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unequal Subje&t. Carnal Luft or Lasciviousness will soon impair the Strength, and destroy the Vigour of your natural Constitution, be it never fo robust. It will strangely weaken all your noble Faculties, infeeble your sprightly Parts, and exhaust your manly Spirits, as well as drein your fullest Coffers, and confound your immenseft Treasure. It will bring you to the following of such fatal Courses, and taking such pernicious Measures, as have infatuated the greateft Monarchs; and not only foold, but also poison'd fome Princes, and murder'd many Kings in Chronicle. In fine, it will at least indanger your dear Person, or lessen your Prerogative, by the Neglect of your Government; and involve either your Royal Self, or your prostituted Kingdoms, in utter Ruin, Destruètion and Desolation. But · Chastity, on the contrary, will strengthen your Body, invigorate your Mind, preserve your Health, and enhance your Treasury with accumulated Riches. It will make you as Prosperous, Praise-worthy, Sound, Safe and Secure upon the Throne, by its supporting Power and Applause, as you appear now admirably glorious in the Eyes of all Ifrael. In a Word, it will more and more illustrate your sacred Person, and extend your Fame to the farthest Regions.



ERE begins the glorious Leffon; so in

comparably fine, inftru&ive, and fit for a Prince, that nothing less than Heaven could direct her Majesty in this particular Precept of living with the utmost Satisfa&tion of Life,


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Liberty and Honour ; entirely undebauch'd and untainted, either in Morals or Intellectuals.

COULD any Thing but God Almighty himself, or good Divinity,have induc’d, inspir'd or authoriz'd a pious Mother to give better Advice, and wholesomer Counsel,to her Off-spring of either Sex, than this is, in all Points of Safety, Benefit and Blessing to the latest Posterity? As if fhe had said in a more familiar Manner : My dutiful Child, do not follow Whores. They will quickly bring thee to a Morsel of Bread, and the extreme Want of all Neceffaries and Supports of thy Being. The flattering Lips of a delnding Stranger, may be as sweet as Honey to thy Taste. Her Courtefies may be fine, and her Kisses drop as mellifluously as the lushions Comb it self : but they will prove as bitter as Gall in thy Stomach. They will rise and reproach thee in their Digestion. The Brutes themselves do not chew the Cud in vain. They will emaciate thy Touth, deform by Beauty, enervate thy Vigour, emasculate thy Virtue, and destroy the Health and Valour of thy, whole Body. Such forward, fond, foolish Effeminacies, will depreciate thy Manhood, and humble thee to be a Slave to any termag ant Slut, mercenary Strumpet, or lascivious Wanton : So that thy Life and Soul will be in Danger as well as thy Purse, or the Treasure of thy Pocket at Stake ; not to say worse. To say nothing of innumerable Disasters, Diseases, and the Bill of Mortality in the End; which will make thee presently fall an unlamented Sacrifice to Whoredom. In this good Admonition are contain'd the very Issues of a hap

KINGS are no safer than the meanest Cullies, under the cursed Allurements and fatal Fruitions of a lewd Woman; for the pernicious Jilt equally rejoices at the Destruction and Down


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py Life.

fall, either of the great or the little Sinner. 'Tis far below the Dignity of humane Nature and right Reason, in either the one or the other, to be so guilty of the Brute; begging Pardon for the odious and disproportionable Comparison : But the Sin is the same in both, to pursue the Ways of that wicked Wretch, that strange Monster, which leads and hurries on an ungovernable Letcher, young or old, to nothing but downright Destruction, or the imminent Danger of Misery, Disgrace, and Difappointment of greater Happiness, with a long Train of & cætera's, and a large Catalogue of Evils, not fit to be mention'd in the Presence or Hearing of chast Ears.

CHASTITY, that charming Virtue, if not altogether Celestial, produces the most amiable Effects of Prudence, Piety and Devotion ; which, at first View, checks, subdues, and entirely banishes every lushious Thought, lascivious Word, or lustful A&ion. It curbs all filthy Passions, and corrects all unlawful Appetites, which are most violent and head-strong in young People; but more especially in youthful Kings and Princes of arbitrary Inclination; who are liable to greater Temptations, and apt to take greater Liberties in their Lusts, than other Men of inferiour Rank, Power, and Authority. They are more expos’d to Provocations than their Subjects, without Controul or Restraint, by their publick Character, Privilege or Prerogative. But this Violence against Virtue has often prov'd the Bane of crown's Heads and Kingdoms, as well as private Patriots or poorer Persons; irreparably lost in the Sink of Debauchery, and irrecoverably funk into the Dregs of Destru&tion.


HOW ungovernable is this brutal Passion! Offering Violence to Virgins, forcing the Fair, and taking other People's Wives from them, either by Compulsion, Consent or Delusion, are all of a Piece, equally destructive as well as dishonourable. I need only mention, for Satisfa&tion in this point, the fatal Tragedies of Old, which have insued from violent Rapes, notorious Debaucheries, or incestuous Marriages. As for Instance. 'Tis remarkable, how the barbarous Ravishment of chast Lucretia by Sextus Tarquinius, quickly chang'd the Roman Government ; destroy'd Monarchy it self for a long Time; and made a tragical Revolution of national Affairs for a worse Form, either Ariftocratical or Republican; till the great Calar turn'd the Tables, overthrew their usurp'd Common-wealth, and wrought the Imperial Restauration. After many publick Lapses and Relapses of this unchaft libidinous Nature, let us only consider the melancholy Story of Mark Anthony's falling in Love with the beautiful Cleopatra ; leaving his lawful Wife, and defiling her Marriage-Bed : Upon which, the gallant Auguftus defeated him in a Sea-Fight, and drove him to Despair : so that it cost him his Life, by laying violent Hands on himself, and the loft hers, by clapping poisonous Asps to her Breasts, in the Extremity of that unfortunate Amour. We need cast but half an Eye upon the fad History of Oedipus and Jocasta, to find out the miserable Fatality, or sorrowful Catastrophe of committing Inceft : which, how fabulous foever, will a Ford us an excellent Moral. He marri. ed his own Mother, it seems; neither of them knowing any Thing of the Matter, as to their Kindred or Consanguinity : And yet upon a full Discovery of their unlucky Mistake and Misfortune,


he pulld out his own Eyes for Grief and Madness, she kill'd her self for Vexation; and their Sons flew one another for very Trouble, almost to the utter Extinction of their issue in the forlorn Family. But then how much more abominable would this Crime be, if it should at any Time be wittingly done, with the greatest Boldness, Liberty or Presumption ! However, to be brief on that. Head, all left-handed Wives and loose Concubines also, in private or publick, as well as Bigamy, Polygamy, and MockMarriages, fall under this severe Reflection; or deserve some smarter Remark. But let us return again to our glorious Virtue.

1. A'S to the Body, Chastity gives Beauty to the Countenance, brightens the Eyes like sparkling Diamonds and illustrates both the fairelt Complection and exactest Symmetry of the whole Microcosm. It renders all the Composition lively, gay and brisk; beautified with a pleasant Aspect, smiling Chearfulness, and fluttering Innocence, to the Admiration of the inamour'd Beholder. It makes the Features look fine, plump, and serene in the Face of Conversation. It sets off the natural Colour of the Cheeks to the Life, with greater Luftre. It invigorates the lovely Compositum, every Limb of it ; and there is not a Joint, but it strengthens as well as beautifies, and corrobrates as well as refines the Part. It does not only preserve, prolong and insure the Duration of Healthful. ness ; but also embellishes the whole Form, and establishes the very Frame of the Body in its Well-being. In fine, the inestimable Gift of Continency wants nothing but a fortunate Mara riage to reward its Merit, and to compleat the Felicity of a deserving Husband. Chastity in


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