Albanian Literature: A Short History

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I. B. Tauris, 29 lip 2005 - 291
The tender plant of Albanian literature grew in a rocky soil. It was late to evolve and its development, indeed its very existence, was threatened in many periods. "Albanian Literature: A Short History" tells the story of the survival and growth of Albanian creative writing beginning with the earliest thirteenth century texts of Theodor of Shkodra, tracing the development of the modern literature of Buzuku, Budi and Bogdani, the incorporation of the Muslim influences of Frakulla and Kycyku and continuing with the works of Cajupi and Kadare during the reign of King Zog and the Hoxha administration. A unique book that illuminates an under-researched subject, "Albanian Literature" is an essential reference guide for all those interested in Balkan cultures, in comparative literature and in European cultural history in general.

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Robert Elsie is a leading specialist in Albanian affairs and is author of numerous books, including Early Albania: A Reader of Historical Texts, Songs of the Frontier Warriors, with Janice Mathie-Heck, Historical Dictionary of Albania, and Historical Dictionary of Kosova.

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