The Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science; with which is Incorporated the "Chemical Gazette.": A Journal of Practical Chemistry in All Its Applications to Pharmacy, Arts and Manufactures, Tom 19

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Chemical news office, 1869

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Strona 94 - Science and authors who have already been engaged in such investigations, and all others who may be interested in them, in order to strengthen their efforts by association, and by bringing together the results of such...
Strona 29 - It thundered, and an oak was struck -with lightning on that part of Mount Palatine called Summa Velia, early in the afternoon. A fray happened in a tavern at the lower end of the / Banker's * Street, in which the keeper of the hog in armour tavern, was dangerously wounded.
Strona 5 - Stevenson, president, in the chair. The minutes of the previous meeting having been read and confirmed, Mr.
Strona 122 - Archimedean theorem, that when a solid body is immersed in a liquid, it loses a portion of its weight, equal to the weight of the fluid which it displaces or to the weight of its own bulk of the liquid.
Strona 168 - I have been perfectly enchanted with the sight which my spectroscope has revealed to me. The solar and atmospheric spectra being hidden, and the image of the wide slit alone being visible, the telescope or slit is moved slowly, and the strange shadow-forms flit past.
Strona 21 - Act, to any person unknown to the seller, unless introduced by some person known to the seller ; and on every sale of...
Strona 138 - Michael was about five years old, to rooms over a coach-house, in Jacob's Well Mews, Charles Street, Manchester Square.
Strona 282 - If the blast be continued for ten seconds after the proper point has been attained, or if it be discontinued ten seconds before that point is reached, the charge becomes either so viscid that it cannot be poured from the converter into the ladle...
Strona 84 - I have no hesitation in stating that Heaton's process is based upon correct chemical principles : the mode of attaining the result is both simple and rapid. The nitric acid of the nitrate in this operation imparts oxygen to the impurities always present in cast iron, converting them into compounds which combine with the sodium ; and these are removed with the sodium in the slag. This action of the sodium is one of the peculiar features of the process, and gives it an advantage over the oxidizing...
Strona 73 - Gun-cotton, silk, paper, cotton wool, calico, gelatine, and parchment were instantly converted into glutinous substances, and generally dissolved. The solution of gun-cotton yielded an inflammable film on evaporation to dryness. Pinewood instantly blackened. From the various physical and chemical properties of the anhydrous acid, the author concludes that it lies between hydrochloric acid and water, but is much more closely allied to the former than to the latter. It is more readily liquefied than...

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