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Buying of Bubbles, a common Bite of latey 239 Business, is the main End of our Being, 244 Beneficence to Strangers, a great Virtue, 263 Bodies to be well provided for, not serv’ds 273 Blesings of a virtuous Woman, recited,

296 Baptizing of infants, not to be delay’d,

334 Beauty joyn’d with Virtue, incomparable, 347

C. Children must imitate their Parents Virtues, 12 Careless Parents are their Childrens Ruin,

22 Chastity is a charming Virtue,

27 Charms of lewd Women, dangerous,

57 Charity is the Queen of all Virtues,

81 Contentment, à Care for Poverty, Christian Hero's conquer all Misfortunes, Clemency often proves the best Policy, Counsellours (evil) to be punish'd, not the King, Conscience is the greateff Alarum, Cæsar to have his Due, next after God,

123 Cruelty contrary to the Nature of Government, 126 Covetousness, the Root and Branch of all Evil, 136 Character of a virtuous Woman,

137 Celibacy may

be prudential, not Necessary, 157 Conquest always attends on Virtue,

147 Conjugal Love rarely exemplified

204 China-Ware, a worthless Mifcbief-Maker, 208 Cloathing as necessary as daily Food,

246 Charity begins, but must not end, at Home, 262 Contempt is the best Revenge,

258 Change of Apparel, fit for different Seafons, 267 Colours no Argument of good Garments,

272 Curiosities of Nans worthy of Imitation,

294 Conversation well regulated, most delightful, 307 Crassus, contemptible for his Covetousness, 301 Cæsar, most victorious by bis Prudence,

312 Crowns, not to be leffend or impoverished, 325 Correction to be given froward Children, 331 Church requires the devout eft Reverence, 341





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Coercion over Kings, not lawful,

341 Consecration makes the Bishop,

341 Court-Harlots, pernicions to the Publick,

345 Contradi&tions never can be reconcild,


D. Dancing ought not to binder greater Duties, 8 Debauchery destroys bodily Health,

25 Divorce not sufficient to punish Adultery,

35 Drunkenness is a most sordid Sin,

39 Difmal Effects of Intemperance, Drunkards have made tragical Exitsa Dispatch inhances Acts of Kindness,

70 Description of a merciful King,

108 Delays in Fustice, discommendable, Deposing of Princes, not ftudy'd by true Patriots, 121 Dignity of a good Wife, describd,

141 Devotion should neither be foppish nor slovenly, Death only can part a loving Couple, Decency of Attire, the Mark of a good Houfewife, 195 Duty of a wise Oeconomift, Distaff and Spindle delight the Industrious, 2:42 Dressing ought to be discreetly Modest,

270 Drapery of the Mind better than the Body, 282 Degenerating prevented by Care and Education, 333 Duties in Educating Children, negle&ted, 335 Donors inrich'd by their Charity,

344 Deceitfulness of Favour exposed,


Early Education prevents all Corruptions,

13 Easiness of Access is proper for Princes,

46 Elijah fed by the Ravens,

86 Excellency of a good Wife fiet forth,

167 Examples for curing of Idleness,

188 Export and Import, to be wisely regulated, Estates in Paper, Tallies, &c. precarious, 224 Exercise the Cause of Health and Strength, 227 Extensiveness of Charity is wonderful,

255 Enemies beft conquerid with Kindnessy




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Excess in Apparel condemn’dty the Antients, 269 Equipages may be tuo gaudy and vain-glorious, 270 Emulation in Virtue only good,

300 F. Flesh-Eating not so much used by the Antients,

42 False Foys bring real Sorromos,

57 Female Drunkards the most beastlý, Famous Examples of Generosity, Free. Thinking, bad both in Politicks and Religion, 99 Forgiving of Enemies, the truest Mark of Mercy, 107 Felicity does not lie in fanciful Fopperies, 145 Fidelity in a marry'd Couple, the main Point, 16I Foreigners may be too much encourag'd, Frugality, the Way to good Fortune, Fair-Dealing highly commendable,

238 Funeral-Pomp, vain-gloriously foolish,

273 Furniture of a House highly recommended, 275 Fidelity to the King, the greatest Glory,

290 Fine Linen, a very useful Manufacture,

291 Frugal Wives both useful and exemplary,

295 Friendship is the very Bond of Society,

315 Friends, viry rare, if real; and who they are, 316 Forc'd or unequal Matches, not adviseable, 336 Favours the greater, that are not ask'd,

343 Fear of God the most praise-worthy,

349 Fortune Telling, a ridiculous Delusion,

351 Fair Promises may be false-hearted,

353 Female Beauty not to be confided in,


Good Instruction neceffary for young Princesa
Great Examples ought to be imitated,

5 Grammar, &c. necessary for all Scholars,

19 Government, destroy'd by Drunkenness,

52 Gluttony, a short-liv’d Sin by its Effects,

55 Gossips are dangerous Companions,

60 Glorious Examples of Justice,

105 Governing by the Golden Rule, the best,

118 Gratitude, á very great Virtue, defcrib'd, 134


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God governs still, and can restore all things, 169 Good and Evil smartly compar’d,

176 Great Sinners of State worse than little Rogues, Good Servants ought to be valued,

214 Gardening, &c. the pleasantest Diversions, Ground-Rents in London, best worth purchasing, 224 Girdles, of great Antiquity and Esteem,

292 Glory, got by publick Profit, not Pride,

298 Government of the Tongue, great Wisdom,

Harlots and Concubines dishonour Kings,

Honour in giving, greater than in receiving, 70
Hunger needs no savoury Sawces,
Happiness of having an indearing Wife, 173
Housewifery highly commendable in all Ranks,

193 Head of a Family should set a good Example, House-Keeping is a laborious Business,

214 Health is a great Blessing,

228 Humility deserves the highest Praise,

247 Humble Lady describ’d, Home-made Cloth, better than foreign Fopperies, 25 1 Hell-Fire-Clubs, &c. abominably vicious, 279 Hotch-Potch Governments never long-liv’d, 299 Heart and Tongue should always go together, Housholders should well instruct their Servants, 324 Happy-Pair, that ennoble their Marriage, 327 Hardiness of Education, the best,

337 Hell bas not one Atheist in it,


Instructive Mothers, the Blessing of Families,
Idleness, a great Cause of Lewdness,
Incontinency, the Bane of Body and Soul,

32 Joseph's Chastiry was fingular,

37 Intemperance destroys Sense and Reason, Judgment perverted by excess of Liquor, Job's Patience, the best Leffon for banilo'd Kings, 95 Justice and Mercy are Royal Virtues, Impartiality, the best Administration,








99 III



Injustice and Cruelty, Brothers of Iniquity,

122 Just Princes judge not by Report or Proxy

130 Imitation is the greatest Part of Life,

140 Inter-Marriages of Princes procure Peaces 166 Job's Wife, no true Comforter,

170 jealously, most pernicions in Families,

183 industrious Wives known by their Handy-Works, 185. Industry a most profitable Virtue,

192 Joseph always providing for his own Country, 200 Invention of Cloth owing to Minerva,

246 Idleness the Mother of most Mischiefs,

252 Instruction of Children, how neceffary,

329 Indulgences spoil Childrens Education, Intestine Farrs exemplify'd among the Romans, 299 Infpiration only can praise a virtuous Queen, 359

K. Keeping good Company is a chief Article, Kings have the greatest Need of good Education, 17 Kings, most liable to Temptations,

26 Kings ought to be most liberal,

71 King Charles's Restauration, happy,

288 Kings Cheese fhould not go balf away in Parings, 325

L. Learning makes the most accomplish'd Perfon, 16 Lust deforms all Beauty,

33 Loyalists, to be rewarded; Rebels, punish’d,

, Liberality is a generous Virtue,

бо Lazarus too often fed with an empty Prayer,

78 Lessons fit for a King in Distress,

IIS Left-handed Marriages, unlawful,

165 Laws of God, never to be forgotten,

So Love of an indearing Wife, describd,

181 Ladies of late too fond of Bubbles in Trade, 2017 Labouring requires mest Nourishment,

210 Land is the most certain Estate,

223 Love, the Fountain of all Felicity,

285 Lying disgraces the very Gift of Speeeb,

313 Laws

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