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He springs to vengeance with an eager pace,
And falls like thunder on the prostrate ace.
The nymph exulting fills with shouts the sky;
The walls, the woods, and long canals reply.


Q thoughtless mortals ! ever blind to fate,
Too foon dejected and too foon elate.
Sudden, these honours shall be snatch'd away,
And curs'd for ever this victorious day.
For lo! the board with cups and spoons is

The berries crackle, and the mill turns round;
On shining altars of Japan they raise
The filver lamp; the fiery spirits blaze:
From filver spouts the grateful liquors glide,
While China's earth receives the finoaking tide:
At once they gratify their scent and taste,
And frequent cups prolong the rich repait.
Straight hover round the Fair her airy band;
Some, as she fipp'd; the fuming liquor fann'd,
Some o'er her tap their careful plumes display'd,
Trembling and conscious of the rich brocade.
Coffee (which makes the politician wife,
And see through all things with his half-shut eyes)

vapours to the Baron's brain
New stratagems, the radiant lock to gain.
Ah cease, rash youth! defist ere 'tis too late,
Fear the just gods, and think of Scylla's fate !
Changd to a bird, and sent to fit in air,
She dearly pays for Nisus' injur'd hair!
But when to mischief mortals bend their will,
How soon they find fit instruments of ill?
Just then Clarissa drew with tempting grace
A two-edg'd weapon from her shining case:
So ladies in romance allist their knight,
Present the spear, and arm him for the fight.
He takes the gift with rev'rence, and extends
The little engine on his fingers' ends;
This just behind Belinda's neck he spread,
As o'er the fragrant steams she bends her head.



Sent up



Swift to the lock a thousand sp'rits repair,
A thousand wings, by turns, blow back the hair;
And thrice they twitch'd the di'mond in her ear;
Thrice the look'd back, and thrice the foe drew


Just in that instant, anxious Ariel sought
The close recesses of the virgin's tought;
As on the nosegay in her breast reclin'd,
He watch'd th' ideas rising in her mind,
Sudden he view'd, in spite of all her art,
And earthly lover lurking at her heart,
Amaz'd, confus'd, he found his pow'r expir'd,
Resign’d to fate, and with a sigh retir’d.

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The Peer now spreads the glitt'ring forfex

T'inclose the lock; now joins it, to divide.
Ev'n then, before the fatal engine clos'd,
A wretched Sylph too fondly interpos d;
Fate urg'd the sheers, and cut the Sylph in twain,
(But airy substance foon unites again),
The meeting points the sacred hair dissever
From the fair head for ever and for ever!

Then Aafh'd the living lightning from her

And screams of horror rend th' affrighted skies.
Not louder shrieks to pitying Heav'n are cast;
When husbands, or when lap-dogs breathe their

Or when rich China vessels fallin from high,
In glite’ring dust and painted fragments lie!

Let wreaths of triumph now my temples twine,
(The vietor cry'd), the glorious prize is mine!
While fish in streams. or birds delight in air,
Or in a coach and fix the British fair,
As long as Atalantis shall be read,
Or the small pillow grace a lady's bed,
While visits shall be paid on folemn days,
When num'rous wax- lights in bright order blaze,


While nymphs take treats, or assignations give,
So long my honour, name, and praise shall live,
What Time would spare, from steel receives its date,
And monuments, like men, submit to fate!
Steel could the labour of the gods destroy,
And strike to dust th' imperial tow'rs of Troy;
Steel could the works of mortal pride confound,
And hew triumphal arches to the ground.
What wonder then, fair nymph! thy hairs should

The conqu’ering force of unresisted steel?

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G a r t h.

Sir Samuel Garth, geb. ums I. 1670, geft. 1718, ein geschickter englischer Arzt, und Pope's vertrauter Freund, ift Verfasser der scherzhaften Epopde, The Dispenfary, dief Armenapotheke, iu sechs Gesången. Dr. Garth hatte im J. 1696 solch eine Anstalt mit vielem Eifer zu befördern gesucht, worin armen Stranken unentgeltlich Nath ertheilt, und die Arznei um einen geringen Preis ges reicht wurde. Hieråber ward er, und mancher andere wirs dige Arzt, von eigennäßigern Zunftgenossen und Upothes kern gehasst und angefeindet; und diese suchte er in seinem Gedichte mit lebhaftem Wiße dem Gel&chter Preis zu ges ben. Offenbar ist das Gauze eine Nachahmung des Bois leau; auch hier findet man allegorische Personen als Mas schinen, die Trägheit, den Neid, die Glücksgåttin , u. a. m. Sehr glücklich parodirt er hie und da bekannte Stellen Klassischer Dichter; seine Satyre ift scharf und treffend; auch seine Schreibart und Versifikation haben viet Verdienft und Anmuth. Sein Gedicht musste desto mehr Beifal ers halten, weil es die Sache der Menschlichkeit wider Unges rechtigkeit und Eigennuß, und gründlicher Einfichten wider anmaßliche Pedanterei in Schuť nahm. Warton bemerkt darin die freilich sehr auffallende Widersinnigkeit, daß die Krankheit, diese Furie, im vierten Gesange, wie ein Kunst richter redet, Regeln über die Schreibart giebt, und den besten damaligen Dichtern Lobsprůche ertheilt. Uebrigens hålt er den fünften Gesang, worin der Strieg beider Para theien von derzten und Apothekern sehr komisch und leba haft erzahlt wird, får den schånften Eheil des Gedichts. Hier ist eine Stelle daraus.

THE DISPENSARY, Canto V. v. 227 ft.

The adverse host for action straight prepare
All cager to unveil the face of war.
Their chiefs lace on their helms, and take the



And to their trusty squire relign the shield.
To paint each knight, their ardour and alarms,
Would ask the Mufe that sung the Frogs in arms.


And now the fignal summons to the fray,
Mock falchions flash, and paltry ensigns play;
Their patron god his filver bowstrings twangs,
Though harness rustles, and bold armour clangs;
The piercing caustics ply their spiteful pow'r;
Emetics range, and keen cathartics scour:
The deadly drugs in double doses fly,
And pestles peal a martial fymphony.

Now from their levelld fyringes they powr
The liquid volley of a mislive show'r:
Not storms of fleet, which o'er the Baltic

Push'd on by northern gusts, such horror give:
Like spouts in southern seas the deluge broke,
And numbers funk beneath th' impetuous stroke,

So when leviathans dispute the reign
And uncontrollid dominion of the main,
From the rent rocks whole coral groves are torn,
And ifles of sea - weed on the waves are borne,
Such wat'ry stores from their spread nostrils fly,
'Tis doubtful, which is sea and which is fky.

And now the stagg'ring braves, led by despair,
Advance, and to return the charge prepare.
Each seizes for his shield a spacious scale,
And the brass weights fy thick as show'rs of hail.
Whole heaps of warriors welter on the ground,
With gallipots and broken phials crown'd,
Whilft empty jars the dire defeat resound.

Thus when some form its crystall quarry

rends, And Jove in rattling show'rs of ice descends,


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