : * et filii Sion exsultent in rege suo.

Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle, let his praise be in the Church of the Saints.

Let the new Israel rejoice in him that made him, and let the children of Sion be joyful in their King.

Let them praise his name in choir: let them sing to him with the timbrel and the psaltery.

For the Lord is well pleased with his people: and the meek and humble, like the Babe of Bethlehem, he will exalt unto salvation.

The saints shall rejoice in glory: they shall be joyful in their beds.

The high praises of God shall be in their mouth: and two-edged swords in their hands.

To execute vengeance upon the nations: chastisements among the people;

To bind their kings with fetters: and their nobles with manacles of iron;

To execute upon them the judgment that is written : this glory is to all his Saints.


Praise ye the Lord in his holy places: praise ye him in the firmament of his power.

Praise ye him for his mighty acts: praise ye him according to the multitude of his greatness.

Praise him with sound of trumpet: praise him with psaltery and harp.

Praise him with timbrel and choir: praise him with strings and organs.

Praise him on high sounding cymbals, praise him on cymbals of joy: let every spirit praise the Lord.

Laudent nomen ejus in choro : * in tympano et psalterio psallant ei .

Quia beneplacitum est Domino in populo suo: * et exaltabit mansuetos in salutem.

Exsultabunt Sancti in gloria: * laetabuntur in cubilibus suis.

Exaltationes Dei in gutture eorum: * et gladii ancipites in manibus eorum.

Ad faciendam vindictam in nationibus: * increpationes in populis.

Ad alligandos reges eorum in compedibus : * et nobiles eorum in manicis ferreis.

Utfaciant in eis judicium conscriptum: * gloria haec omnibus Sanctis ejus.


Laudate Dominum in Sanctis ejus : * laudate eum in firmamento virtutis ejus.

Laudate eum in virtutibus ejus: * laudate eum secundum multitudinem magnitudinis ejus.

Laudate eum in sono tubae: * laudate eum in psalterio et cithara.

Laudate eum in tympano et choro : * laudate eum in chordis et organo.

Laudate eum in cymbalis benesonantibus, laudate eum in cymbalis jubilationis : * omnis spiritus laudet Dominum.

Ant. Parvulus filius hodie Ant. A Little Child is, this

natus est nobis, et vdcabitur day, born unto us, and he

Deus, Fortis, alleluia, alle- shall be called God, the Mighty

luia. One, alleluia, alleluia.

The Capitulum is taken from the Epistle of St. Paul to the Hebrews; we shall have it repeated, and with several additional verses, in the Epistle of the Third Mass.


{Heb. 1.)

Multifariam, multisque God, who at sundry times, modis ohm Deus loquens and in divers manners, spoke, patribus in Prophetis: no- in times past, to the fathers vissime diebus istis locutus by the Prophets; last of all, est nobis in Filio, quem con- in these days, hath spoken to stituit haeredem universo- us by his Son, whom he hath rum, per quem fecit et sae- appointed Heir of all things, cula. by whom also he made the


1$. Deo gratias. R. Thanks be to God.

Sedulius, a Christian Poet of the fourth century, is the author of the beautiful Hymn, which now follows :—


A solis ortus cardine From where the sun rises,

Ad usque terrae limitem, to the furthest west, let us all Christum canamus Princi- sing to Jesus our King, the

pem, Son of the Virgin Mary.

Natum Maria Virgine.

* In the Monastic Breviary, it is as follows:

R. breve. Verbum caro factum est, * Alleluia, alleluia. Verbum. V. Et habitavit in nobis. * Alleluia, alleluia. Gloria Patri. Verbum.

A solis ortus cardine Ad usque terrae limitem,

Christum canamus Principem,
Natum Maria Virgine.

Beatus Auctor saeculi
Servile corpus induit;
m Came carnem liberans,
Ne perderet quos condidit.

The blessed Creator of the universe assumed the body of a servant: that he might thus by Flesh deliver flesh, and save from perdition the creatures of his hands.

The heavenly grace enters into the womb of the VirginMother: the young Maiden carries within her a Secret, which she knows not.

This chastest living Dwelling becomes, in that instant, God's own Temple : the purest of Virgins conceives the Son of God.

She gives him birth: Him, whom Gabriel had foretold, and whom the Baptist, exulting in his mother's womb, perceived when yet unborn.

He suffered himself to be laid on the straw: he disdains not" the Crib: and He, who feeds the hungry birds, is fed himself on a few drops of milk!

The heavenly citizens keep glad choir, singing their angelhymns to God: and the Shepherd, the Creator of the world, is looked at by shepherds.

Beatus auctor saeculi Servile corpus induit: m carne carnem liberans, Ne perderet quos condidit.

Caste Parentis viscera Ccelestis intrat gratia: Venter puellae bajulat Secreta, quaa non noverat.

Domus pudici pectoris Templum repente fit Dei; Intacta nesciens virum. Concepit alvo Filium.

Enititur puerpera Quem Gabriel praedixerat, Quem ventre matris gestiens,

Baptista clausum senserat.

Foeno jacere pertulit: Praesepe non abhorruit: Et lacte modico pastus est, Per quem nec ales esurit.

Gaudet chorus coelestium, Et Angeli canunt Deo; Palamque fit pastoribus Pastor, creator omnium.

Caste Parentis viscera Coelestis intrat gratia: Venter Puellae bajulat Secreta, quae non noverat.

Domus pudici pectoris Templum repente fit Dei: Intacta nesciens virum, Verbo concepit Filium.

Enixa est Puerpera Quem Gabriel praedixerat, Quem matris alvo gestiens, Clausus Joannes senserat.

Foeno jacere pertulit, Praesepe non abnorruit: Parvoque lacte pastus est, Per quem nec ales esurit.

Gaudet chorus coelestium, Et Angeli canunt Deo: Palamque fit pastoribus Pastor, Creator omnium.

Gloria tibi Domine, Qui natus es de Virgine, Cum Patre et Sancto Spiritu, In sempiterna saecula.


Glory be to thee, O Jesus, that wast born of the Virgin! and to the Father, and to the Spirit of Love, for everlasting

Jesu, tibi sit gloria;
Qui natus es de Virgine,
Cum Patre et almo Spiritu,
In sempiterna saecula.

Notum fecit Dominus,

B. Salutare suum, alleluia.

The Canticle of Zachary is now sung: it is the Church's daily welcome of the rising Sun. It celebrates the coming of Jesus to his creatures, the fulfilment of the promises made by God, and the apparition of the Divine Orient in the midst of our darkness.


8. The Lord hath made known, alleluia. B. His salvation, alleluia.

Ant. Gloria in excelsis Deo, et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis, alleluia, alleluia.

Ant. Glory be to God in the highest; and, on earth, peace to men of good will, alleluia, alleluia.


(St. Luke, 1.)

Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel: * quia visitavit, et fecit redemptionem plebis suae.

Et erexit cornu salutis nobis: * in domo David pueri sui.

Sicut locutus est per os Sanctorum : * quia a saeculo sunt Prophetarum ejus.

Salutem ex inimicis nostris : * et de mauu omnium qui oderunt nos.

Ad faciendam misericordiam cum Patribus nostris: * et memorari testamenti sui sancti.

Jusjurandum quod juravit ad Abraham patrem nostrum: * daturum se nobis.

Blessed be the Lord God of Israel: because he hath, this day, visited and wrought the redemption of his people.

And hath raised up an horn of salvation to us, in the house of David his servant.

As he spoke by the mouth of his holy Prophets, who are from the beginning.

Salvation from our enemies, and from the hand of all that hate us.

To perform mercy to our Fathers, and to remember his holy testament.

The oath which he swore to Abraham, our Father; that he would grant to us.

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