A System of Geography, Popular and Scientific: Or A Physical, Political, and Statistical Account of the World and Its Various Divisions, Tom 6

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A. Fullarton and Company, 1832

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Strona 421 - miles in length, from NE to SW, nearly a mile in width, and apparently 800 feet deep. The bottom was covered with lava, and the SW and northern parts of it were one vast flood of burning matter, in a state of terrific ebulition, rolling to and fro its ' fiery surge* and flaming billows. Fiftyone
Strona 270 - own private portion of pus. Flies get entry into your mouth, into your eyes, into your nose ; you eat flies, drink flies, and breathe flies. Lizards, cockroaches, and snakes, get into the bed ; ants eat np the books ; scorpions sting you on the foot. Every thing bites, stings, or bruises ; every
Strona 421 - on its borders, the dense columns of vapour and smoke that rose at the north and south end of the plain ; together with the ridge of steep rocks by which it was surrounded, rising probably in some places 300 or 400 feet in perpendicular height, presented an immense volcanic panorama, the effect of
Strona 271 - furnishing sweet-smelling resin. Upon the top of the mora grows the fig-tree. The bush-rope joins tree and tree, so as to render the forest impervious, as, descending from on high, it takes root as soon as its extremity touches the ground, and appear« like shrouds and stays supporting the mainmast of a line of battle ship.
Strona 88 - of Quito, are about fourteen feet from the tip of one wing to that of the other, and the smallest only eight. From these dimensions, and from the visual angle under which this bird sometimes appears perpendicularly above our heads, it may be judged to what a prodigious height it rises when the sky is clear. When
Strona 276 - imitates their cry, and decoys them from tree to tree, till they are within range of his tube. Then taking a poisoned arrow from his quiver, he puts it in the blow-pipe, and collects his breath for the fatal puff. About two feet from the end through which he blows, there are fastened two teeth of the
Strona 421 - gradually towards the burning lake, which was, as nearly as we could judge, 300 or 400 feet lower. It was evident that the large crater had been recently filled with liquid lava up to this black ledge, and had by some subterraneous canal, emptied
Strona 421 - into the sea or under the low land on the shore. The grey, and, in some places, apparently calcined sides of the great crater before us ; the fissures which intersected the surface of the plain on which we were standing ; the long banks of sulphur on the opposite side of the abyss ; the vigorous action of the numerous small
Strona 271 - forth one long and plaintive whistle from the depth of the forest, and then stops ; whilst the yelping of the toucan, and the shrill voice of the bird called pi-pi-yo, is heard during the interval. The campanero never fails to attract the attention of the
Strona 632 - May, 1785, an ordinance was passed by the congress of the Confederation, for ascertaining the mode of disposing of lands in the western territory, and this was

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