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either in Point of Riches, Knowledge, or Wisdom; either in a moral Sense, or some natural Productions and artful Operations, without making a Jest on't : as some Writers have done in their ignorant Misreprésentations of Alchymy, or the Adepts in Chymistry: 'Tis not so ridiculous a Study among wiser Heads. However that be, we must needs own, Necessity is the Mother of Wit and Invention. The nicest Curiosities of Art have been found.out by its Power. The brightest Performances owe their Original to ingenious Poverty: The rarest Mechanical Works, Machines, Schemes, Proje£tions and Experiments declaré its Efficacy: When a virtuous Mán is put to his Trumps, Nature it self is an Ass to him in Comparison for acquird Parts; for witty Shifts and Contrivances; for Artifice, Excogitation and Ingenuity. Poverty may be religious too, as well as Moral or Physical, but so much by the By, for the Benefit of its industrious Cul, tivaters.

RICHES, Ambition and Avarice, without doubt, are the violentest Corrupters of this Virtue, and the most notorious Obstructers of doing Justice in a Nation. Avarice of all Sins, is the most unaccountable ; and yet very common, next to universal. There's a strong Tina &ure of it in most Men, to get Money. But it is most of all ridiculous, when it cheats it self of the Blesling, and robs it self of the Benefit of what it has got in the greatest Abundance. The covetous Man is the arrantest Heautontimerumenos in Nature, as Terence calls him, or a selftormenting Monster of Iniquity: and well may it be expected then, he should wrong, plague or torment the Rest of Mankind. He defrauds his



own Genius; and well may it be thought, bę will much more oppress others, by griping Extortion or cruel Injustice. He leads the Life of Tant alus in Hell, up to the Chin in Water, with Apples bobbing about his Mouth, and has not the Power, either to satisfy his Hunger, or to quench his Thirst. Just fo does the miserable Miser suffer upon Earth ; .up to the Ears among his Bags, with Guineas in glaring Heaps before bis Eyes, and cannot find in his Heart to touch a Peny of it to relieve his Wants; for fear of falling into Poverty, Decay or Necessity, even amidit his Gold and Silver. The Leech is not more insatiable in fucking superfluous Blood, than he is desirous of still getting more and more useless Money: till they both burst, as it were, or die in a Stiņk ; one for the Grave, and the other for the Dunghil. In fine, Covetousness may not only be compard to the Root, but the whole Tree of all Evil; overshadowing, overspreading and oppressing a great part of the suffering Earth, by the Malignancy of its Branches; producing nothing but the Fruits of Fraud, Perjury and Pyracy; Treason and Discord ; Robbery and Rebellion ; Pride, Haughtiness and Cruelty ; Civil Wars, Publick Tumults, Foreign Broils, Domestick Treacheries, and Corruptions even in the very Seats of Judgment, Justice or Mercy. It can never justify its own, and much less will it eyer plead the Cause of the poor and Needy.

And thuş, in fine, I have finish'd the King's Character in the Proverbs; who being indu'd with all the foregoing Graces, Virtues and Ac complishments, internal as well as external



acquired as well as natural : becomes in a Fact a Second Solomon, without a Complement, in the Eye of the whole admiring World ; or at least, the Delight of Christendom !


*WHO can find a virtuous Woman? For

her Price is far above Rubies.


ELL then, my Son Lemuel! after wishing you the Blessing of all those noble Virtues abovemention’d, I would heartily recommend a good Wife to your serious Choice;

whenever you are really in Love, and find your self maturely inclin’d to marry, or resolv'd to change your fingle Condition in good Earnest for a Better. But then you must be very careful upon whom you fix your Royal Affe&tions, and cautious with whom you chufe to lead your whole Life ; to make it unalterably pleasant, peaceable, prudent, honourable and happy, in a continual Scene of flowing Satisfactions, multiplying Pleasures, and accumulative Joys. She ought not only to be a good natur’d, loving, industrious Woman; but also pious, patient and humble; a. Princess of the best Education and Accomplishments, as well as Birth, Blood or Extraction, She should likewise be a fruitful Mother of


Children ; tender, indulgent and affectionate towards them, as well as her Husband


indu'd with the most excellent Principles of Knowledge, how to command her self in Publick, as well as govern her Family in Private with Difcretion, Courtesy and Wisdom. She should, in fine, be inrich'd with all those virtuous Indowments of Mind, and commendable Qualities of Judgment, which will render her far more valuable than the Riches of Ophir or the Indies : surpassing the most precious Adornments of outward Attire, or external Luftre; with which fine Ladies love to appear in Pomp at Court: where her Virtues still make a more {plendid Shew, and shine-out even in the Dark, or disperse the Clouds by her brighter Presence. But alas! Consider yet, fuch a Woman as I would wish you to have for a Wife; to make her a glorious Queen, or to crown her with Majesty : is very rare, and scarce to be found within a large Circumference of the inquisitive World. She is like a Wonder, that does not often appear in a particular Hemisphere. When such a blazing Star happens in a Kingdom, it is fill’d with gazing and Admiration. National Love will follow the Train of this good-foreboding Comet with universal Acclamations of the joyful Beholders. Your Royal Marriage with her will always be deem'd fortunate, faithful and felicitating; or esteem'd as Prolifick of present Peace, as of future Prinţes, Plenty and Prospesity. But who can meet with thật wonderful Lady of Glory, who folely values, her self upon her Virtue ; and esteems the acquir'd Graces of the Mind, far more than the natural Fipeness of Shape, Voice, Wit, Beauty, or any

other other resplendent Qualifications of the Body? Who is virtuous for Virtue's own Sake? Who still stands steadfast against the Shock of the most threat'ning Compulsions, as well as the Tryal of the moft deluding Temptations ? Who keeps her Integrity, untainted; her Faith, unprophan'd; her Marriage-Vow, inviolable: and defies the Devil in the most ugly or Angelick, the most charming or frightful Apa pearance? This is the, whose intrinsick Value certainly fome Monarchs and Noblemen both are so happy as to know to be inexpressible : whose Worth is inestimable, far above the imaginary Excellencies of rich Pearls, or precious Stones ; fparkling Diamonds, or lovely Rubies. These are lifelefs Things, and worthless Baw bles in Comparison of her Glories. Who can set a Price upon her Virtues: whofe Heart is entirely God's, celestially speaking; and ter restrially her Spouse's? This is the, that is the most unvaluable, as well as devout, amiable, admirable Creature upon Earth; next to the Angels themselves in Heaven : the most affable, obedient and indearing of Wives to her lawful Husband in all Respects of Duty, divine or humane : the most worthy of every Thing this World can afford, either of Honours or Dignities; Crowns, Thrones or Scepters; and the greatest Blessings the other can beftow, except a miraculous Translation without Death into the highest Mansions of Bliss. But I forbear to paraphrafe her Merit any farther ; for fear of leffening her Chara. Eter, by seeming industrious to magnify it az bove Measure.


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