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doubt seems then to have been en-
tertained of their recovery.
Although some tribes of the In-
dians, particularly of those com-
monly called the Six Nations, had
sent congratulations to General
Gates on his success at Saratoga,
and seemed to enjoy great satis-
faction in that event, and that
others took different opportunities
of expressing fimilar sentiments,
yet the o which they con-
tinually received from England,
the industry of the British agents,
and the influence of the great
number of American refugees
which had taken shelter amongst
them, all operating in conjunction
upon their own native and uncon-
querable passion for rapine, soon
led them to contradićt in act,
their sentiments or professions upon
that occasion. The success which
attended the small expeditions un-
dertaken by individuals of differ-
ent tribes, under the guidance of
the refugees, who knew where to
lead them directly to spoil, and
how to bring them off without
danger, soon spread the contagion
of havock through the adjoining
nations, so that, in a little time,
destruction raged very generally
through the new settlements, on
the back of the northern and mid-
die Colonies.
Colonel Butler, whose name
we have seen, as an Indian agent
and commander, in the wars on
the side of Canada, and who had
great influence with some of the
northern nations of that people,
together with one Brandt, an half
Indian by blood, a man of des-
perate courage, but, as it is said
by the Americans, ferocious and
cruel beyond example, were th:
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