The Vodou Quantum Leap: Alternative Realities, Power, and Mysticism

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Llewellyn Worldwide, 2000 - 325
There's an old saying that truth is stranger than fiction. As scientists dive deeper into the very nature of the universe, the truth becomes so bizarre as to be almost inconceivable—multiple universes, parallel dimensions, dark matter, wormholes . . . Wouldn't it be amazing if there were already a map to these discoveries?

There is such a map, and it's found deep within the Afro-Caribbean religious system commonly called Vodou. Now you can learn how to traverse these dimensions, contact spiritual entities, and incorporate the tenets of Vodou into your own spiritual path by using Dr. Reginald Crosley's The Vodou Quantum Leap.

Dr. Crosley, a physician of Internal Medicine and Nephrology, is familiar with both the scientific and spiritual world. He was raised with Vodou and has studied the new sciences for years. Using his vast knowledge of sciences, religion and spirituality, he has written a book that will open your mind and change your life.

Learn the powerful secrets of direct communication with the Loa (gods) which is commonly called "possession" or "channeling." This ancient practice has been studied extensively, and this book presents techniques that can allow you to safely experience this ecstatic reality.

Dr. Crosley examines historic beliefs in an afterlife and how they differ from culture to culture. Then he explains the Vodou interpretation: there are two souls! One, the semido, "retains hunger for food, drink, sex, music, and dance." That's why practitioners of Vodou provide food, drink and other comforts in the tomb. The second soul or selido, does not return to visit the world of the living. You'll also learn the secrets of the mysterious zin, a jar that holds hair and fingernail parings. These are a link to the semido. From time to time a fire ritual is held to revivify the hair and nail clippings.

Discover the bizarre truth about our universe when you take The Vodou Quantum Leap.

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Reality A Many Splendored Thing
The Magic of Quantum Reality
The Vodou Wonderland
The Crisis of Possession or Channeling Adorcism
The Forbidden Zones of Black Magic
Limitations on Vodou Secret Powers
The Vodou Afterlife as a Matter of Choice
The Search for Transcendence in Vodouism
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Reginald Crosley, M.D. (Maryland) is a physician specializing in Internatioinal Medicine and Nephrology. He is the author of "The Second Coming of Christ" and a book of poetry titled "Immanences."

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