We Believe: Doctrines and Principles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: Doctrines of Mormonism (Volume 1)

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Rulon Burton, Carlos Packard
BestBooks Publishing & Distribution, 10 paź 2013 - 800
"We Believe" is a work which establishes the Doctrines and Principles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". We Believe has become one of the most popular, most quoted works in LDS publishing. It is one of the most frequently studied, reliable, reference sources for Church doctrines and principles. When talks need to be given and lessons presented, it is one of the most commonly used works. When it was first released, the LDS Church placed a copy in every seminary and institution worldwide. We Believe includes: * Over 900 Gospel Doctrines * Over 8,500 Doctrinal Statements * Quotes Over 80 Modern Prophets and Dozens of Ancient Prophets * 92 Key Topics * Over 700 Sub-Topics * Complete Scripture Index to Doctrinal Statements that reference Scriptures Three key criteria have been used in the editing of this work making it a reliable publication: 1. Only declarations from scriptures and latter-day prophets are used. (General and Regional Church authorities who are NOT prophets are not quoted.) 2. Only declarations from official Church publications are used. 3. A doctrine is not included unless three or more distinct doctrinal declarations can be verified. Hundreds have called it "One of the Best LDS Reference Works Ever Published!" This essential work is a must for every Latter-day Saint. It is especially useful for teachers and speakers, but it also clarifies for the inquisitive what the LDS (Mormon) Church believes.

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