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whilst awake, and watch us as vigilantes : custodi nos dorwe sleep; that we may watch mientes, ut vigilemus cum with Christ, and rest in peace. Christo, et requiescamus in

pace. Ñ. The Lord be with

you. Ñ. Dominus vobiscum. R. And with thy spirit. R. Et cum spiritu tuo.



Visit, we beseech thee, O Visita, quæsumus DomiLord, this house and family, ne, habitationem istam, et and drive from it all snares of omnes insidias inimici ab ea the enemy : let thy holy An- longe repelle ; Angeli tui gels dwell herein, who may sancti habitent in ea, qui keep us in peace, and may thy nos in pace custodiant : et blessing be always upon us.

benedictio tua sit super nos Through Jesus Christour Lord, semper. Per Dominum nosthy Son, who liveth and reign- trum Jesum Christum Fieth with thee, in the unity of lium tuum, qui tecum vivit the Holy Ghost, God, world et regnat in unitate Spiriwithout end. Amen.

tus Sancti Deus, per omnia

sæcula sæculorum. Amen. Ņ. The Lord be with you.

Ñ. Dominus vobiscum. R. And with thy spirit. R. Et cum spiritu tuo. Ď. Let us bless the Lord. ř. Benedicamus Domino. R. Thanks be to God.

B. Deo gratias. May the almighty and mer- Benedicat et custodiat nos ciful Lord, Father, Son, and omnipotens et misericors Holy Ghost, bless and preserve Dominus, Pater, et Filius,

et Spiritus Sanctus. R. Amen.

B. Amen.



Sweet Mother of our Re- Alma Redemptoris mater, deemer, Gate whereby we

quæ pervia cæli enter heaven, and Star of the Porta manes, et stella maris, sea, help us, we fall; yet do succurre cadenti, we long to rise. Nature looked Surgere qui curat populo. upon thee with admiration, Tu quæ genuisti, when thou didst give birth to Natura mirante, tuum sancthy divine Creator, thyself re- tum Genitorem. maining, before and after it, a Virgo prius ac posterius, pure Virgin. Gabriel spoke Gabrielis ab ore ħis Hail to thee; we sinners Sumens illud Ave, peccato

e crave thy pity.

rum miserere.

7. Post partum, Virgo, inviolata permansisti.

R. Dei Genitrix, intercede pro nobis.

Ť. After child-birth, thou didst remain most pure, O Virgin !

B. O Mother of God ! make intercession for us.



Deus qui salutis æternæ O God, who, by the fruitful beatæ Mariæ virginitate fe- Virginity of the Blessed Mary, cunda humano generi præ- hast given to mankind the remia præstitisti : tribue, quæ- wards of eternal salvation ; sumus, ut ipsam pro nobis grant, we beseech thee, that intercedere sentiamus per we may experience Her interquam meruimus auctorem cession, by whom we received vitæ suscipere Dominum the Author of life, our Lord nostrum Jesum Christum Jesus Christ, thy Son. Filium tuum. B. Amen.

R. Amen. V. Divinum auxilium V. May the divine assismaneat semper nobiscum. tance remain always with us. Bs. Amen.*

B. Amen.

Then in secret, Pater, Ave, and Credo, page 35.


From Christmas Day till the Epiphany.



Jesu, tibi sit gloria, Gloria tibi Domine, Qui natus es de Virgine, Qui natus es de Virgine, Cum Patre et almo Spiritu, Cum Patre et Sancto Spiritu, In sempiterna sæcula. In sempiterna sæcula. Amen.


* In the Monastic Rite, this Response is as follows :

R. Et cum fratribus nostris B. And with our absent Breabsentibus. Amen.

thren. Amen.

For the Epiphany, and during the Octave.


MONASTIC BREVIARY. Jesu, tibi sit gloria,

Gloria tibi Domine, Qui apparuisti Gentibus, Qui apparuisti hodie, Cum Patre et almo Spiritu, Cum Patre et Sancto Spiritu, In sempiterna sæcula. In sempiterna sæcula. Amen.


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CHRISTMAS-Eve, with its own happy spirit, is drawing to its close. Already has the Church terminated all her Advent Offices, by the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice. In her maternal considerateness, she has permitted her children to break their Fast of preparation for the great Feast, by taking their meal at mid-day. Whilst refreshing their bodies with this repast, to which Abstinence gives merit, the Faithful feel an instinct of gladness, which comes as a harbinger, to tell them of that immense joy, wbich this beautiful Night will bring them, by giving them their Emmanuel.

But, so great a Solemnity as that of to-morrow, could not possibly be an exception to that usage of the Church, whereby she anticipates all her Feasts on their Eves. In a few moments, the Office of First Vespers, in which is offered to God the evening incense, will call us to the Church, and the splendour of the function, and the magnificence of the chants, will open our hearts to those feelings of love and gratitude, which will prepare them to receive the graces of To-Night.

Let us spend the interval in endeavouring to gain a clear knowledge of the Mystery of our Feast; and let us get well into ourselves the sentiments and spirit of the Church. We shall be assisted to do both, by considering some of the principal traditions, which attach to this joyful Solemnity.

Let us begin by listening to the Holy Fathers,

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speaking of Christmas Day, with an eloquence worthy of the Feast. And first, we have St. Gregory the Theologian, Bishop of Nazianzum, who thus opens his thirty-eighth discourse, which is on the Theophania, or Nativity of our Lord.

“ Christ is born-glorify him! Christ comes down “from heaven-go ye forth to meet him! Christ is “on the earth-be ye lifted up above it! O sing to

the Lord all thou earth ! and to say all in one “word : Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad, because He that is now born is both of “ heaven and of earth! Christ has assumed our Flesh -exult in fear and in joy; in fear, because of sin “ in joy, because of hope! Christ is born of a Vir‘gin :-women! honour holy virginity, that you may become Mothers of Christ!

Who would not adore Him, that is from the beginning ? Who would not praise and extol Him, “ that is born in time? Darkness is at an end; Light is created; Egypt remains in darkness, and

Israel is enlightened by the pillar of fire. The “people that sat in the darkness of ignorance, now possesses the bright light of knowledge and wis

The old things are passed away, and lo! all “things are made new. The letter has given way, “ the spirit has triumphed; shadows have faded, “ the reality is come.

* * The laws of nature are set “ aside; the world of Heaven is to be peopled ; “ Christ commands it—let us obey.

O clap your hands, all ye nations !3 for a Child is born unto us, and a Son is given unto us. The “ emblem of his Government is upon his shoulder, “ for his exaltation shall come by the cross; and his name shall be called the Angel of the Great Counsel, " that is, of the Counsel of his Father.4

"Let the Baptist now cry out: Prepare ye the way

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“ dom.

1 Ps. xcv. 1.

2 Ibid. 11.

3 Ps. xlvi. 2.

4 Is. ix. 6.

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