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Just published, price 7s. 6d., handsomely printed in demy Svo, a Library Elitina u


The Scripture

Proofs at large, together with the sum of Saving inoxidice, T:

Printed by Authority at the University Press for R. Seton, Edinburgh; and

WHITTAKER & Co., London.

Just published, price 10s. 6d. cloth. RATIONAL GODLINESS AFTER THE MIND OF CHRIST. ar

Written Voices of his Church. By RowLAND WILLIAMS, B.D., Fellow and im Tutor of King's College, Cambridge, and Professor of Hebrew at Lampeter.

Cambridge: DEIGHTON, BELL, & Co. London : BELL & DALDY.


Just published, in 7 vols, 8vo, price £5 5s.

By C. C. J. BUNSEN, D.D., D.C.L. D.Ph. Being a New Edition, corrected, rez and extended of 'Hippolytus and his Age.'

*** This second Edition of the 'Hippolytus’ is composed of Three distinct works, a may be had separately as follows :

1. HIPPOLYTUS and HIS AGE; or, the Beginnings and Prospects of Chris Two vols. 8vo, price 30s.

2. OUTLINES of the PHILOSOPHY of UNIVERSAL HISTORY, applied to la and Religion. Containing an Account of the Alphabetical Conferences. Two Fins price £1 13s. 3. ANALECTA ANTE-NICAENA. Three vols. 8vo, 42s. *

A most valuable contribution to our patristic and ecclesiastical literature.'Reriew.

London : Longman, Brown, GREEN, and LONGMANS.

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Just published, price 4d. sewed. STRICTURES ON PRAYER AND THE WAR. By Joux LIGGENS

London : W. and F. G. Casu, 5, Bishopsgate Without.


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Messrs. PARTRIDGE, OAKEY, and Co., are now Publishi

NEW WORK BY DR. HARRIS. ATRIARCHY; or, the Family, its Constitution, and Probation. By !! J. Harris, D.D., Principal of New College, St. John's Wood. Deiny sro, e.

Is a free NEW WORK BY THE REV. C. MOLYNEUX. BROKEN BREAD. By the Rev. C. MOLYNEUX, Author of 'Israel's F&c. Crown 8vo, cloth, 4s. 6d. ; by post, 5s.

(7 kes THE THE LAST OF THE CZARS : a Romance, founded on Russian H

and Traditions. By W. R. BRAME. Fsep. 8vo, paper, 3s. 6d. ; cloth girls! by post, 6d. extra.

[Is a im. THI HE LIFE OF NAPOLEON THE THIRD, Emperor of the F

Illustrated from his Letters and Speeches. With Portraits. By Fu. GREENWOOD. Fscp. 8vo, Is. 6d. ; by post, 2s. * A thoroughly clever and outspeaking book.'-Christian Weekly Neues.

London: PARTRIDGE, OAKEY, and Co., Paternoster-row,



NEW BOOKS. NDICATION OF LUTHER AGAINST HIS RECENT ENGLISH ASSAILANTS. Second Edition, reprinted and Enlarged from the Notes to the sion of the Comforter. By Julius C. HARE, M.A., Archdeacon of Lewes. 7s.

London : John W. Parker & Son, West Strand.

OUR IN THE PRINCIPALITIES, CRIMEA, and Countries adjacent to the Black Sea, in the Years 1835-36. By LORD DE Ros. Crown octavo, 4s. 6d.

London : John W. PARKER & Son, West Strand.


Examining Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Oxford, and Professor of Divinity, King's ge, London. Second Edition, revised and enlarged, 4s.

London : John W. PARKER & Son, West Strand.


London : John W. PARKER & Son, West Strand.

HAKSPEARE'S POEMS. Edited with Biography and Notes. By ROBERT BELL. 2s. 6d.

London: John W. PARKER & Son, West Strand.

'HE CATECHIST'S MANUAL; or, Suggestions for Lecturing on St. Mark's Gospel. By SAMUEL HINDs, D.D., Bishop of Norwich. Second Edition, revised, 4s. 6d.

London : John W. PARKER & Son, West Strand.



Crown 8vo, price 7s. 6d. cloth, TANNA IN THE HEART ; or, Daily Comments on the Book of Psalms.

Psalm First to Seventy-eighth. By the Rev BARTON BOUCHIER, A.M., Author of an na in the House; or, Daily Comments on the Gospels.'

London : John F. Shaw, Southampton-row, and Paternoster-row.

BLOOMSBURY LECTURES, 1855. THE GIFTS OF THE KINGDOM, being Lectures delivered during Lent

1855, at St. George's, Bloomsbury, by Twelve Clergymen of the Church of England, th a Preface by the Rev. ROBERT BICKERSTETH, M.A., fcap. 8vo, cloth, 5s. London : John F. Shaw, Southampton-row, and Paternoster-row.


This Day is published, post 8vo, cloth elegant, 7s. 6d. DILGRIMAGE from the ALPS to the TIBER; or, the INFLUENCE of

ROMANISM on TRADES, JUSTICE, and KNOWLEDGE. By the Rev. J. A. YLIE, LL.D., Author of "The Papacy,' &c.

Edinburgh : SHEPHERD & Elliot. London : HAMILTON, ADAMS, & Co. 17

TUNES, ANTHEMS, AND CHANTS. 'HE Publishers direct attention to the adaptation of all these forms of Church

Music to congregational use in the New Series of Church Music Books,’ a prospectus : which will be found at the end of the present mumber.


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Just published, in fcap. 8vo, price 5s. cloth. THE 'HE HERO'S CANTICLE, and OTHER POEMS. By ROBERT FLIE I

. : 1 The first Canto may be termed a life-and-death Ode on WELLINGTON; the seconds. 4 and-life ode for Us ALL. The entire poem is supposed to be recited on the day of the Duke's funeral.

London: Jackson & WALFORD, 18, St. Paul's-churchyard.



ALL-WISE AND BENEFICIENT CREATOR. By the Rev. J. TULLOW".. Principal and Primarius Professor of Theology, St. Mary's College, St. Andrews. L Volume, Octavo. Price 10s. 6d.

London and Edinburgh: WILLIAM BLACKWOOD & Sons.

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Now ready, Vols. I. and II. of New Series for 1855. STIE TIER ON THE WORDS OF CHRIST, Vol. I. (Non-subscribers 10

Translated by Rev. W. B. POPE. 'One of the most precious books for the spiritual interpretation of the Gospels 'deacon Hare.

ULLMANN'S REFORMERS BEFORE THE REFORMATION, V (Non-subscribers, 10s. 6d.) Translated by Rev. Robert MENZIES.

The remaining Volumes for 1855 will be the second Volumes of Stier and I respectively.

The Supplementary Volumes to First SeriesNEANDER'S GENERAL CHURCH HISTORY, Vol. IX., and GIESE ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY, Vol. V, will be ready about the same time.

The Publishers will be obliged by an early remittance of the Subscription, ? Is. fors and 10s. 6d. for the Supplementary Volumes.

The First Year's Issue consists of HENGSTENBERG'S CHRISTOLOGY, Vol. I., and BAUMGARTEN THE ACTS, 3 Vols.

Subscribers are still received for New Series (1854 and 1955), on remittin: Two either direct or through a bookseller, and for the First Series, in 34 Vols., preeti which may be paid by instalments.

Edinburgh : T. and T. CLARK.
London : (for Non-subscribers only) Hamilton, ADAMS, CO,


About the 20th May, in demy 8vo, price 10s. 6d. EZEKI TZEKIEL AND THE BOOK OF HIS PROPHECY. An Expositio Rev. P. FAIRBAIRN., D.D., Professor of Theology, Free Church Culirge, Aixa

Also, lately published by the same Author, in Two Vols. Svo, price 15 THE TYPOLOGY OF SCRIPTURE; viewed in connection with the series of the Divine Dispensations. * No Biblical Student should be without this work.'-Dr. Sairuel Lre.

Edinburgh: T. and T. CLARK. London: HAMILTON, Adams, & Co.




In One Volume, Imperial 8vo (nearly 1500 pages), price 28s., IBLICAL AND THEOLOGICAL GLEANINGS: ollection of Comments, Criticisms, and Remarks, Explanatory or Illustrative of nearly e Thousand Passages in the Old and New Testaments; especially those that are rally accounted difficult. With a Preface to each Book: Corrections in Chronology, ctuation, and Divisions of Chapters ; Improved Readings; the Meaning of numerous pture Terms; Reconciliations of many seeming Contradictions ; copious allusions to ern Customs and Manners ; many useful Tables ; profitable Reflections; together with lanations of all the more difficult Words and Terms found in the volume, for the use of I readers. Selected from Six Hundred Writers and Commentators, with some original ervations. Designed principally for Village Scripture Students. By the Rev. WILLIAM TEIL. This is the most interesting publication of its class in the English tongue. To be rightly reciated, it must be examined. It is a treasury, a storehouse, an encyclopædia of exposi

While the volume sweeps an ample circuit, it comprises matters of the first ortance. Everything is complete in itself. Mr. O'Neil has, in fact, fixed on a subject,

then he has whistled around him men of the first mark from every section of the church jod to discuss it. The volume is, therefore, to be viewed as an aggregate of theological aion.'-Christian Witness. It is saying a great deal of any book issuing from our press, that it is the most complete ts kind in the English language. But this is assuredly the praise that is due to Mr. Neil for this effort of his pen. There is nothing to be compared with this volume in the ole range of our literature. It contains the cream of our theology and biblical criticisin, in the most approved quarters, ancient and modern. What an invaluable addition will it to every scanty library!'-Evangelical Magazine. *** A copy of this work will be delivered free to any Clergymen or Minister on direct lication to Ward & Co., enclosing order for 21s.

NINTH THOUSAND. A New and Cheaper edition, price only ONE GUINEA, in One Volume, crown 4to,

1400 pages, with Maps and Plates.


And Family Erposition of the Holy Bible,

BY THE REV. INGRAM COBBIN, M.A., ontaining the most approved Readings and Marginal References, with upwards of 30,000 otes, Critical and Explanatory, selecied from the Works of eminent Biblical Writers of all es, countries, and denominations, accompanied with Brief Reflections for the Family and loset. *Only one of many executed by Mr. Cobbin, but it is the first and the best.'—Dr. Kitto's vurnal.

Of this work the Christian Witness says: • The work comprises the most valuable criticisms of the best Biblical writers.

It contains the sum and substance of all that has been written on the mighty theme; id for the multitude of respectable families and intelligent individuals, it is in itseli enough. The volume may be designated, Biblical Criticism Made Easy. By means of it a plain English scholar may thoroughly possess himself of the results the highest talent, and the most elabora e inquiry. * He will be an able man, as well as a bold, who will attempt an improvement upon it for generation to come.' The work will be forwarded, carriage free, to any part of the United Kingdom, on receipt of a Post-Ollice Order for 21s.; or it may be obtained by order of any Bookseller.





Works published by WARD & CO.--continued.

A Reply to the Rev. Dr. Cumming's Lectures on 'The End of

WORLD, with a glance at his ‘Apocalyptic Sketches.' By H. BLAND. 1

Thousand. Price 2d. *We lament to see such a fine intellect as that of Dr. Cumming's wasting itself on idle speculations as those which point to the end of the world in some five or ten yea Glasgow Herald.

Just published, price 6d. Decimals. A Letter addressed to the Chancellor of the Exche

on the DECIMAL COINAGE QUESTION. By J. M. Hare, jun., B.A., St. J College, Cambridge.

Also, price 6d. The Decimal System, in Money, Weights, and Measures. V

suggestions for its easy and speedy adoption. Reprinted from the ' Eclectic Revie The HOMILIST, Vol. III. Edited by the Rev. David Thon

Price 6s. 6d. cloth.

Also new editions of the ‘Homilist,' Vol. I., price 4s. 6d. Vol. II., price 6s. 6d. c “There is so much that is really valuable, and fitted to avert dangers arising from w stereotyped and conventional

, that we cordially welcome our contemporary as a fai worker in the good cause.'—Evangelical Magazine.

'It contains some of the most eloquent discourses that have ever been penned, u deserves a high place in our periodical literature. We must say more to do anything justice to this truly valuable serial.'-Leeds Times.

A book of which we can express our unqualified and cordial approbation. We exceedingly glad that the ‘Homilist lives. We understand that its circulation bas regularly increasing from its commencement. In this we greatly rejoice. We know work better calculated to elevate and improve the pulpit. We should regard it as one of most useful signs for Wesleyan Methodism, if every local preacher regularly procured carefully studied it.'—Wesleyan Times.

* There is more solid matter in the 'Homilisť for any one month, than in any five ho religious Magazines which we ever had the pleasure of seeing.'-Christian Weekly Nerer,

We are anxious that our readers, who wish to see our theological and religious liten fresh and healthy, should know of the existence of the 'Homilist.' The Editor is a mid remarkable ability, in every way well qualified for the mission he has assumed.'—E Instructor. Sacred Studies; or, Aids to the Development of Truth. Be

a Second and enlarged Edition of ' Discourses on Important Subjects. By the 1

R. FERGUSON, LL.D., F.S A., M.R.I.A. In crown 8vo, price 6s. 6d. cloth. "We scarcely know in what terms to characterize this remarkable production. J beginning to end it is full of thought-manly, vigorous, independent, original thought British and Foreign Pulpit.

Often profound, subtle, discursive, and striking; generally graceful and polished ; alt elaborate and devout; these compositions deserve a high place in Sermon literature.'Commonwealth.

* While thoroughly orthodox and evangelical, they discard the antiquated methods stereotyped speech by which the pulpit has been so much separated from the common and life of men : they have the modes of thought and pervading spirit which belong to, will speak directly to, the culture and tendencies of our own day. -Nonconformist. * Discourses rich in thought.'—British Quarterly.


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