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So berühmt er als Liederdichter ift, lo scheint er mir doch von andern åltern und sp&tern seiner Nation, nicht sowohl an Eleganz, als an Wärme der Empfindung und Natur der Sprache, übertroffen zu seyn. Ben dem allen urtheilt doch Dr. Jolinron, in dieser Gattung vielleicht ges rade der ungültigste Richter, viel zu bart; denn ihm find Prior’s verliebte Gedichte: the dull exercises of a skilful verfifyer, resolved at all adventures to write soume. thing about Chloe, and trying to be amorous by dint of study.

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Yet when some better fated youth

Shall with his amorous parly move thee,
Reflect one moment on his truth,

Who dying thus perfifts to love thee.


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Die Anzahl der Lieder von ihm ist nicht geringe; und es giebt nur wenige darunter, die nicht wenigstens stellens. weise die feine Empfindung und die glückliche, lebenvolle Sprache der drei folgenden båtten.


How pleas'd within my native bow'rs
Erewhile I pass'd the day!
Was ever scene so deck'd with flow'rs?
Were ever flow'rs so gay?


Shenstone., How sweetly smild the hill, the vale,

And all the Landscape round!
The river gliding down the dale,
The hill with beeches crown'd!

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No more, fince Daphne was my theme,
Their wonted charms I see;
That verdant hill and silver stream
Divide my love and me.

S O N G.

For a shape, and a bloom, and an air, and a


Myrtilla was brightest of all the gay green,
But artfully wild and affectedly coy,
Those her beauties invited her pride would destroy.
By the flocks as the stray'd with the nymphs of

the vale,
Not a shepherd but woo'd her to hear his soft tale;
Tho' fatal the passion she laugh'd at the swain,
And return'd with neglect what she heard with


But beauty has wings and to hastily flies,
And love unrewarded soon fickens and dies;
The nymph cur'd by time of her folly and pride,
Now sighs in her turn for the bliss she deny'd.

No longer she frolicks it wide o'er the plain,
To kill with her coyness the languishing swain;
So humbled her pride is, so soften'd her mind,
That tho' courted by none she to all would be kind.


S O N G.'

Shenstone. Dr. Percy.

When Damon languish'd at my feet,
And I believ'd bin true,
The moments of delight how sweet!
But ah! how swift they flew!
The sunny hill, the fow'ry vale,
The garden and the grove,
Have echo'd to his ardent tale,
And vows of endless love,

The conquest gain'd, he left the prize,
He left her to complain,
To talk of joy with weeping eyes,
And measure time by pain.
But Heav'n will take the mourner's part
In pity to despair,
And the last figh that rends the heart
Shall waft the spirit there.

Dr. Percy.

Dr. Thomas Percy, jekt Bischof zu Dromore in Irland, Herausgeber der mit so vielem Geschmack gesam. melten und kommentirten Reliques of anc. Engl. Poetry, it Verfasser folgendes angenehmen, naifen Liedes, worin einige der schönsten Züge aus Priors Henry and Emma bes mußt find.

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